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Should Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter get married?

Posted by truthtalklive on October 2, 2008

On today’s show our guest host Robby Dilmore (The Christian Car Guy) interviews pastor, author, and radio talk show host Mark Gungor. “Should Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter (Bristol Palin) get married?” We will be giving Mark Gungor’s book away to two lucky listeners “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage.” More information on Mr. Gungor! As always thanks for listening and we look foward to your comments, questions, and concerns!

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37 Responses to “Should Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter get married?”

  1. Maz said

    There must be a million topics we could debate on here……..YAWN.

  2. Tripp said

    Out of all the things worthwhile you could be discussing…..why would you want to draw anymore attention to this? It has been played out to death in the mainstream media. LET IT GO!

    We’ve got it already….she’s pregnant…they should get married. Let’s get on with it and discuss some REAL issues.

    These are personal matters that happen to families every day. We need to be debating more important things, especially with the election coming up.

    As much as I love you guys….seriously, you come up with the most ridiculous shows sometimes.

  3. Maz said

    Tripp: ABSOLUTELY right!

  4. Jeff42 said

    I agree too.

  5. Joshua Powell said

    This show was great if you do not believe me go check out the podcast now and see for yourself!

  6. John said

    Should this matter even be any of our business?

  7. Duncan said

    If she loves the baby’s father, yes; if she doesn’t, no. I agree with others on this subject… it’s none of our business, and who really cares.

  8. Heather said

    I agree that this is not anybody’s business except her family.

    On the subject of should people get married just because the girl is pregnant, I don’t think so.
    That is the wrong reason to get married. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I know a 13 year old girl who just had a baby this last year and her boyfriend is only 14 should they get married because they have a child together? They have already made one mistake they don’t need to make a second one.

  9. Lisa said

    I am so embarrassed that this tabloid gossip topic was brought up on a show like “Truth Talk Live”! I believe it was Brad who called in to point out that the whole topic was simply gossiping about this couple – completely inappropriate for a Christian program. As I said, I was embarrassed. I didn’t think Truth Talk Live was in the gossip business.

  10. Stanley said

    I think the point they’re trying to make is that if a couple is going to have a baby, the right thing to do would be for them to marry each other.

    I disagree.

    IMO, get an abortion. A kid at that age could ruin her and the baby.

  11. Maz said

    Lisa: I agree with you too.

  12. Maz said

    Stanley: So, yet again, we murder the poor baby in the womb through a girl having sexual pleasure, and because she is so young it may ruin her life. The guilty killing the innocent again.

  13. Stanley said

    Actually, its a bit a mercy. That kid isn’t going to be normal. You don’t want a mom that resents you (Or a nation with all its eyes on you).

  14. Stanley said

    Speaking of Sarah Palin,

    Was anyone really impressed with Joe Biden last night?

  15. Stanley said

    I was

  16. Maz said

    Stanley: As always you assume or presume that that is what is going to happen. I’m sure many ‘kids’ get born ‘normal’ and the ‘mum’ actually grows to love the baby. You don’t know. So why kill the baby because of what you ‘think’ may happen?

  17. jAsOn said

    Of course they should get married, they’ve already consummated the relationship.

  18. Stanley said

    There is a “your mom” joke there, but I will refrain.

  19. Stanley – Tone it down, buddy.


  20. F. L. A. said

    How do you know that the baby would be born abnormal, Stanley?

  21. Someone who disagrees with Stanley said

    Stanley first off abortions are wrong you do not kill a baby just because the mother decided to get pregnant at an early age. I am guessing you are going to vote for Obama since you think it is ok to kill a innocent child who had no say in it at all. Thats wrong first off. How do you think the baby will come out abnormal? I do not agree with a 17 year old being pregnant either but that was her choice very poor decision yes it was you should wait until your married and can give the child a good home and provide for it. The way I see it abortion is murder it’s just “Legal Murder” The solution if you do not want a child do not sleep with anyone. If you do have a child unexpected and un-wanted then have someone adopt the child send it to a loveing God believeing family. Someone who has morals which obviously Stanley does not have since he thinks it is ok to kill children!

  22. John said

    You know you’ve hit the big time when people use your name within their title, Stanley[smile].

  23. Tripp said

    I would like to formally ask Truth Talk Live to delete this entire post and threads. It is irrelevant, ridiculous and downright Un-Christian to discuss this. Your guest was rude. I hope you’ve learned from this.

    If you want to keep us, pick something thought-provoking to discuss.

    This is just plan stupid.

  24. BARACK OBAMA said

    do you people want to know what is going on and get a pros advise or not this was very helpful to alot of people

  25. Maz said

    Truth Talk: Tripp has a point though I would not have put it quite like that.

  26. Stanley said

    The baby won’t be born abnormal, but its definitely not going to have parents, its going to have 2 kids that messed up. There won’t be adults in its life, just teenagers. Also, poor kid is going to have a media circus around him while hes developing.

    I wish it the best, but I fear the worst.

  27. BARACK OBAMA said

    stanley how old were your parents when they had you ask them and see my mother was 20 when she concieved me and i turned out ok i believe its not the age its the maturity level if she can take care of it why not she is at the age where she can make some decisions for herself weither they be good or bad.

  28. BARACK OBAMA said

    one more thing how is this gossip? Gossip Is Something That Can Not Be Proven This Is Been Proven People Watch The News Instead Of Sitcoms And Maybe You Would Know This Is Not Gossip but TRUTH

  29. jAsOn said

    Actually, Barrack, that’s not the definition of gossip. Webster – “2 a: rumor or report of an intimate nature b: a chatty talk c: the subject matter of gossip”

    Further, the biblical category of gossip is more about persons who shouldn’t be involved in a discussion about things that may or may not be true.

    Perhaps you are thinking of slander. But even slander is not defined by “something that cannot be proven”, but something that isn’t likely to be true, maybe made up for the purpose of verbal abuse.

    This thread definitely does fit the biblical category of gossip.

  30. Maz said

    Jason: Yes. I can’t wait for an issue I can give a ‘Biblical Perspective’ on, not political rhetoric flavoured with bad attitudes and personal abuse.

  31. jAsOn said

    no kidding. that’s one of the reasons i haven’t been posting much lately

  32. Maz said

    Ditto Jason.

  33. Maz said

    Moderator: Next question please.

  34. jAsOn said

    As I’m sure you do as well, Maz, I do think there is a time and place for political debate, because we know that the planks of our political platforms ultimately are functions of our moras. One does have to wonder if the question this thread asks has any edifying value. Perhaps if posed in a more abstract manner (without the specific context) we could study the topic with our interpretations of biblical (and other) principles in mind, rather than having the baggage of a politically charged occurrence weigh down the conversation with peripheral thoughts.

  35. Maz said

    Like…..Should a girl who gets pregnant get married to the father?
    Ofcourse this could change the way we look at the situation. Each one would be different.
    Suppose the father wouldn’t be a good father for the child…or husband to the girl.
    To say ‘yes’ to every situation may not be a wise decision, for the girl or the child.

  36. jAsOn said

    Of course you have to look at each case individually. Though I’m not even sure we should be playing “arm-chair” pastor/counselor. In any case, there are certain situations where an unmarried pregnant girl should not marry the father: probably not if she was raped, if the father was her father (or other relative who has molested her), but those are almost common sense cases. Other than that, I think I would counsel the two to get married the same way I would counsel a married couple not to get a divorce. For instance, Jesus said that divorce was permissible in the case of adultery and we could infer also in the cases of terrible abuse. Likewise, I believe that (assuming they wouldn’t break God’s Law to do so) the general rule is that they should get married, unless one or the other has been consistently and unrepentantly unfaithful or abusive. We must also turn the question around and ask, “If a man gets a woman pregnant, should he marry her?”

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