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Are 3rd party candidates a waste of time?

Posted by truthtalklive on October 14, 2008

Todays guest host is  Gary Demar ,  President of American Vision www.americanvision.org.   Demar is the host of The Gary Demar Show which can be heard on many of these great radio stations. He has also written many books on the Christian history of our nation. His latest best-selling book is  The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States of America.   FOR TODAY’S PROGRAM PLEASE CALL TOLLFREE WITH YOUR COMMENTS 1-800-982-GARY (4279).




7 Responses to “Are 3rd party candidates a waste of time?”

  1. Stanley said

    Absolutely not. Third parties are the only ways we’re going to get things right.

  2. Stanley said

    Didn’t Thomas Jefferson edit the bible? Wasn’t Ben Franklin anti-Christian? I’m not saying they were atheists, but they we’re anything but fundamentalists. Fundamentalism is fundamentally wrong.

  3. F. L. A. said

    Well, they[Third Parties] help people like John think that they actually have a better chance at picking someone that will make a better difference in America, thus it is like….a form of comfort food for the soul[Huge sharp-toothed grin].

  4. Ben Maulis said

    In presidential politics, it has demonstrated to be a costly and ineffective way of making awareness of a doctrine popular. Recently, Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, and Ron Paul have attempted to use presidential candidacy to forward their doctrines and agendas through third parties (Ron Paul endorsed third parties after failing to obtain the Republican nomination).

    Although candidacy can afford a certain amount of attention by the media, a campaign that garners significant media attention is certainly more costly than what the media attention is worth. The doctrines and agendas would be better served by a campaign for them rather than a candidate that champions them but lacks sufficient acceptance to be elected.

    As the church, we should be focused on our doctrine and agenda rather than the popularity and acceptance of celebrity leaders. Our doctrine is Christ, and our agenda is the gospel. It has never taken a charismatic personality to captivate audiences, the staging of massive rallies for the self-persuasion of participants, the whipping up of hysteria and incendiary rhetoric or persecution propaganda to provoke a sense of offended pride. It has only ever been the weak and base things that have confounded the mighty and brought them to nought through the wisdom of God and the foolishness of preaching sincerity and truth.

  5. John said

    That’s right, Ferox.
    It’s a little thing, but it’s all I’ve got[think I’ll go bury my head in my hands and try to think happy thoughts…]

  6. Lane said

    Since there’s not a dime’s worth of difference (in practice) between Obama/McCain and the Dems/Republicans, the answer is a resounding NO. I will be voting third party and I will be voting for candidates I agree with and actually like. These are not wasted votes, especially considering that I, along with the majority of the people, agree with very little of what the two “major” parties are doing (see the dismal approval ratings for Bush and Congress). I’m protesting against both at the ballot box. Voting for “the evil of the two lessers” is a horrible waste. Those who do are, more often than not, discarding (i.e., wasting) their deepest personal convictions and their core principles in order to prevent “the other guy” from being elected. It’s sad but true.

    “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” —John Quincy Adams

    Join the Campaign for Liberty!

    By the way, I strongly agree with Ben on the fact that the priority of the Church, seven days a week, must be the spread of the gospel. I am also of the strong opinion that the pulpit is no place for politics.

  7. Brent said

    Amen Lane! I’m campaigning for liberty….government reform….and the constitution! There is nothing like a clear conscious vote.

    We are a faithless people who prize and value probable outcomes and winning more than the principles and morals we believe in. I hope and pray that our faith in Christ Jesus is not the same.

    Chuck Baldwin for President.

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