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A new years True Commentary with Stu Epperson
“Nut in a Box”
It’s the day after Christmas and there she was, our cute little 18 month old Faith (who I lovingly refer to as
peanut) playing in a ‘BOX’. How could this be?….my wife and I thoguht that the peek-a boo barn was the
perfect gift for little peanut, but now, she has dicarded the gift and is playing in the box and having a
great time…….
What a picture of what we do so often as Christians….We gladly recieve God’s gift , but find ourselves
prone to wander and caught up in everything but the gift Himself, which is Jesus Christ…
Jesus isn’t just the gift at Chrstmas,  This year, let’s not play with the box, but let’s find our ultimate
delight in the Ultimate gift …..the person of Jesus Christ,,,,,,,Who are you going to share this wonderful gift with in 2008? 
Let’s not selfishly keep it to ourself! 


“Evan Almighty” –  Not as bad as I thought, here are some pros and cons:

1. Overall Positive Message
2. Family Friendly
3. General similarities to the Genesis account of good vs. evil where the minority trusts God while majority scoffs.
4. Hollywood is reaching out to ‘faith’ community.
5. Some accuracy about the nature of God: Loving, Faithful to promises, All-powerful, Omnitient, Merciful and Patient (thought all of these are very limited and not completely reflective of the True God).
6. Great message of family bonding and acting mercifully.

1. Skews Theology proper a bit, by unbalanced-love-only view of God, and putting God in human flesh other than Jesus, (Jn 1:14).  
2. Several ‘Oh my G_ _ !’ —but ironically placed to show God’s working   
3. Misunderstaning of the original flood account.
4. No Explicit Gospel Message.
5. Too much social/environmental gospel.  
6. Irreverant Marketing to Christians a big turn-off . 
7. Reference to Panthiesm (God in everything) 

Bottom Line Thruth:  Not as bad as I thought, in fact I came away more encouraged by the redemptive content, than affronted by any touch of Blasphemy.  No, this isn‘t where you get your theology of the Flood, or an historical potrayal. No, this is not a tutorial on the Gospel. But, yes it’s an opportunity for Christians to be DISCERNING, and yes…a great opportunity to share the Gospel!  Whetger you go or not—-sieze the publicity to share the ‘True Almighty’ with your family, friends, enemies, co-workers, and neighbors—ala Acts 1:8!

and keep those comments coming—please feel free to add to the list of pros and cons!  Blessings, Stu


8 Responses to “Commentary”

  1. Warrior said

    How can this movie be THAT important to Christians? Do we really need to see this movie in order to more effectively spread the Gospel? I don’t get it.

  2. Gene said


    I’ve noticed similarities to the Bible in movies for years now. What’s new about that? Satan always puts a little bit of truth in his lies. That’s about the worst spin you can put on it. Anyone see the similarity between this fallen world and the world of the “Matrix”? I do. Heaven is more real than this world is. The best thing you can do is to be as cunning as slewfoot is. Look at Paul’s example at Mars Hill. He pointed to the monument to the “Unknown god” and used it as a springboard to evangelism. We should do the same.

    God bless.

  3. Kara Kittle said

    We as Christians are way too quick to support the world with our money and the church house falls in ruin because people don’t think they need to pay tithes. Why is it that this movie, that was written by unsaved people, acted by unsaved people and produced by unsaved people should even get the time of day? Because we have itching ears and every one that went into the theater to watch it was carried by a wind of doctrine. The Nativity Story did not do so well, and it was written and produced by Christians. We have our priorities mixed up and willingly pay more to see a half truth, just because we want to be entertained. Evan Almighty has nothing to do with a just God who desires salvation and fellowship with His creation. It has more to do with actors and directors and producers making a living off you supporting them financially. Why would you allow your standards to be lowered? I mean you wouldn’t allow a person standing in your house or church teaching this. We are called to be salt and if the salt has lost it’s savor, then it’s good for nothing. I am not saying you need to not go to movies, what I am saying is this…is it really worth your money and time to support the Hollywood Entertainment Machine? Why not take the 10 dollars spent on tickets and give it to the church when they need to fix the roof or something. We show the world that Jesus is a better way when we walk in the standards we say we have.

  4. Donald said

    You know when I was young, growing up in a Christian home, Christians did not even attend the movie theater. Now we have Christians reviewing the movies available, encouraging believers which ones are “ok” to attend. We justify it by comments like, “It only has x____ words of profanity, or objectionable scenes. Pastor’s used to preach against the movie theater regularly until they could stop by the local Blockbuster on the way home from Sunday evening church service.

  5. Heath said

    I belve what Stu is saying that we can use the positives in this movie to reach the lost; which we are commanded to do. The unbelievers aren’t going to meet us on our terms, and irenic nature of sharing the gospel is to understand both sides and state them better than the opposition. God said, “My people suffer for ignorance”. We must know and understand what is going on in the world to be able to empathize with those who are lost.

  6. Bill Eskridge said

    The good Lord gave us a sense of humor and I exercised it regularly during the movie.. “The Truth will set you free” (John 8:32)..Since the Truth is in us, I was free to enjoy the movie while remembering to whom I belong..I respect everyones comments and enjoy hearing other perspectives..Have a great day..By the way, at 3:00pm today in 1959, I was receiving word that by oldest brother was killed at 11:18am in a plane crash..What a wonderful God we serve that allows me and my brother entry into paradise simply because we believed !!!

  7. Dear Stu,

    I caught your commentary about Faith/Peanut on the air and loved it. Our daughter preferred pots and pans to the high priced toys we had purchased.

    You are right that we are prone to overlook all that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has given us in Him. His mercies are new every morning and proves Himself faithful in countless ways.

    Thank you for proclaiming His truth through WTRU and Truth Talk Live.

    P.S. I have an idea for a program for 2008. Have you ever had Dr. David Reardon of the Elliot Institute on your show? (www.afterabortion.org) He would be great.

  8. Mary Zulu said

    Talking about if a christian should be involved in soap opera; i strongly say no! why, when jesus found people gambling in the temple of God, he was mad with them, why, because the temple was made for the glory of God. It also applies to as christians we’re the temple of God, all we do should be for the glory of God. why did Jesus not just keep quiet and sit amongest them as they were gambling, but because he knew it wasn’t Godly thats why he reacted in that way. Nowadays, as christians,who’re are suppose to find the lost, are also been lost. Most Christians nowadays never want to hear the truth or do the truth, instead they want to give a reason of something wrong to make it right or fit In. When the bible says we need to live christ like, it means we need to do what christ would have done if he was on earth. It is our duty as christians, to help people change there wicked ways in the name of Soap Opera, infact seeing people act it should make our hearts burn with SADNESS for that is not christlike and we need to change that. Christ would not say; “let me drink beer with people in the club as i will be preaching the gospel, people will not get anything he says because although he is not drinking strong beer he is still drinking beer. Lastely, here on earth, as christians, we need to be involved in things that will help as grow spirtually daily. I believe that been an actress in a soap opera can never help you grow spiritually, instead it is verse vesa.And the bible says “IF YOUR HAND CAUSES YOU TO SIN, (NOTE THAT: NOT GROWING SPIRITUALLY IS CAUSED BY A SIN) CUT IT OFF!

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