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How can we change our child’s heart..not just their behavior? – Part 2

Posted by truthtalklive on October 20, 2008

On today’s show Stu interviews pastor and author Tedd Tripp from Grace Fellowship Church. Mr. Tripp is the author of the new book “Instructing a Child’s Heart“..


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Instructing a Child's Heart


26 Responses to “How can we change our child’s heart..not just their behavior? – Part 2”

  1. A said

    Nothing against the Tripps…I hope that this will be a good show.

    Many people and churches are involved in efforts to modify other’s behaviors. Our purpose is to tell and demonstrate how much we love Christ and how this love results in changed behavior. When we develop an intimate relationship with Him, we don’t have to be told to modify our behavior. The same can be true of our kids as well. Just like we need to mature, we must encourage them to do so and be patient while they make mistakes.

    Many people abandon the church upon reaching the age to do so because they rebel against behavior modification. We must encourage a relationship not a performance. Many people and churches are figuring this out. Too often, they are beat up by other Christians claiming that they do not preach sin. Let’s evaulate Jesus’ style. Did the crowds long to be around him because of the message of behavior modification? NO !!!

  2. A said

    The show made it sound like the lack of TV was the key. This is so untrue…

  3. John said

    Yeah really.
    I grew up without television and live without it to this day, and look what happened to me[grin]!

  4. Mike S said

    There is a lot of truth in what you have shared here. I agree that the message of many churches is repelling. I can recall reeling against the message that if you smoke or drink you’re going to hell. I did not hear much “Gospel” as I was growing up, except from my Mom.

    However, having come into a relationship with Christ at a later age, (37), I have done much reflection on my early years. I can personally say that the media’s influences were very powerful in my life. As I reflect back as a teen, I can recall my favorite shows which seem very tame by today’s standards, (Happy Days, Welcome Back Kotter, etc.). Yet these shows glorified putting the “cool self” first. The lust for others and things were typically the main theme. Did the shows specifically make me do bad things? No, however, the subtle influences on my young and impressionable mind were certainly there.

    Compare to some of today’s shows, (Temptation Island, Will and Grace, Two and a Half Men, etc.) wherein these shows celebrate, glorify, and promote promiscuous behavior very blatantly and without abandon. My world view was twisted enough as a teen and young adult with such seemingly benign influences, I can only wonder, and shudder, and the thought of how much more my worldview would be twisted growing up in today’s society.

    While you are right, that we need to be sharing the true Gospel of Romans 5:8 and the true motivation to obey as explained in 2Corinthians 5:14. We should also, as Christians, take a stand for what is right and against what is wrong in our society. Currently, we may be fighting against allowing gay marriage and abortion, 50 years from now will it be a fight against allowing pedophilia, polygamy, etc. in the name of equal rights?

  5. Mike S. said

    Not only as Christians, but as responsible members of our society…

  6. Maz said

    John: Have you never watched TV? Never had a favourite programme?

    It’s what’s ON the TV that can ruin a childs health. (And obviously I don’t mean physical).

  7. F. L. A. said

    As best as I can remember, I believe he was a very big fan or the “National Geographic Explorer” show[He has a huge collection of the magazines]. He was almost always outside. Have you ever read the story “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Samuel Langhorne Clemens? Like that, but with swamp wildlife….and me.

  8. Maz said

    F.L.A: Contrary to popular evolutionist opinions on this site I too like watching National Geographic aswell as other science programmes on TV and have often read the magazines when found in the doctors surgery or dentist waiting room! I love all that stuff, but you probably wonder, then, how I can believe what I do.
    I can’t remember if I ever read the book although I know about it.

  9. F. L. A. said

    No Maz, I do not wonder about how one can read and enjoy such things yet hold contrary views.
    Remember, WE read and enjoy a variety of books written by “Christian” fanatics. It just depends on what one wishes to get out of the material presented, be it an education, amusement, or something else.

  10. Maz said

    F.L.A: Why do you call them ‘Christian fanatics’?

    And I do like to be educated in what people ACTUALLY believe. But I listen CAREFULLY to what they SAY. Two people can listen to the same thing and HEAR something different. It all depends on ones bias, yet one bias has to be the true bias. But which one? You would say yours, and I would say mine.

  11. A said

    I am pleased that you guys decided to join the discussion here. I noticed your debates about evolution have reaced 242 posts. I would love to know your thoughts about post #1. In particular, I am interested in the behavior modification approach.

    Mike: I agree that there are many bad influences on TV. There are bad influences everywhere. Everyone needs to do what the Lord leads them to do. He has not put it on my heart to abandon it. If that is the message that He says to someone else then they should.

  12. Maz said

    A: You can’t change someone from the outside, they have to change from the inside. Only Jesus can transform a life. Kids can’t be told how to act because they tend to rebel, although obviously we must encourage and support them in the right things. If they see their parents living for Jesus hopefully they will follow. But I have two sons, one is a Christian, the other is going the wrong way, how did that happen?…I havn’t a clue. My husband wasn’t a Christian (neither of us were when we married) so I guess that made a difference. His life certainly didn’t give his sons a good model to follow.

  13. F. L. A. said

    Why be bias at all?
    Why could not both biases be incorrect?
    Ahhhh, such possibilitiesssssssssss……………..[The eternal grin].

    For an example of who we would gladly label as a “Christian fanatic”, investigate Hal Lindsey, Bob Larson, Robie Jone Hake, or those weirdos at “Demon Busters.com” for starters.

  14. Maz said

    F.L.A; If both biases are incorrect then mankind is truly in ignorance about their origins aren’t they?

  15. Maz said

    F.L.A; ”those weirdos”…….you know, you were telling me how disrespectful I have been to you in previous posts on other sites and here you are using words I would NOT use of you. Cre to comment?

  16. Maz said

    F.L.A: OK you didn’t call ME that…but you are calling Christians those things.

  17. F. L. A. said

    A., I think that the information that you presented within post#1 is sound, at least for a theist. A lot of it seems to boil down to good old fashioned, pure good luck.
    But then……I am not really confident that I am at all qualified to offer input on how to raise children the “right” way.
    I am a monster, so use my input as you will.

  18. Mike S. said

    Question for you. If there was a significant portion of our society that began to claim that our laws should be changed to legalize polygamy or pedophilia, claiming that their civil rights are being violated because they are not allowed to marry as many people as they want or an 8 year old. Do you think we (either as Christians or just as responsible members of society) should take a stand against such? Or do you we look at it from a relativistic viewpoint and say hey “what ever works for you, that’s just not right for me”.

    If I were to presume that you would agree that a stand needs to be taken here but not against abortion and gay marriage, could you tell me what the difference is? Where are we (as Christians) to draw the line?

  19. F. L. A. said

    Maz, they are weirdos, and that is me being polite about it.
    As the biggest weirdo here[I am guessing]physically if not otherwise, I feel sufficiently qualified to judge the weirdness levels of others. We have their books. Have you read anything by these people? Trying to use what other Christians that I like[and good sense, understanding, and compassion] as a guide, I would not label these people as Christians save but by the most liberal definition of the word. Would you have criticized me If I had listed the names of Taliban Leaders?

  20. Maz said

    F.L.A: Yes, I read ”The Late Great Planet Earth”. And I do believe he is a Christian, even if he doesn’t get things 100% correct….who does!!??…he does know the Lord. And I have watched some of his programmes on Chrisian TV, I find them very relevant for what is happening in the world today.
    Do you know about Grant Jeffries? I listen to his programmes too. And Barry Smith who died recently, I thot he was very up to date with what was happening in the world prophetically.
    Have you heard of Perry Stone? Some may feel he is way-out in his teachings, but he is another man I like to listen to. A lot of what he teaches from the Bible makes sense.

    I only know those Taliban leaders who are named in the news and I don’t rememember them.

  21. F. L. A. said

    Of course nobody gets everything 100% correct, but what one gets wrong and what one gets right is most important.
    Yes I know of Perry Stone. He is an interesting character.

  22. John said

    Maz, post#6….No, not really.
    As Ferox said, I was mainly playing outside.
    There was always so much to do and see…why stay inside sitting around? Movies are a lot of fun….but I never enjoyed t.v.shows enough to sit around watching any of them except perhaps late at night when the weather and mosquitoes were bad and I had no access to a good book.

  23. Maz said

    John: I would agree with you that children need to get out into the wide world and look around and enjoy it……not ‘the world’ as some might think, but the natural world God made. TV keeps a lot of kids from that experience, and with Playstations and X-box, they are growing up influenced by so much that is not of God and not good for their minds and hearts and a healthy life.

  24. A said


    I never said not to take a stand. My position is that our stances should not result in us hating others. Surely you must agree?

  25. Mike S. said

    Absolutely I agree. I think many times when we take a stand against certain behaviors, we get accused of hating. That is very far from the truth for a true Spirit filled Christian. My wife and I have great relationships with several gays, and they truly believe that we love them and care for them greatly even though we do not embrace their lifestyles (and they know that). However, my own sister, who is a “proclaimed” Christian but does not believe that Jesus is the “only” way into a relationship with God, accuses me of hate because I take a stand against that behavior, although done in a loving way.

  26. A said

    We are in one accord !!!

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