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Did an asteroid really destroy Sodom & Gomorrah?

Posted by truthtalklive on March 31, 2008

..or should we call it a “Divine” asteroid?

An Assyrian planisphere, or star chart, from
about 700 B.C. which may depict events recounted
by Sumerians from around 3123 B.C.

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A clay tablet that has baffled scientists for 150 years has been identified as a witness’s account of the asteroid suspected of being behind the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Researchers who cracked the cuneiform symbols on the Planisphere tablet believe that it recorded an asteroid thought to have been more than half a mile across. The tablet, found by Henry Layard in the remains of the library in the royal place at Nineveh in the mid-19th century, is thought to be a 700 B.C. copy of notes made by a Sumerian astronomer watching the night sky.


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Can You Be Gay & Christian?

Posted by truthtalklive on February 11, 2008

How do you minister to the Gay & Lesbian Community?

Today’s guest is Dr. Michael Brown, to find out more about his lecture series visit his website at www.coalitionofconscience.org/

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Are Catholics Christians?

Posted by truthtalklive on January 23, 2008

The Pope’s recent edict on the Catholic Church being the “one true church” has created a lot of backlash. What do you think? Are we “lost” or are they? Todays program is a “best-of”‘ so don’t worry about calling in. However, you can still post your comments here.

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Hate Crimes & The Fairness Doctrine

Posted by truthtalklive on October 23, 2007

Today’s guest: Jacqueline-Michelle Schaffer, attorney with the American Center for Law and Justice www.aclj.org

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Should Conservative Republicans Start a Third Party?

Posted by truthtalklive on October 5, 2007

With the possibility of “pro-choice”  Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, should conservatives look to a third party candidate? Guest host Alex McFarland www.alexmcfarland.com   President of Southern Evanglelical Seminary www.ses.edu welcomes Warren Smith, TTL resident Christian journalist  www.thecharlotteworld.com  . Find out more about the 2007 National Conference on Christian Apologetics on line at: www.nationalapologeticsconference.com

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Knowing God Through Suffering

Posted by truthtalklive on September 10, 2007

Todays Guest: Pastor Ted Wilkins www.webstand.com/gnbfm of Joy Baptist Church in Siler City, North Carolina. Pastor Wilkins suffered a stroke, quadruple bypass surgey and prostate cancer all within a five year period. Completely healed today, he talks about what God taught him through his suffering.

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The Sovereignty of God

Posted by truthtalklive on August 16, 2007

Dr. R.C. Sproul www.ligonier.org joins Stu to talk about one of his favorite subjects and to take your calls. Got a question for one of America’s foremost theologians? Your chance to talk with Dr. Sproul live on todays broadcast.

For pastors in the Charlotte area of North Carolina. You’re invited to Reformed Theological Seminary’s breakfast with R.C. Sproul on Friday, September 7, 2007 at 8:45 a.m. at the Charlotte Marriott Southpark. This event is free but seating is limited. To register send pastor’s name, church name and contact phone number to: pastors@ligonier.org . Your confirmation will arrive via return email.  

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Reaching the unreached in Romania

Posted by truthtalklive on July 31, 2007

The gypsy population in Romania is several million strong. They are outcasts of society, nomadic in nature and virtually unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Trans World Radio is in the midst of an ambitious project to provide solar, fix-tuned radios to the gypsies to bring them the good news.  You can help. During our program today call tollfree 1-800-456-7897 or visit them online www.twr.org  

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Today’s Topic: Does God still heal in today’s world?

Posted by truthtalklive on July 2, 2007

Visit: http://josephlwilliams.net/

Post your testimonies here!

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