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The Big Dig 2007

Posted by truthtalklive on August 10, 2007

Guest host Roger Wiles www.reformationtodayonline.org interviews Alex McFarland www.alexmcfarland.com who’s hosting Big Dig 2007, a teen apologetics conference at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Question of the day. A USA Today poll says 85 percent of Christian young people leave the faith when they go to college. Are we losing the next generation? 


4 Responses to “The Big Dig 2007”

  1. John said

    You just said that the secular world is providing sufficient entertainment for our kids.
    Well, I have a teenager and I’m not so sure. Teenagers sometimes seem to sense the shallow nature of secular entertainment and often hunger for more meaningful ways to enjoy life.

  2. Dorothy said

    My daughter is a graduate of Univ. Of Texas in Austin. She was raised in a conservative Christian home. I am divorced but believe that GOd can heal and restore (or else would find no reason to serve him because his word did say that it was possible).

    I have tried to completely follow him. Of my 4 children this daughter and one of my sons have had serious questions about faith. They ask why do we believe that practiciing homosexuals are living in sin? Why do we believe that Muslims who reject Jesus are not saved and will not go to Heaven. WHat about good people compared to mean spirited Christians? What about the high divorce rate among Christians?

    These are highly intelligent young adults who heard Christ preached from infancy up. I tried to live the faith in my home and they see the benefits of the life of Christ in my life, the life of their married brother and his family, and the life of an older sister.

    Now this daughter is dating an atheist and it hurts me to the core. THis guy is a “nice”, kind, etc. This friend says he would believe if he had PROOF. Otherwise he believes that those who believe are weak and need the crutch of Christianity. How do you address the unequally yoked issue?

  3. kandace said

    The people who “leave the faith” during college never really had the faith before college. Too many people indoctrinate the young people rather than to lead the young people toward development of their own faith while at home.

    It is crucial for young people to see a vital Christian faith being lived out publicly before they are introduced to all the various isms of the collegiate experience. The indoctrinated young people when they have an opportunity to try their wings discover that they had no basis for their faith, hence they
    “leave the faith.” Many of them never find their way toward developing their own dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ – to our shame.

    One could say that there are at least 2 generations who risk being lost to Biblical Christianity. The World War II generation decided to spare the Baby Boomer generation of the anguish suffered from the Great Depression.
    The Baby Boomers never developed a vital Christian faith but, instead, embraced the sexual revolution, the ME generation, etc.
    Now we have the Generation Y, the Generation X,
    the Boomlets, or whatever one wishes to call them.

    God has no grandchildren, but only first generation believers. Unless there is a Great Awakening in the USA, our blessed nation is doomed to God’s hand of judgement. Maybe we are experiencing the first wave of His judgement on our land?

  4. anonymous said

    A part of what we see has always been going on. I think that one would be hard pressed to find a generation of parents who did not worry that their children were being true to the faith. It seems that we Christians may be focusing on the wrong things. Far too little attention is actually paid to the Christian life. We get someone down an aisle to profess faith in Christ, assume that he or she is now saved and that’s that. Discipleship, where it is even attempted is little more than hard legalism- don’t do this, don’t do that, etc. Justification, to use the theological term, is the first moment of the walk with Christ. We should be equally interested in sanctification, the entire life spent in relationship with Christ, where we yield ourselves to the Spirit and allow him to make more holy. We would do well to rediscover what folks years ago spoke of as “means of grace.” Those things (prayer, searching of scripture and hearing it preached, fasting, Christian fellowship, etc.) that strengthen our relationship with the Lord. Perhaps equally as important as “when were you saved?” is “how is it with your soul today?” Anyway, preach grace, live graciously and most of the folks that tug at the rope in college will eventually return to their moorings.

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