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The Anatomy of a Mission Trip

Posted by truthtalklive on August 13, 2007

Todays Guest: Manny Fernandez Jr. with www.worldlinkministries.org

The Anatomy of a mission trip

How effective are short term missions trips?


11 Responses to “The Anatomy of a Mission Trip”

  1. Richard said

    What did the 5,000 people, whom Jesus fed, do after Jesus fed them? They abandoned him and then they killed him. To expect people in today’s world to react differently toward us would be unbiblically naive. Feed them all you want. Most will still turn on you when the message of the Gospel is presented.

  2. Jeremiah said

    Richard, does that stop the need to feed them and present the gospel? We’re not commanded to specifically to feed them, but we are commanded to preach the gospel, in season and out. It doesn’t matter if they turn on us. Does it scare me? Absolutely

  3. Staale said

    Thank you for having us on this afternoon. What a great ministry of sharing the “Truth” with the world. We had a caller this afternoon who wanted to learn more about getting involved in a mission trip. Visit http://www.theoarfoundation.org or send me an email at theoarfoundation@bellsouth.net and we will see what we can do to get them plugged in. Again thank you for letting us on your program this afternoon.


  4. Staale said

    It is our obligation to share the gospel. How did you hear about it? Someone was bold enough to share it with me. If you don’t go out there and share, then the message will die. For that reason, one must go and share His message.

  5. Manny Jr. said


    The conclusion that I am hearing from your argument is that because there is a risk involved we should not share the Gospel. I don’t see that anywhere in Scripture. I see that Jesus says in John 16:33 “in this world you will have trouble, but take heart, for I have overcome the world.” I see that we are commanded in Acts 1:8 to be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. The interesting thing is that in the Greek the word for witnesses is martire. This is the word where we get martyrs from. Now it is not specifically saying that we all need to martyr ourselves but it is saying that we need to serve and share with that same fervor. I welcome any thoughts you would have or anyone else.

    Stu, thank you again for the wonderful discussion we had on your show! God bless you for your passion to challenge the church to embrace all that God wants for us to be.

  6. Russ said

    They say that 95% of all money that is given for missions is given for humanitarian work (helping with food, medical and more) and less then 5% is given actually to preach the gospel.

    Doesn’t it look odd?

    I think Christians do humanitarian missions mainly because they don’t know how to communicate the good news itself. They hope those people will ask them a question: Why do you do it? It will open the door to answer them – because of God.

    I don’t think it is any effective considering of how much money is given by governments and organizations in the name of humanity. I don’t think it make a difference in what name you get food when you are hungry. Right?

    There are times when you get humanitarian aid to be able to get to people with bibles or gospel, but it is only few cases. Then why we even question of the short – long or any mission trips that aimed to share the gospel?

  7. anonymous said

    Why do it after all? God created all of the way we are out of sovereign will. It was God’s will that some people in far away places starve, why tamper with it? We know that he has chosen before the fall some to be redeemed and some to be damned. Why get into God’s business?

  8. Manny Jr. said


    Have you read your Bible lately? I don’t mean to sound harsh, but why did God send his Son if He knew they were going to kill Him? Why did Jesus commission the disciples to go and share with the world about God’s love if he knew that most would reject them and almost all the disciples would be martyred?

    The answer to your question, “should we go at all?” is found in 2 Cor. 5:20-21. Which says that we are Christ’s ambassadors and we are sent out to implore people to be reconciled to God. We must be obedient to God’s commands.

  9. Richard said

    Boy did you guys ever miss my point. I meant didn’t mean we shouldn’t share the Gospel. I meant that feeding them food instead of the Gospel is a waste.

  10. kandace said

    To Richard,
    Why is it an either/or situation: Feeding the hungry v. sharing the gospel? In many cases,
    meeting physical needs serves as a bridge to earning the right to share the gospel with a certain group. In other words, show me that you care for me personally before telling me about Jesus Christ.

    Short-term missions can be effective if there is co-ordination with the career missionaries at a particular location. Partnership with nationals is crucial b/c we are called to lead people to Jesus Christ, not to spread the North American cultural mindset.

  11. ADB said

    Exactly right Kandace! We must evangelize and address more material needs (medical missions, malnutrition, etc), and often the best way to get their trust so we can introduce the gospel is to show genuine compassion.

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