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The Truth About Drilling !

Posted by truthtalklive on October 29, 2008

What your elected officials won’t tell you about oil. Today in studio with Stu, a real live “oil man”, Dan Forsberg, President of Forexco, Inc. and Congresswoman Virginia Foxx.  We welcome your comments here.


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11 Responses to “The Truth About Drilling !”

  1. Jared said


    Oil … its thousands of feet down was buried very quickly. And, its only the start compared the Hydrocarbon patch in Wyoming … 40 to 80 feet thick 65 miles wide and 165 miles long … tapering at the edges.

    And that is the smaller one. 300 feet down there is a bigger Coal seam! And this is only one of many around the US.

    Now what do you think buries that much organic matter in gigantic piles like this covered with clay?

  2. Stanley said

    Why don’t we drill there? Why would we drill offshore when they already have authorization to drill in thousands of acres across the US?

  3. Jared said

    Thanks Dan Forsberg!

    It is amazing how much organic matter God buried out here in the west!

    Thank the Lord every time you turn on the lights or take a hot shower!

  4. Stanley said


    Ever think there might be a reason other than god that we have petroleum?

  5. F. L. A. said

    Hey Jared what about, how is petroleum formed and how long does the process take to form it[Rough estimates permissible]?
    Seriously. I am interested in your theories.

  6. Jared said


    First off you should refer to it as Hydrocarbons. Liquid petroleum is one form of Hydrocarbon and even at that it represents hydrocarbon chains of many different length/molecular complexities.

    Rough time estimates are not applicable given that it is function of pressure, temperature, and the complexity of the hydrocarbon chain that has been developed. Simple chain hydrocarbons develop very quickly. Days and hours for the simple forms. your body actually makes plenty of these simple chain hydrocarbons (methane) every day. Cows, moose, and other animals make a lot. More complex take years, centuries, millennia, but again this is totally a function of temperature and pressure. Higher temperature and pressure make for much quicker development as the curve is not linear in nature, but exponential. There is also an activation energy necessary to begin to develop hydrocarbons of certain molecular complexities. If the temperature and pressure combination do not create enough external energy input necessary for the formation of more complex CH chains then they simply will not form. For example … oil is always thought of as dark nasty black stuff. Sometimes the crude comes out so thick and nasty it looks like tar. These are generally more complex chains that take more energy to break and are typically less pure. Light sweet crude on the other hand is from dark wine color to almost amber clear. These are generally far less complex chains, easier to refine, have less impurities and take less time to form under similar conditions and have less activation energy necessary. The key is that all these have to form in the absence of oxygen. When Oxygen is present such that it can attach itself to the carbon atoms, CH chains will not form. When a tree falls to the ground for example it slowly rots away until you wouldn’t even know it was there over the course of years and a significant amount of CO2 results.

    There are even many different theories about the formation of oil and gas. One Japanese scientist has suggested, and has decent evidence to support him, that as organic matter falls to the bottom of the ocean and the continents shelves are very porous, so oil is constantly forming at very deep depth under very high pressures and is migrating through the porous rock under the oceans toward the lower pressure areas. This explains why some oil fields seem to be replenishing themselves in locations in and around the costs.

    Necessary activation energy, temperature, pressure, and the original state of the organic matter all play a huge role. The time has an unbelievable range based on these variables. However, as the temp and pressure drop the activation energy for the more complex chains will never be achieved and so we know they those formed with a significant amount of energy input!

    That was a brief overview and I am no expert, but the basic principles are explained.

  7. Stanley said

    Isn’t petroleum proof of a planet older than 6,000 years?

  8. Jared said


    Just for clarification sake. Activation energy is independent of time. As with crystal formation, take diamonds for example. A certain amount of energy is required before the process can begin. Otherwise nothing happens. As with diamonds and higher complexity chain hydrocarbons … both with the basic carbon atom as a building block…. both need to reach a certain energy input before the crystal or chain can begin. Once they are over the hump this is the growth portion of the curve. Typically if the energy is to high the growth is actually slowed down. But if both the activation energy is made and not to high then growth is very rapid. It follows a parabolic function. So given the correct activation energy hydrocarbons can be formed very quickly. As you get too high or low energy either nothing will activate and nothing will grow. Doesn’t matter how long you wait. There is truly a sweet spot and the more complex the hydrocarbon chain the tighter the higher the energy and the tighter the range.

  9. F. L. A. said

    Yes, Stanley, it does.
    Jared, manmade diamonds do not count.
    Thank you for your input.
    Happy Halloween everybody!

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