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Persecution Project Foundation

Posted by truthtalklive on August 9, 2007

Brad Phillips with  www.persecutionproject.org 

Focus on Sudan and the persecuted church, how can we help?

Pastors and Church leaders call for your free dvd– (888) 201-5245


7 Responses to “Persecution Project Foundation”

  1. Deloris said

    Thank God. I don’t mean to get off of the subject but this is the first time I have heard a white Christian fully admit that there were Africans in the bible. That Cush and Ethiopia were actually on the content of Africa. They usually admit to Egypt but call it an Arab nation but totally deny that Africa and Africans are actually part of the scriptures. When you look at the Bibles with pictures or pictures in Christian children’s books the only people with African features are Judas, the Devil, and sometimes the “Roman” solider who pierced Jesus in his side. I was looking through a children’s bible for my nephews and checked out the picture of the Ethiopian eunuch, he had blue eyes. My Lord!! Can someone please explain to me why that is? Can white people just not admit that everyone in the bible was not blonde and blue eyed. Actually very few people were. My nephews always ask me why is everyone in the Bible white except the devil. Then I have to explain the whole brainwashing thing to them.

    You have no idea how refreshing it was to hear that.

  2. Tired of Bashing said

    I have a problem with you my brother. I was driving home in my air conditioned car, on cruise control with a broken heart for my brothers and sisters in the Sudan, when you start your fairly frequent Christian bashing. Then the guest starts talking about his frustration that American Christians don’t know the truth about Darfur. Just because I live in America and have been saved by Christ does not mean that I am an uncaring insincere Christian. I support many Christian causes, noteably todays guset. I love my brothers in Christ too. I wish you would disclaim your critisism a bit. I’m not going to stop listening, nor will I stop giving where my heart leads me, but I have been offended before and this time I decided to let you know

  3. stu said

    Thanks for expressing your concern, and for your love for the Lord—-
    I’ll be the first to admit, that I’m as big a culprit of apathy and being uncaring as anyone…
    We will certainly take your admonition to heart.

    Sadly, based on the statistics on Christian giving and the severe lack of involvement in missions, you are in the minority-

    —while we don’t want to go around ‘bashing’ anyone–espsecialy the household of faith, how would you suggest we go about confronting widespread indifference among believers?



    I wish to humbly request for a copy of your free DVD. to strenthen my faith in God in my ministry. thank you. Bruno

  5. stu said

    Pastor Bruno,

    Thanks for your inquiry—-please call The Persecution Project Office ASAP and tell them ‘Stu’

    told you to call when you request your free DVD—the number is 888-201-5245……

    Also, please help spread the word to your other friends in ministry about this vital mission…

    God BLess! stu

  6. Fred said

    There was a comment on this thread that was critical of Persecution Project and of the Philips brothers. It contained a link to the Ministry Watchman website.

    Why was this post deleted?


  7. Moderator (not Stu) said

    We do not allow those types of libelous and slanderous comments. The allegations have already been proven false and are cowardly and ridiculous. Any further comments pertaining to this will be zapped most urgently. End of story.

    Thank you,
    Moderator (not Stu)

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