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The Palin-Biden Debate: Who Won?

Posted by truthtalklive on October 3, 2008

Truth Talk Live’s Alex McFarland and journalist Warren Smith talk with callers about their reactions to the most watched debate ever between vice-presidential candidates:  Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, vs. Delaware Senator Joe Biden.  Who do you feel was most convincing, and why?  Did the debate change your mind about issues or candidates?  If so, why?

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53 Responses to “The Palin-Biden Debate: Who Won?”

  1. Barney said

    Sarah Palin needs to stay in Alaska and Cheater McCain needs to retire.

    The right wingers hereabouts just love them some Sarah Palin though, and Fox News I am sure proclaimed her the big winner. Am I right? What a joke.

    I am voting for Maz.

  2. Barney said

    Wait ’til Stu throws his hat in the ring. Then we’ll have some real silliness in politics. I am predicting that our Stu will not start out local; he’ll want to go for the State Senate or the House in Washington. I can’t see him in a city council job.

    Stu? Comments? 2010? 2012?

  3. Maz said

    I’m beginning to wonder if there is the remotest possibility of getting any questions without the name Palin in them.

  4. F. L. A. said

    Whoever wins this election, groundbreaking history shall be made.
    Exciting, Hmmmmm?

  5. Maz said

    I’m just looking forward to it all being over so we can get some fresh new questions!

  6. abc's said

    It depends on what you expected to hear from the debate.

    If you prefer to listen to someone with lots of experience and knowledge of the issues then Biden was the clear winner.

    If you wanted to see a somewhat average American housewife take the national stage to “mix it up with the big boys”, then you may think Palin won.

    I think this youtube video is a fair summary of what actually happened.

    I feel that Biden answered the questions asked of him as concisely and directly as he was able to. I don’t feel that Palin did. She even stated that she wasn’t going to answer the questions that were asked, she was there to talk to the average American.

  7. Barney – 2 things….

    1) NBC had commentors on after the debate last night declaring her the winner. Many mainstream media entities did the exact same. But, my job on here is not to pick sides. My job is to moderate.

    2) Re: Your comments regarding Stu’s run for office….

    It’s not gonna happen. At least not anytime soon. Stu has more than enough on his plate and he’s too busy telling people about Christ and helping ministries raise money. If you knew him at all, you would understand. But alas, you do not. So, give it a rest.

    Thank You,

  8. Harlan said

    I think Palin did quite well even though she dodged some of the questions. To me the biggest problem with both Palin and Biden is their running mates. Obama is a known supporter of abortion, infanticide, and gay rights. However, McCain does not uphold Christian values either. He supports spending our tax dollars to kill human embryos for their stem cells. He opposes the federal right-to-life amendment and opposes using the 5th and 14th amendments to protect preborn babies’ God-given right to life. He opposes Roe v. Wade based on states’ rights, not human rights. And though McCain has cast several supposedly prolife votes, Rick Santorum, arguably the #1 prolife advocate when he was in the Senate, said in January 2008, “On social conservative issues, … this is a guy who says he believes in these things, but I can tell you, inside the room, when we were in these meetings, there was nobody who fought harder not to have these votes before the United States Senate on some of the most important social conservative issues, whether it’s marriage or abortion or the like. He always fought against us to even bring them up, because he was uncomfortable voting for them.”

  9. John said

    Be patient Maz, this issue will be past in time, then there will be show topics regarding the actions of our new President.
    This is a rather big deal for us Americans, because whoever wins this, HISTORY is being made, important history, that is.It’s not like when the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain came into existence kind of history. For the first time in American history a black man or a woman has a chance at becoming our President.
    This is as big a deal for many Americans as when George Washington won the war and became our first president, or the abolishing of American slavery.
    And we are alive and here to see it happen.
    That’s kind of cool, eh?

  10. Neimoller said

    Chuck Baldwin for President 2008…the faith choice! Check out Baldwin08.com to see his stance on the issues! He’s a pastor, he’s a Liberty grad…he’s for the Constitution! Don’t waste your vote on the lesser of 2 evils!

  11. Duncan said

    Mr. Moderator… CNN and CBS polls said Biden won by a substantial margin, so nana-nana-boo-boo.:-P

    Just curious… Do you people have jobs, or are you just hooked on this site like crack? It’s the same folks every day! I just jump in when the radio show is so maddening that it makes me scream in my car on the way home. Anyway… to each his own… love to read what each of you have to say, even if I don’t agree.

    OK, now for a serious question… Let’s just imagine… Who would Stu and his fellow right-wing Christian Evangelicals vote for if Biden and Obama were Pro Choice and against homosexual rights? Hummmm? Let that one sit and simmer just a minute… Think about it… Are those the ONLY two issues preventing these type people from voting Democrat? It just astounds me that no matter what, Stu and guys like the guest host today, always go back to those two issues as deal breakers. Is there NOTHING that trumps those two issues? Nothing?! Does it not matter that the Republicans who’ve been in office for the past 8 years have done to run this country into the proverbial ground? Millions of people are out of work, the economy is the worst since the Great Depression, we’re in a war we shouldn’t be in and were lied to about, education and healthcare are a mess, and STILL these people want to talk about nothing but abortion and gays?!! Do these other issues not have Christian moral ground within them? What would have to happen for you people to wake up?! Would McCain have to have an affair or pay for an abortion? Sarah Palin seems like a nice lady, and I’m sure she is capable of doing a good job at something at some level, but NOT at this level! Don’t dumb-down this election just so you can still support someone who is on your side of the fence on just these two issues. America and Christianity deserve better.

  12. F. L. A. said

    I am hooked like crack, but I have to leave periodically to sleep and go out and eat things[sob.sob.]

  13. John said

    I am hooked like, well, not as bad as Crack.
    Marijuana maybe…[grin].

  14. Barney said

    Alright, Moderator, I’ll give it a break.

    But about Palin, I’ll see your NBC and raise you CBS and CNN. Both have Biden winning 46/21 and 51/36 respectively.

    So just which were the “many mainstream media entities”, as you put it, that have Palin winning? I just googled “Palin wins debate polls” and couldn’t find any.

  15. Barney said

    I heard one of the guests today berating a pro-Obama caller with this reason why we should not vote Democrat: “(McCain) believes in the sanctity of marriage”.

    Can there be any more ridiculous statement than that?

  16. JOE BIDEN said


  17. F. L. A. said

    Cute parody, “Mr.BIDEN”.

  18. As Moderator it would be wrong for me to get engaged in this debate over which media picked who won the debate. I must remain “moderate.” However, I must say this….I would have been completely surprised if CNN or CBS had chosen Palin as the winner. I was somewhat surprised when someone other than Fox News said she won. I’ll stop there.


  19. JOE BIDEN said

    thanks fla

  20. JOE BIDEN said


  21. Tripp said

    Barney is such a Barney. CNN, you mean Clinton News Network? Come one, of course they’re gonna say Biden won. Katie Couric on CBS? Please! This debate is not going to make or break the election. VP debates have never made much impact.

    Duncan – What has Stu ever done to you? You love to hate him, don’t you? Just like I love to hate Bill Maher.

  22. Oh great…..I get to issue 2 warnings tonight.

    JOE BIDEN – If you’d like to debate who won the debate please do so. Otherwise, please stop.

    Tripp – I think this is warning #2 for you, sir. Please refrain from petty name-calling. You may not agree with Barney, but your post #21 was quite juvenile. Remember, warning #3 and you’re out.

    Do we need a rule refresher on here?

    Thank you,
    Moderator (not Stu)

  23. BARACK OBAMA said


  24. Duncan said

    Tripp, other than insulting my intelligence on a regular basis (when my stomach is actually strong enough to listen to his crusading, sensationalized, stuttering, right-wing propaganda), Stu hasn’t done anything to me. You’re right; maybe I do love to hate him.

  25. Duncan said

    BTW… I’m still waiting on an answer to my question in post #11 from one of you Pro-Life crusaders. No takers?

  26. BARACK OBAMA said

    duncan stu is a great talk show host your just a jelous bone head because you do not have a talk show

  27. Stanley said

    Btw, I am not responsible for either troll.

  28. Stanley said

    I was so impressed with Joe Biden. He seemed well informed, sincere, and determined. He kept his calm, and was very respectful of Palin, even more than she was of him.

  29. Maz said

    John #9: I understand, but I still think Americans tend to go over the top with all the hype when an election is going to take place, black, white, woman or man.

    Duncan #11: If it makes you scream why do you listen, and why do you read all our guff?
    And actually I am retired.

    Barney #15: Yes Barney, if they don’t live it how can they preach it!

  30. Maz said

    Moderator: Does ‘jelous bone head’ rate a warning? #26. Why do supposedly intelligent people need to sink to the depths of name calling?

  31. For those of you who haven’t figured it out…JOE BIDEN and BARACK OBAMA are one and the same.

    Personal insults and name calling are not allowed within this forum.

    Also not allowed are profanity, obscenity and links to any sites containing such. We require intelligent, diplomatic debate. We stretch those limits at times, but in 2 years we’ve only had to boot 3 people off the site, which is pretty good.

    Warning #1 issued to JOE BIDEN and BARACK OBAMA, Re: comment#26.

    Duncan – Tripp is on his last warning. Let’s keep this thread clean, guys. This is awesome discussion and we’d really like to hear WHY people think Palin or Biden won.

    (not Stu)

  32. Barney said

    OK, here’s why Biden wins: because despite McCain’s “country first” slogans he proved to us once again that like any politician he will do whatever it takes to get elected; that his choice of Palin serves the purpose of campaign publicity only.

    Biden was chosen for his presidential qualifications. Palin was chosen because she’s pretty.


  33. BARACK OBAMA said

    i dont think palin was chosen because she pretty i think it is because she is smart and knows whats going on. what has biden and obama done but blow a bunch of air. people need to wake up and smell the coffee. do research on both of them and let me know what you find. also i do not care what you people say and what the media says she won in my book. its not cause she may be pretty i personally do not think she is but that does not matter this is a presidential election not a beauty pagent.

  34. Stanley said

    I wish Biden was the Dem. nominee after that debate. He knew the facts, had the track record and judgment, and showed that a 25 year senator still cares incredibly deeply for his family. Biden choking up was about the most sincere thing I’ve heard from a politician since anything Ron Paul says.

  35. John said

    Maz, I agree, but America seems to be a nation that loooooooves hype and trashy “news”.

  36. Duncan said

    Maz – I guess I listen to Stu’s show because I’m into self torture, or maybe because I just can’t turn away from a train wreck; I don’t really know. I log onto this blog to help counter-balance the right-wing views, and so the right-wingers (even tough the world would be a better place) won’t fall off the edge of the earth (it’s flat ya know). BTW… congrats on being retired; because of W and his band of greedy bandits on Wall Street, I’ll be passing out stickers at Wal-Mart when I’m 65.

    Barack – Bone head? Sticks and stones… bro. BTW… It’s “you’re” and “jealous”; not “your” and “jelous”. Hey, I’ve been called worse. Play nice, or Mr. Moderator will banish you to a gay-rights blog. 😉

    So why did Biden win? One of the guys on CNN explained it perfectly… to paraphrase… Palin had (has, in my opinion) enough knowledge and material to write a 1 page term paper, but the assignment (debate) was for a 10 page paper, so she just stretched what she knew into 10. Biden on the other hand had enough knowledge and material for all 10 pages. Maybe she’s planning to get back to us and the “six-packers” later with the rest… ya think? wink-wink 😉

    Still, nobody can or will answer my questions in post #11. Come on Maz, you’ve got the time on your hands to give it a try. 🙂

  37. BARACK OBAMA said

    mr mod i think you should read duncans post num 36 you will have fun with that

  38. John said

    Almost every site here involving the topic of homosexuality ends up involving Gay Rights, Duncan[smile].
    Most of what goes on within the radio show seems to revolve around ratings. It is just that kind of a show that Christians who strongly disagree with those issues tend to gravitate to, so Stu and the other who work supporting the show do what they must to please their majority of listeners, thus the focus on those topics[and things like evolution sometimes].
    But it is HERE on the computer where we all can expand on the shows topic and make something greater of it. Or just annoy each other and get headaches[grin].

  39. F. L. A. said

    Maz, post#30….
    At least he does not sound as silly as Ryan in post#171 on the April 10th “Does Christianity only Appeal to the Unintelligent?” site.

  40. This thread is giving me a headache. Can we please leave the gay rights issues and blogs alone and concentrate on the debate? What issues did Biden address that made him the winner? What made Palin the winner?

    Folks, the show’s not gonna change and neither is Stu. So, let it go….seriously. If you don’t like him or the show then DO NOT LISTEN. It’s that simple. If you listen because you think it’s funny or stupid or whatever…don’t come on here and share that. We don’t care. We are what we are…your thoughtless comments and personal opinions don’t matter to us. We’re only interested in what you think about the topic of the show.

    We’re getting tired of the Stu-bashing….and Duncan, your comment about the gay rights blog was not necessary.

    There seems to be a handful of antagonizers on here that keep taking us off course. It’s getting old. Please…we love the intelligent discussion, but the constant badgering won’t be tolerated much longer.

    Thank you.
    (not Stu)

  41. Duncan said

    It’s simple… Biden actually answered all the questions, and Palin was too busy acting folksy and diverting the conversation to what little she knows or that she had rehearsed. With the bar set so low over the past two weeks, Palin had nowhere to go but up, so if you think she won, you’re really judging her on the fact that she didn’t do as bad or worse than she’d done most any other time she’s been in the spotlight. If you’re still voting for the McCain ticket, it’ll have to be because of his traditional Republican views, and not her; I guess you’ll just have to pretend she’s not there, and pray that if he does win, he doesn’t die in the next four years.

    You’re right Mr. Mod.; this is giving me a headache too. I’ll bow out since I seem to irritate you so much. Peace!

    NEWS FLASH! Biden and Palin just debated on Saturday Night Live, and Biden won again!

  42. BARACK OBAMA said

    the saturday night live debate was real good and so sad to say but Biden Won That Palin Made Herself Look Like She Had No Smarts. Based On That Debate I Wont Vote For Either Of Them. In A Way They Both Acted Dumb!

  43. F. L. A. and John said

    Our apologies, Moderator.
    We will try harder to be better visitors to this website.

  44. F.L.A. & John –

    You know good and well I wasn’t referring to you.


  45. John said

    Well,…[smile]…thanks, Moderator.
    We both felt that it would have been unwise to just take it for granted who you were referring to. We do after all have a history of being rather antagonistic/annoying at times, I think.
    Better safe than sorry, you know.

  46. Mike S. said

    Antagonistic? maybe a little. Annoying? not at all!

  47. By moderating this thread I’m trying to shift the focus of the discussion to the topic and try to get everyone to share why they think their candidate won. What issues did they address that made them the clear winner? Why do you think their delivery makes them more or less qualified for the job?

    We would like this thread to continue, but only if you wish to discuss the aforementioned topic.

    Thank you,

  48. Stanley said

    Palin dodged the question a good deal. Also, why would you possibly think Palin would be a good choice for the VP?

  49. Mike S. said

    I think Palin missed an opportunity to drive a simple point home:

    Why are Democrats not smart enough to understand that raising/cutting taxes to corporations hurts/benefits the the consumers and not the corporations? It’s simply a pass through for the successfully run businesses. Raise taxes and they raise their prices to cover the additional cost and vice versa. Who is affected? Joe Taxpayer. “The rich” they are planning to tax is made up of 2/3 small business owners. Again they’ll just raise the prices on their services/products to compensate themselves. Maybe we should create a Nanny Government to monitor them really closely! That’s what I would call an “Obamanation”!!

  50. Stanley said

    Maybe if they (the corporations) didn’t get our economy in a whole heap of trouble when unregulated, then we could let them monitor themselves.

  51. Tripp said



  52. Kasha said

    Biden won because of the aformentioned reason that he actually tried to answer the questions instead of just giving off republican talking points.

    He also called Mrs. Palin out on her ticket’s lack of a health care plan.

    From factcheck.org:

    “The McCain campaign hasn’t released an estimate of how much the plan would cost, but independent experts contradict Palin’s claim of a cost-free program.

    The Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center estimates that McCain’s plan, which at its peak would cover 5 million of the uninsured, would increase the deficit by $1.3 trillion over 10 years. Obama’s plan, which would cover 34 million of the uninsured, would cost $1.6 trillion over that time period.

    The nonpartisan U.S. Budget Watch’s fiscal voter guide estimates that McCain’s tax credit would increase the deficit by somewhere between $288 billion to $364 billion by the year 2013, and that making employer health benefits taxable would bring in between $201 billion to $274 billion in revenue. That nets out to a shortfall of somewhere between $14 billion to $163 billion – for that year alone.

    Palin also said that Obama’s plan would be “universal government run” health care and that health care would be “taken over by the feds.” That’s not the case at all. As we’ve said before, Obama’s plan would not replace or remove private insurance, or require people to enroll in a public plan. It would increase the offerings of publicly funded health care.”

    End of quote

    I just want to say that as a small business owner, if McCain wins and starts taxing what I spend on my employees’ health care, I will have to drop their coverage.

  53. Mike S. said

    Kasha just proved my point in the last sentence. More taxes don’t work. We have to cut spending. Neither party has done this well. Not since Newt was Speaker anyway. And the Dem’s credit Clinton for that.

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