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Is the New Age Movement Compatible with Christianity?

Posted by truthtalklive on August 29, 2007

Todays guest: Dr. Lois Chan, author of “Unholy Alliance – The Dangers of Mixing Pop Psychology with Christian Truth” www.vmipublishers.com


One Response to “Is the New Age Movement Compatible with Christianity?”

  1. Lois Chan said

    Dear Stu,

    It has been nice talking to you yesterday and I appreciate the opportunity to remind your listeners about the danger of bringing psychology into the church. You asked for an example of how spirit guides (demons) dispense pop psychology. Let me give my sample quote again:

    Spirit guide Lazaris says, “The child within was never loved ‘good enough.’” We need to give the child the love he or she wants. Otherwise the child “stubbornly refuses to grow until they get that missing love.” As a result, some people “continuously project parent onto everyone” in their adult life. “Many men are drawn into relationships seeking a mother, not a wife or lover or friend.” Even when they find someone who is willing to act like their mother, “eventually they will realize that ‘try as you might, you are not my mother!’” In any case, they continue to “project mother onto everyone.”

    You can find this quote in my book Unholy Alliance: The Dangers of Mixing Pop Psychology with Christian Truth, p. 89.

    In fact, most New Age channeled (demonic) teachings were found in secular psychology and more than half of them were found in Christian psychology. I hope this will remind all of us to go back to the Bible.

    For information, please see http://www.unholyalliance.info

    Lois Chan

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