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Should abortion survivors be allowed to live?

Posted by truthtalklive on October 6, 2008

It might sound like a harsh question, but today’s guest Jill Stanek considers it most appropriate. She’s a former labor and delivery nurse who witnessed horrors most of us could only imagine. Today she is one of the most passionate, articulate voices in the pro-life movement.  Also joining us will be Jeniffer Fogle with Salem Pregnancy Care Center in  Winston-Salem, NC.






68 Responses to “Should abortion survivors be allowed to live?”

  1. Tripp said

    Can you please re-phrase your question?

    The current one is making me sick to my stomach it’s so stupid.

  2. Maz said

    I have heard that it has happened that babies that have survived abortion are left somewhere to die. This is absolutely abominable. It is murder to abort a child and it is also murder if they are left to die after surviving abortion. It disgusts me to know that this has happened atall.
    I cannot understand how anyone in the nursing profession can possess a consciounce when they have allowed such a thing to happen.

  3. F. L. A. said

    Why do these women have abortions at such a late term?!?

  4. Mike S. said

    Because they can… legally even…

  5. Mike S. said

    And the Obama types are afraid if they vote to outlaw such atrocities it will lead to a reversal of Roe v. Wade. My question to them is at what point does this become atrocious?

  6. Maz said

    That is why we need to lobby our MP’s (here in Britain), and you need to lobby your representatives in the USA. Someone has to care enough about these children that never get a chance to grow up, and each one of us will have to answer to God for what we did (or didn’t do) to stop this wholesale murder.

  7. F. L. A. said

    I am not surprised.
    Once…..in the 1800’s, it was legal for a husband to beat his wife, but only as so long as the stick he used was no thicker than his own thumb[Some men have very thick thumbs. Try it. Get a wooden dowel as thick as your thumb and hit yourself lightly across the arm. Now imagine a woman getting beaten about the back or face with it by a drunk man. My….how the times have changed, hmmm?]. In time, this too may pass.
    I believe that women/girls should have the right to have an abortion if it is deemed necessary under certain circomstances, but Why in the world would one wait so long to get it done?
    If it is to be done, then they should do it within the first month1/2 after discovering that they are impregnated, tops.
    Waiting until the last few months is awful darned late to start getting “cold feet” about motherhood.
    One would almost think that the option of giving the baby up for adoption did not exist.

  8. Maz said

    Ferox: I guess that with IVF nowadays there would not be so many couples wanting to adopt. Ofcourse there is fostering if a child is not wanted, but that is not always ideal. What should be happening is teaching kids not to have sex FULLSTOP. If young people kept to what God intended, sex within marriage, then we wouldn’t have this problem in the first place.

  9. F. L. A. said

    I believe that is debatable[huge sharp-toothed grin].
    How about people just trying to be a lot more responsible with their sexlives and taking the proper precautions?

  10. Maz said

    Ferox: We’re talking about young…sometimes very young people getting involved sexually before they understand about any consequences….the moment is all they are thinking about….responsibility is not part of that thought process. They need to be able to be taught that sex is something that is precious between two people…..two people who want to commit to each other for life. Today that seems almost unheard of but that is Gods ideal and it’s the best way. No AIDs, no STD’s, no illegitimate babies mostly without a father, no abortions.

  11. johnny said

    There are no circumstances when it is necessary to murder a child, it should never be done.

  12. Mike S. said

    THAT is the answer!! But doubtful with our culture continuing to glorify and promote promiscuous behavior.

  13. Mike S. said

    the THAT I am referring to is F.L.A.’s response #9

  14. rick said

    Last caller Brian got it completely backwards:Palin believes in Creation Science NOT evolution!!!!She has been attacked for NOT believing in evolution!

  15. Maz said

    Mike: So having sex outside of marriage as long as proper precautions are taken is OK? So how many partners do you have? Precautions or not, sex then becomes a thing to ‘have’ rather than something to enjoy with someone special that you are committed to.

  16. Annette said

    Have all sane people fallen off the face of the earth? How is it that such a large number of “so called” Christians are able to vote for a person who is so anti-life, anti-family and anti-marriage? If our churches don’t start speaking up, and informing all who will listen, that those who vote for and support pro-abortion and gay marriage will be as liable as if they were committing these acts themselves! Scripture clearly states that all of us will give an account for each and every word spoken and deed done. It just shows how easy it is to imagine Jesus Christ forbidding entry into His Glorious Heaven, by stating those horrid words, “I never knew you”!!
    God DOES NOT TOLERATE THESE ACTS, and we should NOT support those that want to bring them into power!May God help our country!!!
    Wake Up America!

  17. Kasha said

    Read the whole chapter so you know the criteria by which He claims not to know us: if we don’t feed the hungry (welfare, world poverty), give water to the thirsty (clean water, environmentalism), invite in the stranger (immigration), clothe the poor, visit the sick and those in prison (death penalty, the high rate of incarceration of black men). See? It is very easy to be for Obama on those criteria.

  18. Kasha said

    Oh, and for the record, of course late term abortions should be outlawed. And I am leaning towards the view that IVF should be discouraged as long as there are babies needing homes. I know that will never go over, though, and I understand why.

  19. Ossie3 said

    Could someone answer a question for me? How is it that someone who is for abortions, can be for allowing abortion survivors to live?
    It seems to me if you were for terminating them before, why are you willing to keep them alive after a botched abortion? Surviving the abortion doesn’t change any of the reasons some one had the abortion in the first place. In fact in some cases it could worsen the reasons for having an abortion.
    I’m not trying to start a fight here; I just don’t understand the logic.

  20. Kasha said


    I think its a good question. Just like I don’t understand pro life people who are for the death penalty or pre-emptive war. Either life is sacred or its not.

    To help clear up the question, though, I will say that for many people, the embryo is not a person but the fetus is. This is not my view, so please don’t expect me to defend it. But that is why first trimester abortions don’t bother them, while late term abortions do. Late term abortions are between 1 and 6 % of the total abortions in this country, depending on who’s stats and when you define “late term”. Theoretically, if the abortion is “botched”, these babies could be born alive, particularly if the doctor is using the partial birth form of abortion instead of D and E. It is actually quite rare, but of course, for that one baby, once is too many.

    To me, abortion is just one of the symptoms that we, as humans, are very skewed in how we value life. We need a change of heart. Changing abortion laws without addressing the underlying social ills that cause women to choose abortion might cause more sufferring rather than less. But I think laws limiting abortions are good and a step in the right direction – getting people to think about what they are doing.

  21. Mike S said

    God imposed the death penalty BECAUSE life is sacred. It is the ultimate punishment (in this life). How do you equate putting to death a convicted murderer who made the choice to take someones life, with putting to death an innocent baby who is unable to make any choice at all?

  22. Mike S said

    By the way Kasha
    I like the way you communicate your beliefs and worldview. I don’t necessarily agree with all of your points but you have made me think a little differently about some things. Thanks!

  23. Maz said

    Annette: AMEN!!!!!!!

  24. Maz said

    Ossie 3: GOOD QUESTION!!!!!

  25. Maz said

    Even ‘early term’ abortions are murder, as is any termination of a life already begun within the womb. Once conception takes place, that woman is going to have A BABY. If you have a miscarriage any time along the way, as I did, then you have lost A BABY.
    If you abort….you have aborted A BABY.
    And if only kids could be taught that life is sacred and precious from as early as they can understand (and they should be in Sunday School, which is why it is so vital for children to go) maybe they will grow up not making the mistakes they do. Choosing to say ‘NO’ as so many young people are beginning to do today (mainly Christians that is) is the best way….it is Gods way….which IS the best way.
    There are many women who end up being councelled by Christians who care and have changed their minds and had their baby and have been so thankful they did. They can then look at that little wide eyed child with joy but also remember with a shiver of horror that they had thought of ‘getting rid’ of her/him.
    And yes, America needs to wake up, but the whole of the Church globally (there is Church outside of America) needs to wake up to these issues. May God give us boldness and strength to do so, or we shall have to give an account for why we didn’t.

  26. Karen Johnson said

    Yes, babies that survive abortion should be allowed to live. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about barack obama or anyone who would want to kill a baby that was initiated by God. I disagree with Tiffany and her sisters 100%; they are wrong! I am an african-american voting for McCain based solely on 3 things: 1. Abortion needs to be banned 2. a Marriage is between a Man and a Woman 3. We need to finish the War in Victory and not defeat! … What good is a good economy if we aren’t around because our homeland security will be jeopardized; Obama does not want a Border/Wall Fence! I believe he is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing and is not who is portraying himself to be. I could not vote for someone who is totally a non-Christian; he is a Muslim and a liar! John & Sarah will get my Vote because of their stance on the abortion issue, the war issue, the marriage amendment (no president will be able to fix the economy)…God is Love and barack is not!

  27. Karen Johnson said

    do you know what this is really leading to? many people don’t even know what “partial birth abortion” a woman carries a baby for 9 months and when the head is outside the womb, the doctor takes a hammer-like object and strikes the baby’s head to kill it! and you know what, if this continues, eventually there will be people in this sick world who will want to kill children 2 and under because of …. whatever! It escalates, it get’s worse, you give an inch, they take a mile! If Obama is elected, America won’t even be America anyone; early on in his campaign, he rarely if at all showed the American flag! his wife, michelle, said she hated America; they both do! and Oprah, she is a witch! she is anti-Christian starting her own religion; who does she think she is, God? America is in a sad state and God has blessed up and when are WE going to bless Him! and for those of you who don’t believe God has blessed America, try living in a 3rd World Country!

  28. Maz said

    Folks, whatever McCain has done or not done in his personal life, (he who is without sin cast the first stone) I get the impression, spiritually or otherwise, that he is the best man for the job. I do not get a good feeling, spiritual or otherwise, about Obama. I pray you will all be guided by God, or atleast by common sense if you aren’t a believer, because the result will effect the whole world NOT just America.

  29. Maz said

    Karen #27…..SO RIGHT!

  30. Annette said

    Karen….could not agree more! As far as people that claim to be advocates of fairness and honoring life , it puzzles me that they are for sparing convicted murderers and thieves, and allowing the evil dictators that oppress the poor and force communistic regimes, yet want to murder innocent babies. There is no difference in the value of life at one day or 40-weeks. LIFE IS PRECIOUS at any stage. We are not far from the euthanasia of the disabled and elderly as common practice.
    Tell me? If Christians ( I mean the born-again, spirit-filled, hate- what -God -hates kind) don’t stand up for those that can’t stand up for themselves, how long do you think our country will survive. Satan has an agenda……….destroy family, destroy life and confuse people over what is right and wrong. Read the 10 Commandments……we have a guidebook, the problem is people don’t read it, and rely on people like Rev. Wright, Fr. Flager and Oprah Winfrey to tell us what to believe!We will answer to God for how we vote. God knows our hearts and motives. Please pray and ask for clarity………each of us must seek the Face of Our Savior.
    He is the Author and Creator of Life…..Any life!

  31. Mike S. said

    Maz #15
    I think you made too many assumptions in what I was agreeing to on F.L.A.’s post. Understand that my definition of “responsibile” and “proper precautions” means no sex outside of marriage. My point was directed at our culture.

  32. Mike S. said

    Good Points Annette, another suggested read… Isaiah 58

  33. Kasha said

    You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘Do not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to judgement.’ But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgement. Matt 5:21-22

    I think it is so easy to point the finger and say, “Abortion is wrong, you will be judged!” because most of us will never have an abortion. WHat is harder is to take just as seriously the ways we don’t respect life every day in the way we treat others in this world.

    As far as convicted murderers, what about people on death row that are later proved innocent? Our legal system is not perfect, although it is probably the best in the world. How many innocent people are you willing to wrongly execute? Why is life in prison not good enough for you?

    Also, what about the innocent victims of the war in Iraq? Are they less innocent than unborn babies?

    I am not saying unborn babies are less important, I am saying there are millions of children already born dying of preventable diseases every day. Where is the outrage for them?

  34. Maz said

    Annette #30: Another very good post.

  35. Maz said

    Mike #31: I made the assumptions because you weren’t specific in your post (#12). But glad you do not support sex outside marriage.

  36. Maz said

    Kasha: Yes, all life is precious from the cradle….and before…to the grave. I want to make a difference wherever a voice is needed. All Christians should. But those that are clearly guilty of terrible crimes and spend the rest of their life in a prison, are costing you, the tax payer, money, is that what you want? What would God want? Would it not be just and righteous to take life for life? Maybe that is another question for Truth Talk to give us.

  37. Kash said

    “But those that are clearly guilty of terrible crimes and spend the rest of their life in a prison, are costing you, the tax payer, money, is that what you want? What would God want? Would it not be just and righteous to take life for life?”

    You are not just taking their life, you are taking any chance they have for eternal salvation by not giving them a chance to repent. And many studies have shown that the endless appeals that are part of the death row process costs more than feeding them for forty years or so depending on how long they live. And what about the wrongly accused? It has happened before and will happen again.

    Besides, God doesn’t ask us to consider the economic feasibility of His commands. We don’t use economic arguments to defend abortion.

    “You have heard that is was said, “Love your neighbor and hate you enemy.” But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?”
    Matthew 5:43-47

  38. Maz said

    Kash: They would have been given a chance to repent all their adult (or younger) life. But even in prison, on death row, they have a chance then to repent and get right with God. Thats what that girl, Fay Tucker did. But they still put her to death and I think that was wrong. She was a real case of a changed and repentant life. But the way society is, she is supposed to pay for her crimes like everyone else, they don’t take into account her change of heart and life, or that Jesus has taken her punishment for sin.
    I do believe there is a place for mercy, and Fays should have been.

  39. Maz said

    Kash: The wrongly accused have a chance to appeal, I believe if anyone is truly innocent and has the full power of the law behind them that the evidence should show their innocence. There should be no questionable doubt atall. If there is a life sentence would be the better option.

  40. Maz said

    Kash: Matthew 5. I agree, we need to love everyone and pray for them to know Christ. But criminals still need to go through the justice system and pay the penalty for their crimes.

  41. Ben Maulis said

    The problem is the abortion survivors are almost always below the age of viability. The current age of viability is about 24 weeks, whereas the stories I have heard referenced to by the topic here involved babies at 22 weeks or less. I believe the world record for survival stands at 21 weeks. Even most babies born at 24 weeks have severe complications. The good news is that technology is lowering the age of viability and improving outcomes, but until the outcomes for younger ones improve, people will reason that all we can do is prolong their suffering.

    I do believe we are obligated to use all the available means to help a baby survive no matter what we think their chances are or what complications they may suffer. Simply abandoning the child and all hope for them is a tragedy. However, we cannot overlook the crime of aborting them in the first place. It’s more dramatic and emotionally appealing to tell of the 19 or 20 week old baby being left for dead, but none that age have ever survived to date so the real shame is that they were removed in the first place.

    My own son Mamre was about to be born after only 24 weeks. It was not an abortion attempt, but his mom went into labor for no apparent reason in the middle of the night while lying in bed. We wielded the full aresenal of technology available to us to do all we could to help him survive. My wife made it to the hospital by helicopter. There, a team of the best perinatologists did all they could, but still only gave us a 40% chance. Not good enough.

    We believed Malachi 3:11, and my wife endured a great trial so that Mamre was not born until the time came after 25 weeks. After he was born he spent three months in the NICU on ventilators, catheters and with all kinds of other equipment, specialists, and medicines. Technology did its “40%,” but offered no promises.

    But God, who by grace had qualified us for the promises of Malachi 3:11 also gave us Psalm 128. Mamre was home before 40 weeks. Tomorrow he turns 1 year old. He’s strong and healthy, and despite dozens of specialists examining him hundreds of times, they’ve all lost interest since there is nothing more they can do. He’s perfectly healthy. Thank you Jesus!

  42. Annette said

    Kasha, You seem to be an intelligent and caring person. I don’t question your love for God or fellow man, however, with defending when to go to war, and when to impose the death penalty I must ask you this. If the United States never experienced the Civil War, we may still be allowing slavery. Do you agree that this was a just war, with an outcome that God would approve of? This has been the case throughout the World’s history, innocent, oppressed people need to have another more powerful country or group standing up for the right to live and the chance to be free. When it comes to convicted incarcerated people, the judicial system, as warped as it is at times, was established by God’s Law (morality and justice)to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. I will not disagree that many die or spend a lifetime in prison wrongly. It does not make the “system” wrong. We cannot expect any system in place on this earth, ie government,church etc. to be perfect. Not until Christ’s return will there be perfection. This fallen world is caving in on itself, but we have to be the hands and feet of Christ, feeding the poor (the churches job, by the way, not the government) and trying to right as many wrongs as we can, but BIGGER government is not the answer. People need to get out of their comfort zones and share some of the wealth we enjoy in this country with those in need. When (EVER) did the government fix the sin in this world? (which caused all these results, sickness, poverty, and broken relationships) JESUS IS THE ANSWER and we need to bring Him into every relationship we experience in this world!

  43. Kash said

    Annette writes:
    “When (EVER) did the government fix the sin in this world?”

    Which is why I don’t vote solely based on the abortion issue.

    I don’t trust any human government to stand for Christian principles. Jesus himself rejected the devil’s offer for the worldly power of government. To be a Christian is to go against one’s own self interests for the betterment of the world. That means going against the interests of one’s nation sometimes, also. So any human leader is a compromise for a Christian.

    I vote for the person most likely to improve the situation for the most number of people. Many of you will disagree with my choice, but that’s the way I see it. Then I pray, and do my best to help people in my community regardless of the national and international scene.

  44. Mike S. said

    Awesome Ben! Thanks for sharing!! Great post Annette. Again, Isaiah 58!!

  45. johnny said

    Stopping the murder of thousands of our children would be for the betterment of the world, and would improve the situation for every one of those children.

    “I am not saying unborn babies are less important, I am saying there are millions of children already born dying of preventable diseases every day. Where is the outrage for them?”

    Christians and others try to help these children, if the government made it illegal to help them you would see outrage.

    It’s never ok to steal money from someone else to give it to the poor which is what Obama wants to do, and he is crazy if he thinks raising taxes on the rich and corporations isn’t going to cost us, they aren’t going to lose money if they can help it they’ll just raise the price of everything, so it’s essentially a tax on the poor.

    I for one would be happy to live in a cardboard box the rest of my life if we could just stop the murder.

  46. Kash said

    “It’s never ok to steal money from someone else to give it to the poor which is what Obama wants to do, and he is crazy if he thinks raising taxes on the rich and corporations isn’t going to cost us, they aren’t going to lose money if they can help it they’ll just raise the price of everything, so it’s essentially a tax on the poor.”

    Check out Matthew 19:16-26 and Luke 18:8-27. Remember, I am making my choices based on my beliefs, not on what I think corporations will do. I already KNOW that corporations are greedy and aren’t going to be “Christian”.

  47. John said

    Post#27,…Oprah is a witch?[smile]
    I think she is more of a “New Ager” type, Mrs./Miss Johnson. Big difference.
    I want to know what goes through the minds of these women/girls who would carry a baby for so long and THEN decide to get an abortion.
    Just to be coldly logical and reasonable about it, wouldn’t it be easier on the females body to get the abortion done while the baby was still tiny? Why go through all of the aches, pains, cramps, and uncomfortable sleeping, walking, sitting down and not being able to get back up, irregular bathroom breaks, and wardrobe changes? As Ferox said in post#3, why do they wait so darn long? Discovering their motivation and figuring out how to work around it may be a step in the right direction to ending this.

  48. Annette said

    I am dumbfounded!! How is it that Kash, so can quote scripture verses left and right,and does not know, or should I say chooses to over look, what God says about homosexuality. Look, the 2 main topics that are crucial in this election are Same-sex marriage, and abortion. If you choose to waste your vote, supporting a man who is so clearly radical, that is your God-given right. Just remember, innocent people died to give you that opportunity. Are you changing your view on war yet?

    The problem with you claiming “your beliefs” are that the bible is not subjective. It is the Truth.you can’t take it, twist it and make it say what you want it to say. You can’t deny the homosexual agenda that Obama is clearly in favor of. When things begin to change in this country, thanks to voters like you… I am wondering if you will still feel the same way about your “beliefs”

  49. Stanley said

    Biden said in the debate that an Obama administration would not allow marriage to be redefined as anything but a union between a man and a woman.

  50. Kasha said

    Annette, you seem very angry.

    Obama does not support gay marriage. He supports civil unions.

    You believe that God cares mostly about abortion and homosexuality. I think he cares most about poverty and justice, and that addressing those issues will create a world in which all sexual sins including abortion will be less common. I do not question the sincerity of your belief, nor speak to you as though you weren’t a true Christian. Why is it that when I quote the Bible, I am twisting it, but when you do, it is truth?

  51. Annette said

    I am not angry at you. But yes, I am angry that there is such blindness on the part of the Christian community. These issues that I am passionate about are the very core issues that God imposed judgment on the human race! They cannot be ignored, or pushed to the back of importance in this upcoming election. Since the creation of time, Satan has used the innocence of baby killing. (Pharaoh trying to eliminate the Jews, King Herod, etc.)
    Ancient civilizations self-destructed when they were steeped with homosexual promiscuity.These are not “choices” or “lifestyles”, these are issues that demand attention or we too, will self-destruct!

    Obama is tap dancing around the truth as far as supporting gay rights. Just google search gay right’s activists sights, He is their man and it’s not because of his economic plan!!

    When I spoke of twisiting scripture, it was meant in the context of your using God’s Word to illuminate the brokenness and problems of this world, like hunger and war, things which are a result of the fall of mankind, yet speak as though the issue of the homosexual adgenda and abortion, are issues to be taken lightlty.
    I disagree, not because it is my opinion,BECAUSE GOD SAYS SO!! These are the choice to deliberately act against God’s commands.

    I am done trying to show you what I mean. Your mind is made up and I am sorry if I sound like I am attacking you. I think you have a compassionate heart. I think as Christian’s if we are the Hands and Feet of Christ, then we cannot tolerate these sinful adgenda’s. May God Bless you and thank you for blogging with me!

  52. Annette said

    Johnny #45 GREAT POST! I agree. Did you catch Obama’s blunder in last night’s debate when he slapped the hands of those that are wealthy for enjoying it? He is so wacked…….let’s punish people for working hard.

  53. Maz said

    Annette: You are not alone, I believe that the Church is in a bad state of compromise too often. God hates ALL sin, injustice, poverty and everything that goes with it. But there are minorities in this world that are forcing us to accept homosexuality and forcing us to live our lives as if it is part of human nature…….IT IS NOT. IN Britain laws are being passed to protect homosexuals. Now while I am against any abuse or violence against such people, I do not see why we should be put in danger of a law that could put a Christian in prison. Soon we will not be able to preach against it in our pulpits because that will be termed as ‘hate speech’ and liable to put a Pastor into prison. Yet they can parade in their Gay Pride marches and be quite obnoxious to good living people, parading their sin for all to see.
    And Abortion? Is it worse than poverty?….absolutely, is it worse than injustice?….it is the greatest injustice in mankinds history. Women given the right to murder their unborn babies because they are on the most part just plainly UNWANTED.
    I believe these two things so easily accepted as normal in society today are two of the grossest evils man can commit. Homosexuality is attacking the very foundation of marriage and family, and abortion is attacking the very foundation of the value of life.
    God help us to see what He sees, because it looks a million times worse in His Holy vision.

  54. Stanley said

    And yet most people don’t care about abortion or gay rights. Abortion and gay rights are the two least important things I can think of that decide who I vote for.

  55. Stanley said

    We have bigger fish to fry at the moment. Like: losing all of our money, being killed by terrorists, dying from poor health care, dying from being shot by Sarah Palin in freak Moose hunting accident, mass suicide from Sarah Palin actually becoming our Vice President, Sarah Palin targeting the wrong Georgia with nukes.

  56. Maz said

    Stanley: So you have no feelings or thoughts about whether abortion survivors should be allowed to live?

  57. Tripp said

    Just be thankful you are not a moose, Stanley. Yes, be afraid. Be very afraid. The fewer liberals we have running around flapping their jaws, the better.

  58. Maz said

    I think that if we value our lives we should be thankful that our mothers didn’t decide to abort us.

  59. Stanley said

    I am rather thankful I’m not a moose. Being a moose would be quite dull.
    Also, there seem to be a lot less conservatives running around flapping their jaws, seeing as Obama is up 11 points and growing in the polls.

    I don’t think you should get an abortion.

  60. Tripp said

    Perhaps, Stanley. Perhaps. True conservatives really don’t have a candidate, unfortunately. We’re stuck with the lesser of 2 evils. Barack is going to be hard to stop, but it ain’t over til it’s over. It’s going to be all over in less than a month. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

  61. Stanley said

    Its going to be wonderful! No more Bush!!

  62. johnny said

    “Johnny #45 GREAT POST! I agree. Did you catch Obama’s blunder in last night’s debate when he slapped the hands of those that are wealthy for enjoying it? He is so wacked…….let’s punish people for working hard.”

    I saw it Annette, a lot of these small business owners work eighty hours a week or more, some of them may be rich some of them put all they make back into their business. Then you have chumps like me who have no desire to be rich, all I want is to work my forty and go home. And Obama wants to steal the money from these hard working small business owners and give it to me, being a Christian I can’t accept stolen money and I’m sure my church doesn’t want it either so I guess I’ll have to find some rich guy and give him his money back.

    I pray it doesn’t come to that though.

  63. Alvin said

    I’m very late to this question. This question sounds so completely ludicrous that one would have to belive it was a joke. Sadly, in today’s society, many would’nt even blush at such a statement. As Edward Burke said “”All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”
    Christians have to speak up on such attriocities. Our weapons are not of theis world -but we can use the power of the vote to stop some evils that could rise to power.
    I sometimes think I must be dreaming to hear that a candidate is accepted as being a christian who has shown many anitthetical views. I’m a christian and I’m saddened to see some many fellow believers support such a candidate that would even surmise that the answer to the question would be ‘yes’ due to technicalities.

  64. Alvin said

    I’m very late to this question. This question sounds so completely ludicrous that one would have to belive it was a joke. Sadly, in today’s society, many would’nt even blush at such a statement. As Edward Burke said “”All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”
    Christians have to speak up on such attriocities. Our weapons are not of theis world -but we can use the power of the vote to stop some evils that could rise to power.
    I sometimes think I must be dreaming to hear that a candidate is accepted as being a christian who has shown many anitthetical views. I’m a christian and I’m saddened to see some many fellow believers support such a candidate that would even surmise that the answer to the question would be ‘yes’ due to technicalities.

  65. Maz said

    Alvin: It is simple, if they vote for a candidate that is a flaky Christian (??) it just reveals their flakiness aswell.

  66. Alvin said

    Maz: You’re right. I guess the flakes made their ears itch. We have everything to be thankful for and a lot of praying to do.

  67. Maz said

    To all Christians in America: As well as voting, you need to pray (if you don’t already) that Gods will be done in your country and that the person He wants in authority be placed there. May His Sovereign will be done. This has ramifications for the whole globe. God Bless!

  68. эффективные диеты…

    […]Should abortion survivors be allowed to live? « Welcome to TruthTalkLive.com![…]…

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