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Keys to Racial Reconciliation in the Church!

Posted by truthtalklive on November 13, 2008

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Guest host Dr. Michael Brown interviews Dennis Rouse, senior pastor of the 6,000 member, multi-racial Victory World Church in Atlanta. How can we bridge racial misunderstanding in the Body today without compromising truth? Dr. Brown’s ministry, the daily radio show, The Line of Fire, can be heard here live Mon-Fri, 7-8 PM, EST! As always thanks for listening and we look foward to your comments!



56 Responses to “Keys to Racial Reconciliation in the Church!”

  1. Jared said

    Worship God and preach the gospel from God’s word.

    Abandon all the novel newly repackaged garbage trying to draw in the masses that many, probably most, churches have clearly demonstrated do not work.

    When are we going to get back to the basics as the returned exiles did in Nehemiah’s time.

    Honor, give thanks, acknowledge our sin, preach from God’s word, and read it, sing His praises and His word, bring your tithes and offerings, sacrifice … in a word Worship … and that mostly corporately …. why don’t we get this.

    Do we need to come up with some new novel method for reconciling the races?


    Do as God has instructed WORSHIP in spirit and truth and HE (GOD) will reconcile the races.

    The only thing that can reconcile the races is God’s word … HIS gospel.

    That’s it!

  2. Jared said

    Every time I call in these guys Brown and the regular host want to make WORSHIP some kind of a totally personal thing. There is an element of the personal in worship, but the vast majority of our examples are corporate in nature. WORSHIP Folks that is the first step to rebuilding the church. Look in the old testament. Even the great commission is so there are more worshipers! The pastor that called in two days ago seemed to think the great commission was our primary mandate. NO. Our primary mandate is to WORSHIP … and the great commission is to make more worshipers not a bunch more know nothing converts.

  3. Jared said

    What are we going to be doing in eternity. What does every biblical picture of heaven include!


    Lets get practicing here and now each Lord’s day and preparing ourselves throughout the week so we can carry out our greatest and highest calling!

  4. paul said

    I agree with jared, it’s not a black and white issue, its a heart issue.

  5. Mike S. said

    I agree but we also need to remember what WORSHIP is and what it isn’t! Read Isaiah 58!!

  6. Mike S. said

    Especially verses 6-8

  7. paul said

    As for Dr. Brown, he has a heart to see Jewish people come to Christ, and I share his desire. lots of love brother.

  8. jAsOn said

    If the question is regarding racial tension and reconciliation in the Church, then Thabiti Anyabwile’s name must be mentioned. His lecture at the 2008 Together for the Gospel conference is a must hear! He’s from Lexington, NC btw.

  9. ADB said


    I agree entirely with your sentiments about worship. Many folks today think that it is something done to create a certain feeling or impression. In reality, I think you’d agree, the audience in worship is God, and the worshippers are everyone in the congregation, not merely the pastor, choir, and music leaders. The ultimate question becomes then, is what we’re honoring to God.

    More to the point, there are a couple of things that are necessary. First, North American Christians need to realize that Christianity is not a North American faith. Christ can be worshipped just as authentically in Eastern Europe, in Asia, or Africa. In reality, South Korea has the largest churches in the world and also sends out far more missionaries each year that the American church does. Secondly, Christians need to realize that as a body of Christ that they are united positionally before God Almighty. They may have their differences in ecclesiology, in worship styles, may have some doctrinal distinctives, but that there is more to unite them than divide them.

    Best Wishes

  10. Jared said

    Mike S. Awesome

    Yes. Worship isn’t some nebulous stuff of our own making. Nehemiah 8 and 9. And true Worship includes much more than most people relate to the word!

    I spoke to Mr. Brown this evening. He just seems to still be looking beyond the simple truth as described by God’s word. I know he means well, but stick to the basics God has given us. When we worship correctly, at least in spirit and truth, because we don’t do it correctly, we have a great high priest making it acceptable and perfect before our father, all the rest will flow from it. It is God who does the work anyway, so we need to worship Him and the rest will flow. He promises so many things in His word like he will nourish us and grow us in grace when we partake of His table.

    Worship is the key. Everything else flows from our worship of God and what He has done for us through the work of His Son and work of the Holy Spirit. It is what we will be doing forever anyway. Might as well get started now. Besides, when it is done in spirit and truth it is pure joy to the soul!

    Praise the Lord!

  11. Jared said


    Yes. It is personal, yet corporate (congregational), it is corporate yet catholic. And yes, you get it. Praise God. He is the audience and He sees our worship through the work of His Son our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ. We are the bride no matter what color, gender, continent, or past. And the bride is being made whole so that we can worship our glorious God forever!

    And yes. The non essential doctrines should not put us under, but rather be positions to show our great love for one another even when we disagree. Regardless of style we should have those elements in our worship that bring glory, honor, and thanksgiving to God, confession of our great sin and unworthiness, and our prayers for His will to be done, are needs to be met, and His church to be triumphant.

  12. Jared said

    Praise the Lord brothers and sisters.

    Remember we are preparing this week so we can corporately collect with our congregations and worship our glorious, merciful, long suffering, all powerful God at the beginning of next week catholicly and apostolically.

  13. VB said

    Awesome post!

    Can truthtalklive get Rev. Anyabwile on the show as JAsOn mentioned he is a ‘must hear.’ (Well, actually, JAsOn said”His lecture at the 2008 Together for the Gospel conference is a must hear!)

  14. jAsOn said

    Hi VB…you’re not hailing from Tennessee, are you?

  15. Jared said

    Are not we all one of two races anyway. We are either of the race who loves and worships God or of the race of His enemies.

    That’s the race we out to be concerned for, His enemies, and as we worship, God will prepare and strengthen us to do His work among His enemies.
    Remembering that we were previously in that condition also (Romans 5)!!!!

  16. Maz said

    Jared #10. THANKYOU! Being British, I ofen get the feeling that Americans think they are THE CHURCH, and forget their brothers and sister over the Atlantic and in other continents. We are One Body in Christ….WORLD-WIDE, USA has not got a monopoly on Christianity.

  17. Maz said

    Jared: Forgot to paste this bit from your post….for my answer in #16.

    ”More to the point, there are a couple of things that are necessary. First, North American Christians need to realize that Christianity is not a North American faith. Christ can be worshipped just as authentically in Eastern Europe, in Asia, or Africa. In reality, South Korea has the largest churches in the world and also sends out far more missionaries each year that the American church does.”

  18. Maz said

    Sorry #16 meant to put Jareds post #9 not #10!

  19. Maz said

    Dear Me!! Where did I leave my brain this morning?? #9 was ADB’s post not Jareds!!

    SO ADB: THANKYOU! #16 was meant for you!!! I think!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!! Maybe I should go back to bed and start again!!

  20. Maz said

    Paul got it right when he said it was an issue of the heart.
    Worship is between us and God, from us to God. This issue deals with our conduct between each other. We need to be in tune with Gods heart, with His love, to let it flow from our hearts to others, then there will be no issues of race, culture, colour, gender or anything else that divides. We will truly be One in Christ Jesus. Then the world will know that we are His disciples when we have love one for another.

  21. Ed said

    #15, no not 2 races, 1 race with two basic view points.
    My concern is this, the african-american community has used the slavery and civil rights issues to justify actions. Thiers is not the only community that has been abused, mis-used and not allowed access. Look at American history (not just the african-american portion), the Chinese, Japanese, Irish, German communities have also been down similar roads. The difference is that those communities did not use those trials as an excuse to do bad, but an excuse to excell.
    We as Christians are called to a higher purpose. Cliques are as bad as racism. If you exclude any individual because of something that is not specifically called out in the Bible, then you are in the wrong. Plain and simple.

  22. Paul said

    Thanks maz.

    I think there is a root of bitterness like in Hebrews 12:15 says,and that too is a heart issue.

    I have black friends that I have wonderful fellowship with and some are bitter brothers and sour sisters, some I think need to examine themselves to see if they are even in the faith.

  23. Ed said

    I agree. I have worked and worshiped with many african-americans. Some are actualy bitter towards thier own community!
    I was told that I must bring african-americans into my home. At what point do I stop? At what point am I allowed to stop kissing every black behind because I am white? Am I to ignore my moral obligation to the Bible and cow-taow to the african-american community? I understand the sentament that blacks are bitter towards whites because of a perception of blindness. But where do I, as a white male, have I done enough?

  24. Paul said

    Just keep loving them and try to encourage them, definitly pray for them.

    If they call themselves a brother or sister and are walking disorderly, be nice but don’t have much to do with them.

  25. Ed said

    Sounds good. Apostle Paul encorages us to walk in humility, peaceably and honestly with all men. That is what I try with all, no matter what community they come from. Everyone is a human being and thus have soul and worth in God’s eyes.

  26. Barney said

    The Golden Rule destroys racism. If we all make up our minds to follow that rule then then race disappears. Let’s start with you and me. Our example will show others the right way to live.

  27. Jared said


    I am glad you said us. Because there is a very corporate aspect to God’s people.

    Maz and Paul…

    How does God “get us in tune” and where does he promise to do this. Not that He can’t or doesn’t do it elsewhere, but what ordinary and by mens veiw “foolish” means does He promise to do this?

    I would argue WORSHIP in the full measure of the word (not just singing).


    You are correct …. 1 technical race from our perspective. I was using the terminology to show that God sees people in two camps. Enemies or Son’s (and daughters).


    The golden rule …. where did that originate from? And why should those outside of Christ follow it anyway or think it is even remotely relevant?

    For the Christian there is one race. We can’t have racism because only one race exists. Don’t miss understand, there is still sin and hatred and those calling themselves followers of the Lord Jesus Christ who are not. Two camps (God haters, Gold lovers), one race. For those who believe in evolution and naturalism, there are hundreds if not thousands of races, perhaps millions. An ameba, tree, monkey, or Human all have the same value and who ever has the most power at the moment, be it one person (Hitler) or the mob or the majority sets that value. There is no reason not to be a racist as much as there is no reason to be a racist. Opinions, perception, feelings, and power dictate the general direction of the moment and if that changes next week, fine! No reason why it shouldn’t change!

  28. Jared said

    Heck Barney …

    A Lion or a Virus can set the value if it has power over the human!

    I thank the God of my salvation for removing the blinders from my eyes. How desperate it is to be outside of the Lord Jesus Christ!

    No truth … No hope … no reason.

  29. Ed said

    That is why I used the word community.
    The base issue is still our sin nature. The same nature that keeps children from playing nice all the time. The “But I want to play with that!” even though there is another toy of the same size, shape, color and weight as the one in the other child’s hands. Bill Cosby called it brain damage. I call it sin damage.

  30. Barney said

    “The golden rule …. where did that originate from? And why should those outside of Christ follow it anyway or think it is even remotely relevant?” – Jared

    Jared seems to be having a conversation with himself. I think I’ll let him.

  31. Ed said

    You quote a scripture when you hold that the Bible is just a book of myths. So, does it have a place in our society or not?

  32. Barney said

    Ed, come on now. When did I say that? There are certainly myths in the Bible, among other things, but right now we’re discussing race issues. The Golden Rule is the best simplest way for me to think about defeating racism in my heart.

    Sorry I mentioned it.

    You guys carry on.

  33. Mike S. said

    Barney 26… You go first! 🙂

  34. Mike S. said

    But seriously. Jesus went first! So shall we follow!

  35. Barney said

    I’m trying my best, bro!

  36. Mike S. said

    Actually, I’ve noticed.

  37. Ed said

    So it is a pick and choose thing then? This part is truth. This part is myth. This part is lie. How does one tell part from part?

  38. Jared said


    I couldn’t agree more #29. We have a reason that we act like jerks, Sin! And I would add that we, being the Christians, often minimize sin, and even at that, I don’t think we understand how separated we are from God in our sin, outside of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is why we can be so blind and can’t do anything about it, even as is clearly evidenced throughout these posts. When our sin is marginalized the work of Christ goes with it. When our sin is shown in its true magnitude, the work of our Lord Jesus Christ is magnified beyond our understanding as scripture is so clear to point out.

    The atheist or relativist, not only has no definition for sin, they can not even account for its existence. It is very interesting that they would try to explain something they cannot define according to their system, but they will. Watch. It will have to come through some hypothetically self derived nebulous example as has also been demonstrated before. That is the only thing to fall back to when you don’t believe in anything. All of the world’s philosophers eventually come to this conclusion also, like Niche or Saurte ?sp?.

    Given that God has revealed this great chasm to us and how He has saved us from the logical judgment associated with that chasm leads to the importance of the …. WORSHIP of GOD!

    We have a lot of reason to WORSHIP!

  39. Maz said

    Jared: #27. ”How does God “get us in tune” and where does he promise to do this. Not that He can’t or doesn’t do it elsewhere, but what ordinary and by mens veiw “foolish” means does He promise to do this?”

    By spending time with Him, getting to know His heart.

    Worship must ALWAYS come from the heart….you don’t even have to open your mouth…..and God hears!

  40. F. L. A. said

    You shall have to find it within yourself to forgive those of us who can think for ourselves and have original thoughts of our own, Jared.
    Speaking of the “Golden Rule” were you aware that just about EVERYONE within this world abides by this simple philosophical outlook in regards to morality and the treatment of others, and that theological belief systems older than yours[You would have to follow real history to notice this, instead of thinking that EVERYONE ELSE was inspired by and adopted their myths and beliefs from Christianity.]followed such theological rules of equal moral standing.
    I could provide you with a list of examples if you wish.

  41. Ed said

    If just about everyone were to be following the “Golden Rule”, I say 90% of the worlds problems would not be problems. However, few if any ACTUALLY follow the golden rule.
    Jesus was not the first to come with that rule. He restated it from the old testament.

  42. Maz said

    Remind me of what this ”Golden Rule” entails?

  43. F. L. A. said

    Basically; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

  44. Maz said

    F.L.A: In other words, ”Love your neighbour as yourself.” Now where have I heard that before?

  45. Jared said

    This is awesome. We have FLA proving to the fullest extent Romans 2:

    14For when Gentiles, who do not have the law, by nature do what the law requires, they are a law to themselves, even though they do not have the law. 15They show that the work of the law is written on their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness, and their conflicting thoughts accuse or even excuse them 16 on that day when, according to my gospel, God judges the secrets of men by Christ Jesus.

    And yet doesn’t know where this comes from or why. Praise God He did write His law upon the hearts of all those under the sun. For think of this world if He had not.

    It would digress to the natural and logical state of Darwin’s system.

    Not good.

  46. Jared said

    Maz …

    That was a very nice drawing out of the truth!

    FLA won’t get it though until and if God works. You watch. They will come back and assert that this “golden rule” came by way of thousands and millions of years of evolution.


  47. paul said

    Ha ha ha, thats right jared, I wouldn’t doubt that a bit.

  48. John said

    Jared,post#45, it amuses me that you were able to rationalize away Ferox’s ability to have any good sense of morals and ethics, as if we skeptic Pagans just could not help ourselves because your God “programed it” into our hearts. You did what Ferox said you might do within post#40.
    As mentioned, other faiths, some far older than yours, already had this form of a rule regarding personal conduct with others. On the flip-side, this could also be used to prove the comments made by Abc’s on the other site on Gay rights,in regards to good ethics and behavior evolving in primitive society naturally due to the positive side effects that are gained, individually or by society as a whole. For some reason you couldn’t seem to understand it when a skeptic tried to explain it to you with a scientific theory.
    For example….
    “Do not lay on any soul a load which you would not wish to be laid upon yours;and do not desire for anyone the thing you would not desire for yourself.”

    “Do not hurt others in a way that you yourself would find hurtful.”

    “Do not do to others what you would not like yourself.Then there will be no resentment against you, either in the family or in the state.”

    “All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you,do ye so to them; for this is the law.”

    “Never do to others what would pain thyself.”

    “Not one of you is a true believer until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.”

    “In happiness and suffering, in joy and grief,we should treat all creatures as we would wish to be treated.”

    “What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow men. That is the common law; all the rest is commentary.”

    Native American
    “Respect for all life is the foundation.”

    “Do not onto others what you would not have them do unto you.”

    “Do not make an enemy of anyone as God is with everyone.”

    “Regard your neighbors gain as your own gain and your neighbors loss as your own loss.”

    “An it harms none, do what thy will.”

    “That nature alone is good which refrains from doing onto another whatsoever is not good for oneself.”

  49. Ed said

    And yet, no one can follow that basic tenant. Very interesting.

  50. F. L. A. said

    One has to want to, Ed.
    There do not seem to be enough people who want to bad enough, all the time.
    It sounds good in theory, and yet……..
    If there was truly peace on Earth, do you believe that everyone would actually be happy with this situation?
    I may be wrong but I think that humans are an aggressive species at heart. They need some action, someone to fight sometimes, rights to wrong, something to compare the goodness to, some way to “vent”. You cannot always satisfy these needs with sex, dancing, chopping firewood, or playing sports, can you? If so, then would it be “healthy”?

  51. Ed said

    If people could not live in peace, are people peaceful at heart? If the healthy “releases” of stress (fight or flight responses) are not enough, then what is? Is this where religion stems from?

  52. F. L. A. said

    I…….are you asking ME????
    The other Christians should perhaps try and answer first?

  53. Ed said

    I, as a Christian, believe that religion came from the knowledge of God (Genesis 2). Most religions have a world flood event. This, as well the instance of Adam, Eve, Cain and Able, gives instances of worship of a God.

  54. Maz said

    ”Islam. “Not one of you is a true believer until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.””

    So that’s why they blow people up when they won’t accept the faith of Allah, and torture and kill Christians and Jews.

  55. Maz said

    F.L.A: YOU believe that their is a religion older than Christianity….which came out of Judaism. But religion began with Adam when he walked in the garden with God. Then Abraham was called out of the Ur and called to be a special nation to God, Yahweh. Hence the Jewish nation Israel, which was later split and became Judah and Israel. Yet the Jewish people are Gods people, and the Messiah became our Savior. There was no older religion.

  56. Maz said

    In any case, religion had no beginning as such, because it was GOD, and GOD alone in the beginning, and then He created man, that they may worship HIM, Elohim, the Great Creator of all, Yahweh, the God of Israel, and then His Son Yeshua, the Redeemer, the Jewish Messiah, the Image of the invisible God, the Savior of the world.

    All other religions were invented along the way to suit mans needs but they rejected the Creator God.

    And also concerning what you said about……Hinduism: “Never do to others what would pain thyself.”

    They also kill Christians because they hate them for what and who they are. Many Christians have been beaten and killed in India. As someone said, they don’t seem to keep their own Golden Rule do they.

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