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What in the World is going on?

Posted by truthtalklive on October 1, 2008

On todays show Stu & Robby interview Dr. David Jeremiah & Chaplin Brad Borders about The New Book & BIG event in Raleigh, NC! CLICK HERE for more information and get your free tickets! More Information on Dr. Jeremiah! As always thanks for listening and we look foward to your comments!

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15 Responses to “What in the World is going on?”

  1. Stanley said

    Good question!

  2. Maz said

    God knows, so the best thing to do nowadays is to get to know Him….if you don’t already.

  3. Stanley said

    I know how to find out. But don’t tell anyone.

  4. Kash said

    Maybe I’m a cynic (a sin in a Christian, although Jesus did tell us to be shrewd as snakes but innocent as doves) but it seems a lot of televsion/radio preachers are taking advantage of everyone’s uncertainty about life to write books about prophecy. They all claim to be more clear than all the others, but they are mostly variations on the dispensational theme first thought up 170 years ago by the British minister Darby. They have to change who the bad guys are, of course, as world headlines change, but that’s ok cuz they can just sell more books in the new edition. I find it unBiblical, dangerous, and distracting from the work of the kingdom that we are supposed to be doing – bearing fruit for Jesus, not trying to figure out who Magog is and when they are going to start Armageddon. Everybody seems to want a piece of the very lucrative Lehaye/Jenkins pie, but no one seems to actually be reading Revelations, Daniel, Ezekial, Thessalonians, etc, just picking out the parts they THINK apply to the endtimes and fitting them to world events. This seems like bad theology to me. Especially since there are Christian who talk like they are looking FORWARD to world war 3 because they are convinced it is a necessary prerequisite to the second coming. Please tell me there are still some preterists, amillenialists, post millenialists, and historical premillenialists out there to counter all of these dispensationalists writing all these books!

  5. Maz said

    Kash: Although our priority is preaching the gospel and seeing people saved, we also need to know the ”times and the seasons” we are in right now. We are approaching the prophecy fulfilments of Revelations and Daniel, and although I have read both…with the rest of the Bible ofcourse….I sometimes appreciate other Christian insight. We need each other. But there is a lot of ‘prophetic’ out there that isn’t, and this is where we need to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves. There will always be the false with the true. Jesus told us to watch aswell as pray, so I am watching what is happening today in the nations of the world, aswell as what is happening in Israel.

    We need to be prepared for what is coming upon the world whatever Millenial beliefs we have, the Anti-Christ will come….one day….and we need to be in our place and doing what God wants us to do. I am looking forward to Jesus return, not war.

  6. Brad said

    End times is a non-essential, as we’ve discussed before. It has no bearing on one’s salvation. Different, well-respected theologians have different takes on the end-times scenario – doesn’t mean one group’s saved and one group’s not, based on those views. Salvation is not based upon your vision of end times.

    Bottom line – if you’re prepared to meet God right now, the end times won’t affect your eternal destination.

  7. abc's said

    I think that we should all be working together to create solutions to the problems that could bring about a catastrophic end to civilization.

  8. Maz said

    Brad: I totally agree. But how can we be prepared for the ‘end’ and Christs return if we are ignorant of prophecy and how relevant it is to us today. It also should drive us on to preach the gospel before it is too late. Christ said we should be ready and watch.

  9. Maz said

    Brad: Read Matthew 24 and Mark 13. In fact, why do we have these scriptures and books like Daniel and Revelation if we ar not meant to read them and study them so we know the signs of the Times? Are you saying that we should just preach the gospel and forget the rest of the Bible?

  10. Brad said

    I never said to ignore the end times, or that people shouldn’t study it. I have done so extensively, and have my opinions as to them, just like others do. “Be ready and watch” can be just as applicable whether you believe in pre-, mid- or post-trib.

    All I’m saying is that we can discuss these things, but they shouldn’t hang us up, and in no way should they ever interfere with sharing the gospel with others.

    “In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity.”

  11. Maz said

    Brad: ”Be ready…” yes I agree.

    So we are discussing these things on here. I am not ‘hung up’ on it….and it never interferes with my sharing the gospel with anyone, in fact it keeps me going.

    And unity in everything should be our goal, and ofcourse having love one for another who are in the faith.
    There IS only one truth after all, do you not agree?

  12. Brad said

    I agree, Maz. I’m not criticizing you – don’t get me wrong. You have your beliefs, which you believe to be supported fully by the Bible. So do I. So do others. Are ALL of us “right”? No. Do we all believe we have the proper view? Yes, or else we wouldn’t hold that view.

    All I’m saying is this. If our view of the end times (when, where, what, etc…) is wrong – does it matter? For salvation, no. And I know you agree.

  13. Maz said

    Brad: So we do agree. Salvation comes from having Jesus Christ in our lives as Savior and Lord, everything else we learn from reading and studying the scriptures is so that we may know our God better and walk in His ways…Psalm 119 v 105.
    It is also helpful to be able to answer those awkward questions like, Where did Cain get his wife? And a million others that people like to ask.

  14. Lane said

    Kash — I share some of the same concerns. I have compiled a list of book recommendations here: Eschatology book recommendations

    The titles by Riddlebarger and Grier are especially helpful for those new to the topic.

  15. BARACK OBAMA said

    well for starters a war ummmm a new president soon like some one said only God Knows I Feel Like We Are Being Lied To By Our Own Government Our Peers But Who Knows

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