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Are you a follower of the church of Oprah or The Church of Jesus?

Posted by truthtalklive on June 17, 2008

On today’s show guest host Dr. Alex Mcfarland interviews our guest Richard Abanes. He’s the author of  A New Earth an Old Deception: Awakening to the Dangers of Eckhart Tolle and His Number 1 bestseller. He was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. For more information please check out www.abanes.com. As always thanks for listening!

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Why Not Become a Member of The Church of Oprah?

Posted by truthtalklive on March 18, 2008

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Today’s guest is Bill Keller discussing the influence of Oprah and her comments on Christianity. For more information about Bill visit www.liveprayer.com

To listen to the show after its aired, please visit www.wtru.com!

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Would You Attend Church in a Bar?

Posted by truthtalklive on March 13, 2008

Stu is back in the chair talking to Pastor Will Plitt. Discussing the topic of churches in bars. For more information on his ministry visit www.121church.org

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Listen to the podcast of this show! www.wtru.com at the bottom of the page

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Where is the Power of the Gospel Today?

Posted by truthtalklive on March 12, 2008

Todays guest host: Dr. Michael Brown www.revolutionnow.org

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Does Jesus Support Homosexuality?

Posted by truthtalklive on March 5, 2008

Barak Obama says yes..What do you say? Sitting in for Stu today is Gary DeMar with American Vision (www.garydemar.com)

If you want to call in today, please use his number 1-800-982-GARY (4279)

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What’s Right with our Churches?

Posted by truthtalklive on March 4, 2008

So many are quick to know whats wrong with them, so what is right with them? Robby Dilmore, also know as the Christian Car Guy is sitting in for Stu today. Tune in to his show Saturday mornings at 10am EST. Visit his website for affiliates in your area www.christiancarguy.com

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Can Atheists disprove the existence of God?

Posted by truthtalklive on February 11, 2008

This is the blog information from Friday 2/8/08

Today Dr. Alex McFarland (www.alexmcfarland.com) President of Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte NC (www.ses.edu) interviews Dr. Phil Fernandes, president of evidence for Biblical Defense in WA. He has a PhD in Religion and Philosophy. His website is www.biblicaldefense.org.

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The Sovereignty of God

Posted by truthtalklive on August 16, 2007

Dr. R.C. Sproul www.ligonier.org joins Stu to talk about one of his favorite subjects and to take your calls. Got a question for one of America’s foremost theologians? Your chance to talk with Dr. Sproul live on todays broadcast.

For pastors in the Charlotte area of North Carolina. You’re invited to Reformed Theological Seminary’s breakfast with R.C. Sproul on Friday, September 7, 2007 at 8:45 a.m. at the Charlotte Marriott Southpark. This event is free but seating is limited. To register send pastor’s name, church name and contact phone number to: pastors@ligonier.org . Your confirmation will arrive via return email.  

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Today’s Topic: Red Letter Christians

Posted by truthtalklive on June 28, 2007

Roy King has been an evangelist for over 40 years.  He often dresses in bible-era style clothing and sandals, but what really sets him apart is his belief that only the words of Christ in the New Testament are inspired.

He’s what is called a “red-letter” Christian. 

Doesn’t the Bible teach that ALL scripture is inspired by God?

What do you think?

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