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Can Prayer END Abortion?

Posted by truthtalklive on September 23, 2008

On todays show Stu interviews Toni Buckler and Steve Witton with 40 days of Life . 40 for Life is a community-based campaign that draws attention to the evil of abortion through the use of a three-point program In just 40 days you can dramatically reduce abortions in your community… Mobilize hundreds of new pro-life volunteers… Help post-abortive women find healing… Generate prominent pro-life news coverage…. Sign up today! As always thanks for listening and we look foward to your comments!



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42 Responses to “Can Prayer END Abortion?”

  1. Stanley said

    I suggest you use prayer to stop abortion. Pro-choicers would really appreciate it.

  2. F. L. A. said

    Tell me what you think of this,….
    It would seem that there are now more pro-lifers than pro-choicers in America these days.Why? Because the pro-lifers keep, and raise their children into being[They hope] future pro-lifers, while the majority of the pro-choicers had theirs aborted, thus unwittingly lessening their numbers.
    Can anyone confirm this theory?

  3. Kash said

    You are assuming that women who have abortions never have children at all. Many women who have abortions already have children, or later in their lives go on to have children. Also, I suspect that the children of some pro-choice folks become pro-life, and pro-lifers may become pro-choice (you never know how your kids are going to turn out! My parents certainly never expected me to become a Christian!) Abortion has been around for thousands of years in one form or another, and the desire for it has not gone extinct yet.

    As far as the guests on today’s show, I only heard a little of it, but this seems like a much more Christian approach to the abortion problem.

  4. Mike S said

    So maybe we should pray for F.L.A.’s evolutionary theory to fulfill itself. However, F.L.A., if your logic carried over to the gay community, they would have been extinct hundreds (or thousands) of years ago. The problem is, we all have a sin nature…

  5. F. L. A. said

    It was not my idea.
    I heard this theory five days ago on a christian radio show.
    I just wanted to know what you all thought about the theory.

  6. Kash said

    I’m sure you have noticed that things get said on Christian radio shows all the time that fly in the face of reason/facts/logic. It’s sad, really, because it makes Christianity look ridiculous. I know that Paul said that God uses the foolish things of the world to make the wise look foolish, but he meant foolish in the way Christ was “foolish”: putting the salvation of mankind ahead of himself even unto death on the cross, not caring about wealth and power in this world but instead knowing of the greater wealth and power living for others will bring. Honestly, I sometimes think that some types of believers try to stay as ignorant as possible, because they somehow fear that knowledge will wreck their faith!

    God gave us brains and meant for us to use them.

  7. F. L. A. said

    Oh yes, I have noticed that Kash.

  8. Ben Maulis said

    The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Prayer can by all means have an effect. Preaching also has an effect, for we would not have known sin but by the law: for we had not known lust, except the law had SAID, Thou shalt not covet; and for after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of PREACHING to save them that believe. Nevertheless, there is only one thing that can END all abortion.

    “They shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.”

  9. Stanley said

    I agree. We should keep abortions until Jesus comes back.

  10. Maz said

    Amen Ben!

    Stanley: That is NOT what Ben was saying.

  11. Stanley said

    I know.

  12. Stanley said

    Does everything happen only in accordance to God’s will?

  13. Maz said

    Stanley: When you read the verse in 2 Peter 3 v 9, the answer has to be ‘No’.
    Is God willing that people go to hell?…..No.
    Is God willing that babies are aborted?….No.
    Is God willing that you remain in the darkness and never know the truth?…..No.
    So we cannot say that absolutely EVERYTHING is Gods will.

  14. Stanley said

    Does that not conflict with omnipotence?

  15. Anonymous said

    Theologians make a distinction that may be helpful here. They distinguish between what is called God’s will of decree and God’s will of command. His will of decree has to do with what God has decreed before the foundation of the world to happen. God’s will of command has to do with God’s moral will expressed in his moral law (i.e. – the Ten Commandments). So, in one sense God’s will is violated every day – people steal, commit adultery, etc., but in another sense, everything that happens in this world is in line with his will of decree. It is a great mystery, but I think this distinction helps us understand better what the Bible presents as the will of God. So, is it God’s will for people to go to hell? yes and no. No, in that the Bible tells us that God takes not pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that they turn and live. But on the other hand, yes, God has willed (or decreed) that those who take delight in wickedness and will not repent will suffer his wrath. In the sense of His decree, if it was not God’s will it could never happen.

  16. Maz said

    Stanley: God doesn’t MAKE people love Him, although He is omnipotent, He has, in His omnipotence, given us freewill to make choices. We cannot know everything about Gods will or how God does what He does and why He does it, His thoughts are higher than out thoughts and His ways higher than our ways. So although He is omnipotent, he does allow certain things to happen because sin is upon the earth. But ALWAYS His plans are worked out. ”ALL THINGS work together for good TO THOSE WHO LOVE GOD, TO THOSE WHO WALK ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE.” If you don’t love God then all things won’t work together for good for you.

  17. Maz said

    Anon: I agree with that too.

  18. Stanley said

    So, his planned worked out when we legalized abortion?

  19. F. L. A. said

    Thank you for post#15 Anonymous.

  20. Maz said

    Stanley: No.

  21. Stanley said

    How would you define a person?

  22. F. L. A. said

    How has your back been healing up these days, Maz?
    Almost all better?

  23. Maz said

    F.L.A: Better thanks.

    Stanley: A person is a being of self awareness and possesses a mind to think for themselves. Someone who has a will and feelings. Who has a heart with the capacity to love or hate.
    A person who needs others of his/her kind to share experiences….life.

  24. John said

    Maz, does one need be a Homosapien sapiens?
    A common hound can posses those traits you listed within post#23.

  25. Stanley said

    And a fetus doesn’t

  26. Maz said

    John: I knew someone would come up with the ‘animal’ thing. But animals do not possess a spirit as we do, given to us by God.

    Stanley: A fetus is a growing HUMAN BABY. It is not something else before it is born.

  27. F. L. A. said

    Maz, this is only as defined by your theological belief system, and disregards the fact that humans are a form of animal. You are a member of the ape family, whether you want to be or not.
    The belief that other animals[It is even debatable whether or not humans themselves posses souls or spirits.I believe that they do, but my point is that a good many intelligent people do not, so…] do not posses a spirit is up for debate, which could be fun if you would like to give it a try.

  28. Maz said

    F.L.A: Tell me do any animals worship a deity? Are they ever curious to know what is beyond the stars? Or where the sun goes at night? Or how plants grow? Or how their body works?
    No. But man has done all these things and more.

    And you also define things by your belief system. The question is which belief system is true.

    And to prove to you whether human beings have a spirit or not would really be a fruitless task…..with your belief system.

  29. F. L. A. said

    Humans are animals and they do those things, so…[Huge sharp-toothed grin]. Besides, you may not have noticed, but many HUMANS do not worship or wonder about things either, be it for reasons involving Atheistic beliefs, apathy, or just plain good oldfashioned stupidity.
    Back when us evolutionist were giving you information of human evolutionary examples you made the claim that the examples were either “all man”[despite how primitive and hairy they may have looked.] or “all ape”[which is silly, as humans ARE apes].
    Some of those examples that you would have labeled as “all ape”[and thus, not human enough to be human, according to you, making them “animals”] were religious, and creative, and thoughtful about a good deal of things.
    The study of primate research has produced some very interesting data that you might want to look into. Humans and other apes[Like Chimpanzees and Orangutans] can converse with each other now with the use of methods such as Sign Language, and the exchange of ideas and feelings has been…..most enlightening.

    I told you that I already believed humans had spirits[Were you thinking of the Atheists here? If not,you should have.]. The “Fruitless task” for you would have been trying to convince me that only humans possessed souls or spirits.

  30. Maz said

    They do?

    They don’t?

    Actually you will find that all humans tend to worship SOMETHING……even football may I say.

    I’m sceptical about any tests done on or with apes….albeit ‘talking’ or whatever.

    It’s getting late here and my mind is slowing down now, so I’m off until tomorrow.

  31. F. L. A. said

    Well, tomorrow then, perhaps.
    Pleasant dreams….

  32. John said

    Oh geeze, here we all go again…..

  33. Stanley said

    If you want to accomplish something, you should act, not pray. That a long wait for a train that don’t come.

  34. Maz said

    Stanley: I agree halfway……we need to act, BUT we also need to pray. Both are important.

  35. Kash said

    But these people ARE acting, in love, to non-violently protest and offer these women alternatives to abortion. To me, that is doing far more than simply trying to vote people into office who will appoint judges that will reverse Roe v Wade but in the meantime make a lot of pro-corporation, anti-middle/working class decisions! (I know, my liberal is showing) And they have successfully shut down some clinics, so whether you agree with them or not, you can’t say they aren’t accomplishing anything.

  36. Kash said

    Non violent protest is the way to change hearts and minds, and the laws will follow. Look at the civil rights movement.

  37. Denice said

    Prayers do matter.

    I pray outside a clinic in Raleigh and have since March. This Abortion clinic is also this fall’s 40 Days for Life Vigil Site http://www.40daysforlife.com/raleigh
    This clinic is one of three in Raleigh.In 2006 over 10,683 abortions were performed in Wake County.

    Not long ago a woman entered the clinic on a day I was there praying. I said hello and talked with her briefly before she entered the Abortion clinic. I shared with her that there is a place called Birthchoice just a few miles away that is there to help her. This is the story she later related to me.

    As she was laying on the table,the clinic worker told her that she was 12 weeks pregnant and she was given the cost of the abortion. This mother asked to see the ultrasound image but was not allowed to view the image, a common practice. She said as she laid on that table she knew that 2 strangers were outside praying for her and that she couldn’t go through with the abortion, no matter how much money she had lost. She came out 10 minutes later.

    She left the clinic, went to Birthchoice and was able to see her little child. That child gave her hope.

    So many of the women that come to the clinic lack hope. Our prayers,our “presence” gives them the message that someone cares enough to be there. For those who have an abortion, we pray for their healing and forgiveness.We are there in a moment in time to pray fervently for their brokenness. No one ever exits the clinic with joy on their faces, only sadness. Some women go in sobbing, some come out sobbing. God calls us there to be prayerful,peaceful, and compassionate.

    Today another woman left the clinic and went to Birthchoice. Prayers matter.

  38. Maz said

    Thats great Denice.

    But just to think that 10,683 toddlers would be alive today if they had not ended up a statistic in 2006. Doesn’t that make you weep?
    Do all those Pro-choicers ever think about that?

  39. Denice said

    Yes, it is incredibly sad.

    Even people who are pro life are shocked when they see how many children have been lost to abortion. We have to get the information out to people.

  40. Denice said

    I wonder how many churches have contacts and information for Crisis Pregnancy centers available to their members? How many of them have abortion healing information available to women and men and family members who are injured by abortions.

    Many of the women are only told of one option and that is to “abort”. I hear it all of the time at the clinic. If they could hear messages of hope and help, maybe they wouldn’t ever walk into these places.

  41. Maz said

    Yes, it seems the only option presented to someone who doesn’t want the baby they are expecting is to ‘get rid of it’, which is basically what they are doing. This is what abortion comes down to. The word abortion hides the sad fact that babies just beginning their growth within the ‘safety’…….it should be!!…..of the womb, and are not wanted, are horrendously murdered……..I wonder if many people have seen the pictures….you need a hard heart to carry on insisting that women have a right to do such a thing to this tiny little life after seeing the ‘after’ pictures.

    And ofcourse the women aren’t adequately told of the tremendous psychological aftermath of having an abortion. The guilt can be overwhelming apart from other problems.

    But thanks be to God, if anyone has gone through this procedure, perhaps too young to realise the consequences and pressured by others, they can received forgiveness and healing through Jesus Christ.

    So the message is that there is hope after abortion, as Denice has said.

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