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God & Government

Posted by truthtalklive on August 30, 2007

Does Romans 13 require that Christians always obey the government?

Todays guest host: Gary Demar www.americanvision.org

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Is the New Age Movement Compatible with Christianity?

Posted by truthtalklive on August 29, 2007

Todays guest: Dr. Lois Chan, author of “Unholy Alliance – The Dangers of Mixing Pop Psychology with Christian Truth” www.vmipublishers.com

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Should Christians Support the War in Iraq?

Posted by truthtalklive on August 28, 2007

Today’s guest – Tim Lee www.timlee.org evangelist and decorated Vietnam War veteran. Lee lost both legs in a land mine explosion and this former U.S Marine has carried the gospel message across the country.

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Should We Allow Islamic Chaplains in the U.S. Military

Posted by truthtalklive on August 27, 2007

Author Don Brown www.donbrownbooks.com  spent five years in the U.S. Navy as an officer in the Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corp. He’s the author of Treason, Hostage and Defiance all published by Zondervan.

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Apologetics Open Line

Posted by truthtalklive on August 24, 2007

Topic: Should we call God “Allah” in order to make peace with Muslims? Todays guest host is Alex McFarland www.alexmcfarland.com  President of Southern Evangelical Seminary and he opens the phone lines to take your tough questions. You can also post them right here.

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Hope on The Inside

Posted by truthtalklive on August 23, 2007

Todays guest: Rodney Stillwell with the Forsyth Jail & Prison Ministry. www.forsythjpm.org

Hear what God is working to change lives in jail.

 September 7th 2007 at 7:30pm, Dr. Tony Evans comes to Winston-Salem to speak @ Reynolds Auditorium. More information is available at their website.

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Man on a Mission

Posted by truthtalklive on August 22, 2007

Todays guest: Dr. Manny Fernandez, chairman and CEO of World Link Ministries  www.worldlinkministries.org  gives us an update on the exciting work of the ministry around the globe.

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Christians & Comedy

Posted by truthtalklive on August 21, 2007

What place does humor have in the Christian life?  Does comedy have a role in evangelism?

Todays guest: Christian comedian Nick Arnette www.mychurchcomedy.com

Attention North Carolina Listeners, see Nick Live @ 1st Presbyterian Church in Winston-Salem August 24th @ 7pm. Click here for details

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Spiritual Warfare

Posted by truthtalklive on August 20, 2007

Do Christians put to much emphasis on Satan and his power? Can Christians cast out demons or are we even supposed to?  Today’s guest Marc Millan www.ariseandshineministries.net  author of the new book “Destroying Diabolical Opposition”.

Stu recommends the following title: “The Covering – God’s Plan to Protect you From Evil”  by Hank Hannegraph, the Bible Answer Man www.equip.org  

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The Sovereignty of God

Posted by truthtalklive on August 16, 2007

Dr. R.C. Sproul www.ligonier.org joins Stu to talk about one of his favorite subjects and to take your calls. Got a question for one of America’s foremost theologians? Your chance to talk with Dr. Sproul live on todays broadcast.

For pastors in the Charlotte area of North Carolina. You’re invited to Reformed Theological Seminary’s breakfast with R.C. Sproul on Friday, September 7, 2007 at 8:45 a.m. at the Charlotte Marriott Southpark. This event is free but seating is limited. To register send pastor’s name, church name and contact phone number to: pastors@ligonier.org . Your confirmation will arrive via return email.  

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The Gospel in China

Posted by truthtalklive on August 15, 2007

Professors Bill & Bill (no last names for security reasons) talk about teaching in China www.iics.com and sharing the gospel. 

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Teaching Bible to Public School Kids

Posted by truthtalklive on August 14, 2007

Teaching Bible to Public School Kids 

Todays Guest: Dr. Seth O’Lartey

His website is www.golermemorialamezionchurch.org/

Contact Dr. O’Lartey @ solartey@aol.com or by calling  (336) 724-9411

Attention North Carolina Listeners August 18th is a special informational session in Greensboro @ Southside Baptist Church. 1:00pm to 5:00pm

rsvp (336) 282-8471 by 8/17/07

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The Anatomy of a Mission Trip

Posted by truthtalklive on August 13, 2007

Todays Guest: Manny Fernandez Jr. with www.worldlinkministries.org

The Anatomy of a mission trip

How effective are short term missions trips?

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The Big Dig 2007

Posted by truthtalklive on August 10, 2007

Guest host Roger Wiles www.reformationtodayonline.org interviews Alex McFarland www.alexmcfarland.com who’s hosting Big Dig 2007, a teen apologetics conference at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Question of the day. A USA Today poll says 85 percent of Christian young people leave the faith when they go to college. Are we losing the next generation? 

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Persecution Project Foundation

Posted by truthtalklive on August 9, 2007

Brad Phillips with  www.persecutionproject.org 

Focus on Sudan and the persecuted church, how can we help?

Pastors and Church leaders call for your free dvd– (888) 201-5245

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