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Today’s Topic: Red Letter Christians

Posted by truthtalklive on June 28, 2007

Roy King has been an evangelist for over 40 years.  He often dresses in bible-era style clothing and sandals, but what really sets him apart is his belief that only the words of Christ in the New Testament are inspired.

He’s what is called a “red-letter” Christian. 

Doesn’t the Bible teach that ALL scripture is inspired by God?

What do you think?


20 Responses to “Today’s Topic: Red Letter Christians”

  1. Mike Sears said

    Didn’t Jesus even teach that ALL scripture is God’s inspired Word? From the RED LETTERS in Matthew: 17″Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. 18For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished.

    I personally conducted a study of all 4 Gospels with this focus in mind. The study is 6 pages long but I will just include my summary:

    A study of all 4 Gospels with a specific concentration towards Jesus’ attitude regarding Scripture produces a realization that Jesus not only taught from it and clarified its’ meaning but He fully relied upon it as fact and used its’ power to stand against temptation as well as rebuke the religious leaders for adding their own requirements to it. Such a study results in an awareness that reveals that the Scripture is a constant natural outflow from Jesus throughout His ministry. It becomes quite clear that Jesus is, as He claims to be, the total fulfillment of the Scripture. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…

  2. John Chastain said

    This guy is way off base. I really wish you did not have him on your show. There is no way you can deal with all of his errors in a radio show format.

    He is a false teacher that denies the revelation of God to man. He also denies the that Jesus was the God-man. I do not think he holds to the doctrine of the Trinity.

    He obviously does not know that we did not have red letters in the Greek!

  3. Has anyone asked him what about the vese where Jesus said I have come to fullfill not do away with?

  4. tina said

    Hi Jeuus is God he is the only man that died and could come back alive no one eles has ever did this in the world ask them to name one thanks god bless

  5. Jim said

    I think the guy is WAY off but I think it’s great that he was on today. It is good to get this out and exposed and makes for great discussion. I’d love to hear the debate continue sometime. Great job Stu.


  6. marteal said

    Jesus himself believed the Old Testament was inspired when he used it to teach, quoted it when responding to the devil, and used it when responding to the Pharassees and others who questioned Him. Jesus quoted the Old testament (Isiah 56:7) when he responded to a question about shat to do to have eternal life. Jesus told the man to keep the commandments, and named several of them straight from Exodus 20. So since Jesus words are to be believed, then so is the Old Testament, because He used it many times.

  7. marteal said

    Jesus quoted the Old Testament in Matthew 19:16-18 when answering the question about eternal life, and Jesus Quoted Deuteronomy 8:3 from the Old Testament when He responded to the devil, saying “It is written…” Jesus used the Scriptures (old Testament) there in Matthew 4:4 because He recognized that they were holy and infallible

  8. Rob said

    “Red letter Roy” is an extreme example of what happens when Christians rely ONLY on the Holy Spirit to interpret scripture. The Christian should also submit to the authority of Christ’s Church to help them from falling into error. If one reads the writings of the early Church fathers (many of which were written prior to the New Testament canon), one will notice that the early Christians were quite different than what is seen in most protestant and evangelical church’s.
    I believe the Reformers would be sorry to see the fruit of their actions. The denominations continue to divide and the results are appearing less and less like the original.

    The following is a quote from Justin Martyr (A.D.100-165):

    “We call this food Eucharist, and no one else is permitted to partake of it, except one who believes our teaching to be true and who has been washed in the washing which is for the remission of sins and for regeneration [i.e., has received baptism] and is thereby living as Christ enjoined. For not as common bread nor common drink do we receive these; but since Jesus Christ our Savior was made incarnate by the word of God and had both flesh and blood for our salvation, so too, as we have been taught, the food which has been made into the Eucharist by the Eucharistic prayer set down by him, and by the change of which our blood and flesh is nurtured, is both the flesh and the blood of that incarnated Jesus” (First Apology 66 [A.D. 151]).

    Pray that Christians will become unified again

  9. Brad said

    This guy Roy is shameful, and Christians need to be extra careful about their contact with people like this, especially new Christians who could possibly be easily swayed.

    Just from listening to him (and talking to him on the show yesterday – my blood hadn’t boiled like that in a while!), I get the impression that he is a strict KJV user (in addition to the red letters only). I’d be curious as to the Biblical training and instruction he’s received, especially since he has the audacity to call himself a prophet. Has he received anything formal, or is all of this just HIS opinion.

    Definitely shows the error in using our own thoughts and hearts to interpret Scripture. Maybe that’s why the Bible says we should check what we believe against Scripture. Maybe that’s why Jeremiah calls the heart “wicked”. Of course, those aren’t in red, so I guess Roy doesn’t believe in them. I suppose that’s why I’m “spiritually dead”, according to Roy.

    Absolutely shameful. But I agree that it was good to have him on the air, Stu, if nothing else to expose this kind of false teaching that’s out there. I’m just glad that nobody (at least that I heard on air) supported it!

  10. David said

    Red Letter Roy is a good example of a man made religion. Some of what Roy had to say was true when he talked about the Jesus of the Bible but so much else Roy had to say was just something he made up. The red letters were added for today’s generations to help us see what Jesus had said. I only heard parts of the whole program and I wish someone would have asked about the two thief on the cross with Jesus. The one that believed in Jesus did not know anything about the red letter way of salvation nor was he baptized before he died and there is no account of the thief that believed ever speaking in unknown tongues before he died (to prove his conversion).. There is no account of him (the thief) winning anyone to Christ before he died (but the story of his conversion probably has helped lead many lost souls to Christ). His (the thief) belief in Jesus and his trust in Jesus being who He said He was, the Son of God, the Savior of the world was good enough to be accepted by Jesus before he died. David

  11. Kara Kittle said

    I heard the show the other day and it bothered me. First we know that the guy does not really know what the scripture says, but we live in a country that allows freedom of religious expression. And even God allows for him to make the choice of what he believes. Even if what we believe in is totally wrong, we are still given that choice. Ok, so we have the guy teaching it. So we speak truth and show the truth in love. Just the constant berating was not edifying for those of us who listened. The scripture says not to rebuke an elder openly before many witnesses. So then that was out of line. Certainly there is a better way than the way it was handled. Jesus Christ is the Author and Finisher of our faith, therefore if there are any misunderstandings with any teaching of Paul or Peter or any other person, we need to go back to Jesus to get that understanding. The Bible says Jesus is the Word of God made flesh, so is He the spoken word or the written word? The Bible is the written word of God that reveals the will and mind of God, and was written as the Spirit of God moved upon holy men. But Jesus said we live by every word which proceeds out of the mouth of God. The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. The red letters need to be revered as they were the spoken words of our Lord and Savior. The Holy Ghost will not teach a teaching that is contrary to Jesus. Therefore if Paul and Peter taught something, then it needs to be confirmed by what Jesus said. So if it was inspired, then it will not be contrary. But the problem is that people don’t really understand and base doctrine on what someone else said, like it was Gospel truth. Let’s start with Jesus, and allow Him to teach us what Peter and Paul said.

  12. Brad said

    Gee Kara,

    It almost sounds as if you agree with Roy? I think from what you said at the beginning that’s not the case, but you have left it somewhat confusing. Do you think the outcome would be any different had 2 or 3 gone to him in private first, before exposing him publicly? Me either.

    It is teaching like this that truly deceives people, and teaching like this that we need to make sure isn’t taught.

  13. Kara Kittle said

    I never said I was or was not in agreement with Roy King, the issue I had was the way it is handled on air. You don’t have to publicly berate and belittle people to make a point. If someone is in error, then correct them but not attack them like that. The last point you made was “It is teaching like this that truly deceives people, and teaching like this that we need to make sure isn’t taught.” First of all there was a lot of false teachers even in the Bible days and it caused so much contention. Now let me ask you this…when Paul called Peter what he did, was it biblical also? no, because Paul had to apologize. The thing is that we can’t pick our favorite apostle and only go by what they say. We need to take the entire Bible. A lot of churches only take parts that are in agreement with their own denominational tenets and reject others. God said work out our own soul salvation with fear and trembling before the Lord, and as much as any one on here can call someone wrong, there are at least 10 out there who will find something wrong with us. My faith is centered on Jesus as Lord and Savior, Author and Finisher, Beginning and End, First and Last. So what ever any apostle teaches by the Spirit must be in agreement with Jesus. And apparently it is, but we can’t just walk in what the apostles say without understanding what Jesus taught about it. We today are called to be apostles. We may not see the Lord the way they did then, but more blessed is she who has not seen, and still yet believed. The Spirit will never contradict what Jesus taught, as they are in the same mind. And because Jesus is Lord, then His words should be revered because they were spoken by Him personally. I never tried to imply the red letters were the only important thing in the Bible, all the way from “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” until “Even so Lord Jesus come quickly, Amen.” all should be read, and followed. And if we have an issue with one teaching, we need to see what the Author of the Book said about it, that is the source of all knowledge and truth. The Spirit leads and guides in all truth. But denominations who have forgotten the Author wrote 66 books are in denial of the Truth. Anytime I see words of Christ in red, I pay special attention, because I may have not been there to hear it, but this is a record and it is special to me. Have you ever gotten a card from someone you care about a great deal, and you save that card for years and years reading and re-reading it. That is how I feel. I love the whole Bible and understand that Jesus is the Word made Flesh and dwelt among men.

  14. I missed the show is there a link to it?

    I have never met Roy, but I have been a street minister for 30 years and also wear Biblical robes when I am out there.

    I too have concluded that only the red letter words of Jesus are “the truth”.

    “Red letter” is an expression for the “quotes of Jesus”. I realize that in the Greek there were no red letters. Everything was written in capital letters run together with no spaces or punctuation.

    I respect all the scriptures, but I only draw my theology from “the truth” Jesus said he was “the truth”. He said his words are “spirit”. He did not say the words of Jude or Peter, or Moses are spirit.

    Yes he quoted from Moses, the psalms, and the prophets, so I respect what they say and read them to show how they point to Jesus. But they are not “the truth”. They point to the truth. I do not draw doctrine from them, although they do inspire.

    Jesus never said that all the writings of the NT or OT were the word of God. He alone is “the word of God”; the living word.

    The prophtets had temporary moments when they spoke as oracles, but the spirit came and went. The Spirit rested and remained on Jesus. The prophets saw in part. They had glimpses of “the truth”, but Grace and the whole truth came by Jesus, the Christ.

    Often Biblians (those who make an idol of the Bible -biblalotry)insist that because Paul said “All scripture is inspired” that that means all the words in the canon are the “word of God”.

    Jesus did not teach that, in fact he only quoted from 13 books of the OT and spoke only of the writings of Moses, David and the prophets as “scriptures.”

    We are handicapped even in reading them for our OT based on 10th Century AD Masoretic copies, is very different from the OT fragments of the OT found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. In other words, our OT appears not to be the one Jesus and the Apostles read.

    I often ask people “If I follow the words of Jesus, my Messiah and Shepherd will I end in hell?”

    Jesus said whoever hears, believes and obeys his words will never see death, but be like a wise man who built his house on a firm foundation.

    The OT is commentary leading to Jesus and the writings of the apostles are commentary pointing back to Jesus.

    Jesus words are bread and wine flesh and blood, wisdom poured forth. The Eucharist is about eating, drinking, digesting and turning his words into energy (action).

    It is by obeying his words that we are spirit born.

    The Law (torah) was with God in the beginning. Jesus came to give us the full view of the Torah as it was in the beginning. He did not destroy it but established it. If Moses and the prophets had given us the complete view there would have been no reason for Jesus to fill it in and establish it. By saying he did not come to destroy the law, that does not mean that the law as revealed by Moses was good and we should follow it. The law as revealed by Jesus is the only Torah we must follow.

    In fact John 1:1 can be translated as “In the beginning was the Torah and the Torah was with God.”

    Moses and the prophets of course were not all wrong and where they were correct Jesus quopted them, but that does not mean every thing they said was correct. Their revelations were only shadows of good things to come.

    The writings of the early church fathers are not scripture. Often they were writing 100 or 200 years after Jesus and are giving us their opinions.

    Tertullian for example insisted that women should wear burkas and was a diciple of Montanus who thought he was the incarnation of the Paraclete. Please don’t build your theology on these men.

    Justin Maryr wrote the first anti-semitic tracts. He was Jew-hater and a Greek lover.

    Stick with the words of Jesus.

    He said if you love me keep my commandments and I will love you and my father will love you.

    You can follow the whole Bible if you think that will get you God’s love. As for me I’m going to follow only one teacher who promises to love me if I do.

    Robert Roberg
    Gainesville FL

    How can I contact Red Letter Roy?

  15. Mike Sears said

    It is sad that you are missing the amazing “whole story” of the entire counsel of scripture. It really does all fit together very beautifully. Hence it is still standing today after intense scrutiny. Multiple writers, one consistent and central message compiled over more than a thousand years, therefore One God, one author. Beautiful and perfect!! Reviving our souls!! Like honey to our lips!!

  16. Brad said

    “I respect all the scriptures, but I only draw my theology from “the truth” Jesus said he was “the truth”. He said his words are “spirit”. He did not say the words of Jude or Peter, or Moses are spirit.” (Robert)

    I think you’re missing the point of what others are saying, Robert. Nobody is claiming that by following the OT, or other NT commandments, that they gain salvation and get to Heaven. I, too, know that John 14:6 rings true, and that Jesus is the ONLY way to salvation. I also know that men wrote the Bible as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. Do you believe in the Trinity? If you do, then you would know that being carried along by the Holy Spirit is the same as Jesus speaking or God inspiring, so there’s really no difference. Think of the Bible as Jesus saying part of it (in red), and having others write the rest of it.

    “Often Biblians (those who make an idol of the Bible -biblalotry)insist that because Paul said “All scripture is inspired” that that means all the words in the canon are the “word of God”.” (Robert)

    Again, see my comments above – I really think you’re missing the boat on this one. You can’t just hold fast to SOME of the Bible, it’s an all or none, b/c the Bible claims to be God’s Word. You can’t just ignore “All Scripture is God-breathed” and put it under the rug that easily.

    “In fact John 1:1 can be translated as “In the beginning was the Torah and the Torah was with God.”” (Robert)

    Where in the world do you come up with this? I was not aware that “logos” could be translated “Torah” – I believe they are different words altogether.

    “Moses and the prophets of course were not all wrong and where they were correct Jesus quopted them, but that does not mean every thing they said was correct. Their revelations were only shadows of good things to come.” (Robert)

    I would love some examples of them being incorrect as to what they said. I’d be curious.

    “The writings of the early church fathers are not scripture. Often they were writing 100 or 200 years after Jesus and are giving us their opinions.” (Robert)

    Nor do I count them as such – they’re not in the Bible, are they? For good reason, many times. This doesn’t prove anything about the Bible, only about extra-Biblical writings.

    “You can follow the whole Bible if you think that will get you God’s love. As for me I’m going to follow only one teacher who promises to love me if I do.” (Robert)

    You seem to be dreadfully hung up on the Bible vs. Jesus. Again, nobody is claiming to follow the Bible over Jesus, only that the entire Bible is inspired by God, as it says. Nobody is saying that by following the Bible they get to Heaven, but only through Christ do we gain our salvation as a free gift. Not sure where this issue gets muddied for you.

  17. David Rupert said

    One of the best places to find a balance in all this is http://www.redletterbelievers.blogspot.com.

    This blog helps believers live out their faith — in every area. Politics, work, home. If Jesus is Lord, then he is Lord of all.

    Check out some of the great comments and add your own.

  18. ADB said

    Absolutely frightful! “In the beginning was Torah” in another age folks would be gathering wood around a stake for that, if not dusting off the rack. Okay everyone, Jesus the Christ is the Word of God made flesh. He is the supreme revelation of God, and is the “Word.” The Bible is also commonly referred to as the word of God. It is, as the church has taught for 2,000 years, inspired by God and is believed by many including me to be infallible in its original manuscripts in all it affirms. (Of course the tricky part is discerning what scripture affirms, but that’s a different story.) The Bible is NOT God, but we do not get to pick and choose what parts we like and don’t like, either. When Paul wrote that all scripture was “God-breathed” he was referring to what we know of as the Old Testament, not to the “red letter parts,” which had not even been written yet and hence were not common knowledge yet. As to the church fathers, their writings of course are not scripture, but we ignore them to our own detriment. It would be awfully pretentious for me to think that in interpreting scripture that I can ignore what all the great Christians thinkers through the years have written (Clement, Athanius, Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, Wesley, Barth, plus many others.)

    In Christ, a curmudgeounly pastor and teacher.

  19. ADB said

    Please orgive my butcher of Athanasius’ name, fingers going faster than my brain for a second there.

  20. Marcus said

    Robert said, “In other words, our OT appears not to be the one Jesus and the Apostles read.”

    As a church historian, I can’t agree with that. The Dead Sea Scrolls varied slightly from the Masoretic text, but not by much. The Jews believed the O.T. to be the Revelation of God to man and so perserved it (by God’s sovereignty) in a remarkable manner. No other ancient text, with the exception of the N.T., can come close to the faithfulness of the original text.

    Also, the idea that Torah can be derived from the word Logos might be something that you can comfort yourself somehow with, but it is not correct.

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