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Spiritual Warfare

Posted by truthtalklive on August 20, 2007

Do Christians put to much emphasis on Satan and his power? Can Christians cast out demons or are we even supposed to?  Today’s guest Marc Millan www.ariseandshineministries.net  author of the new book “Destroying Diabolical Opposition”.

Stu recommends the following title: “The Covering – God’s Plan to Protect you From Evil”  by Hank Hannegraph, the Bible Answer Man www.equip.org  


4 Responses to “Spiritual Warfare”

  1. Hi, I am the one who called in from Covenant Warriors International Ministries (CWIM) about the topic of casting out demons and whether or not a Christian can have a demon. I have also emailed you (Stu) a few months ago to be on your show either for this issue which I am very grateful that you rose to the occassion with your guest Marc or on Issues dealing with India (I am a missionary to India and try to go twice each year. I will be going for the month of Dec 2007-Jan 2008. I never heard back on the request. I fully understand you and the rest of real Christians are very busy doing the Lord’s work.
    I would just like to add to my comments on the show. That, Yes we have the victory in Jesus to overcome. The definition of overcome requires a person to do the work. It does not indicate and instant solution to all problems and cerntainly not to the demonic realm. I have never cast a demon out of an unbeliever, in fact even if they area believer they must say the salvation prayer with me before we do the deliverance. That way I know they have got the real Jesus and not a false one from saying the prayer with someone who does not have the real Jesus but one of the many false ones. Furthermore, Jesus never cast out a demon from anyone except a believer. We are saved by faith. All came to HIM believing that HE was able, each one had faith in Jesus Christ. This “work” was rountine for the early church and deliverance was part of there normal baptismal procedure. Thanks for listening and the opportunity to help Gods people who are struggling so very much. It is the truth that sets us free.

  2. oops, I am sorry, If Marc wants to contact me. He can reach me through our web site http://covenantwarriors.org
    Thanks again and May the Lord Jesus Bless and Keep and Shine upon you and all you do. Amen and Amen.

  3. Jody Sigmon said

    One of the callers mentioned that he had experienced demonic activity in his mind. That thoughts would come to his mind that he couldnt control and this was the work of demons. In my mind the show today was summed up by this call.

    James 1:13-15 talks about our desires and where they lead us. Us being real Christians who have accepted Christ, but are still in bondage to something. Desire here is translated [Epithumia: Lust, craving, desire for forbidden]. Where does this desire come from except our thoughts. One could say that a person who suffers from depression is depressed because they think long enough about their desires that God forbids and thus become discontent. If one is discontent, what type of emotions are they going to experience. Emotions drive an organism to action.

    My thought is rather you call it demonic or human nature, these desires drive us to sin through the workings of our emotions and that is a part of the human existance.

    A book by Grant Mullen, “Emotionally Free” has helped me to understand my own strongholds and desires. The author is a MD and Christ Follower and describes deliverance from strongholds from both a medical view regarding chemical imbalances and how this affects our minds and thoughts as well as a spiritual viewpoint such as demoic possession.

    I would suggest that either our thoughts are submitted to Christ and therefore we are in Christ and can have the authority of Christ or our Thoughts are submitted to Satan and therefore we are not in Christ. Is there anything in between? My concern with the Church today as a whole is that many believe they are in Christ, but their thoughts continue to remain submitted to their flesh which is evidence they are not in Christ.

    I was in the Church for a long time before my thoughts were submitted to Christ as Lord and I didnt know any better. No one taught the workings of my mind which is the battleground. I stayed there until I chose to seek God in a state of humility and asked Him to teach me what I didnt know to ask for. He loves a broken and contrite heart and He is faithful to give us everything we ask for, when we ask for it while we are in His Name. Not just saying His Name when we ask.

    Be blessed with Joy.

  4. anonymous said

    The Christian is no longer slave to sin. He or she at least has the ability to say “no” to sin. But the Christian is always susceptible to being tempted and tormented by the Devil. This I think is why the unknown writer of Hebrews tells his writers to “work out your salvation…” We may make a genuine profession of faith, but that profession may just be the beginning of struggles with temptation. This is why it is so important to remain in worship, to practice what folks used to call “means of grace,” and to be around other believers. Great topic.

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