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Are you a racist?

Posted by truthtalklive on October 15, 2008

With the presidential election fast approaching, the topic of “race” is being raised in some circles.  Aren’t we beyond that issue in our country? Will it play a role in how you vote?  We welcome your comments. 

On a future edition of Truthtalk Live, “Was Charles Darwin a racist?” Join us on Tuesday, October 21st. A. Charles Ware, co-author of the book  “Darwins Plantation” will be Stu’s guest. As always thanks For listening 

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12 Responses to “Are you a racist?”

  1. A said

    As long as sin exists, so will racism. I anticipate a number of people saying that racism no longer exists. They are sorely mistaken and illusioned. Many things are better but not completely changed.

  2. Kash said

    Stu – I’m so proud of you! You defended biracial marriage!!!

  3. Stanley said

    I’m not a racist. I love/hate everyone equally. If ever I hate a group of people, its because of the culture, not the race.

  4. korey said

    Good show. But, how do we know that McCain’s Chrisitian outlook is sincere? We must keep in mind that the Republican candidate must put the “proper” face forward. For all we know McCain isn’t the proper candidate for a Christian to vote for either but only seems so.

  5. Jeff42 said

    I sure fight against it! Due to be raised in a very racist environment (I still remember my dad and brother dancing for joy the day Martin Luther King Jr. was killed.), I do find it raising its ugly head in my thinking sometimes. But since I became a Christian, I have been committed to seeing that sinful mindset destroyed by God’s amazing grace in Jesus Christ!

    Revelation 5:9, 10.

  6. John said

    No I’m not, but I know plenty of people who are.
    They are crazy and dangerous.

  7. Melissa said

    Heard your topic on Racism today, but I think I somehow missed something. I kept listening for clarification – unsuccessfully. You stated that voting/not voting for a candidate because of their race is a sin. But then you commented several times on how you wanted a black president. Please clarify how a christian talk show host such as yourself speaks of such a sin and concludes with a comment which appears to be hypocritical of the topic. If the president is a great leader with sincere biblical values and beliefs, does it matter if they are white, black, or green with purple polka-dots?
    From the emails I have received and the information on websites (youtube), I have not observed any comment against Obama regarding race, but noticed more concerned regarding his beliefs, his past, his values, his biblical views, his relationship with Rev Wright, his ties to terrorist, and his plans for the future of this great nation.

  8. Stanley said

    Preemptive strike on the “Was Charles Darwin a racist” show. You can try to vilify the man that first published a paper on natural selection, but Darwin was not even the first person to theorize evolution and Darwin had to rush the publishing of “The Origin of Species” because someone else had independently discovered natural selection, but he wanted credit for the theory. Without Darwin, we’d still know what we do today.

    Why are you going after Darwin? scientists are just historians and mathematicians. What exists, exists and scientists record existence, they don’t really create anything.

  9. jAsOn said

    Interesting Stanley, you sound very confident in the objectivity of scientists.

  10. Stanley said

    For the most part, I’d say so, unless they’re lying. But that is the beautiful thing about science. You can go out and do it yourself!

  11. F. L. A. said

    And lying scientists are always discovered sooner or later….by other scientists.

  12. jAsOn said


    People can, not be lying, and yet still taint the truth with their epistemological biases…we are all guilty of that. We’re all even prone to it.

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