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Is it a Believer’s Duty to Fight Government Corruption?

Posted by truthtalklive on November 12, 2008

Our guest host Jim Kinney looks foward to take your calls at 1-866-34-truth.  With political corruption so rampant at both the state and federal level,  do believers have a role and responsibility to promote good government and fight corruption? Mr. Jim Kinney will be on our blog from 7-8 (EST) this evening to exchange ideas. As always thanks for listening and we look foward to your comments!



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16 Responses to “Is it a Believer’s Duty to Fight Government Corruption?”

  1. Stanley said

    OR they can re-elect corrupt senators… *cough*TedStephens*cough*

  2. F. L. A. said

    If it is within their power, is not everyone endowed with this responsibility?

  3. Mike S. said

    Absolutely. Regardless of their political or religious affiliation they need to be taken down. I wish we had voted the majority of the bums out of congress and the senate. I realize that not all of them are corupt, but I think the longer they are there the greater the risk. Can you say “Term Limits”?

  4. Stanley said


  5. Ed said

    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  6. Captain Jim said

    Just how much chance does a voter in Montana or Nevada…or Texas have in kicking the corrupt politicians out of office? It seems that the only politicians any of us can impact are the ones on our local ballot.

  7. Ed said

    Simple and short answer, run against them.

  8. Stanley said

    I’m not corruptible.

  9. A said

    I am “dittoing” the question raised by FLA. These answers speak to all citizens’s responsibility to fight corruption. Was there something specific to believers discussed on the show? I only listened for a few minutes and did not pick up on that.

    Captain Jim: A mutual friend told me positive things about you several months ago when you left Winston to work on the Huckabee campaign.

  10. Ed said

    That is the first sign that you are. I hold a strong fear that when I teach the Bible, that does not prevent me from teaching, but it does keep me in check. If you state that you are incorruptible, the next thing that will happen is that you are corrupted. You do not have the proper respect for the position, or the potential for corruption.

  11. Stanley said

    Or maybe I’m strong enough to overcome with my own willpower and the help of my friends and family.

  12. Mike S. said

    Suuuuurre Stanley. Hey since you already think you’re omniscient, why not think your omnipotent? Next thing you know you’ll be omnipresent. Then you will be your OWN God. Won’t that be convenient for you? I’ll send a tailor over and we can get you a custom fitted straightjacket. What color polkadots would you like in your padded room?

  13. Stanley said

    Mike, you talk to invisible Gods. You’ve got no right to call me crazy.

  14. Stanley said

    And, you’re completely wrong. Again.

  15. Ed said

    Takes a crazy person to know what a crazy person is.
    Again, if you think you are incorruptable then you will be corrupted. Once you think that you can overcome with the help of friends and family, you start to rely on friends and famliy less. Then down a slippery slope you fall.

  16. Stanley said

    Batman is incorruptible. Leonidas is incorruptible. Ron Paul is incorruptible. Jesus was incorruptible. My Grandpa is incorruptible. Why can’t I be?

    Do you think that you would turn corrupt if given the chance?

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