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Why is Bush so BAD?

Posted by truthtalklive on September 12, 2008

Free For all Day while Stu’s away!!!!

As a Christian how does the new Obama Supporter t-shirt/ bumper sticker make you feel? “Jesus was a community organizer Pontious Pilot was a governor.”

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46 Responses to “Why is Bush so BAD?”

  1. Maz said


  2. Barney said

    secret torture prisons

    think about it

    how does the rest of the world knowing that people can be whisked away without due process to an undisclosed location and tortured nearly to death help us “fight terrorism”?

    that IS terrorism

    lying to get us into a war with Iraq

    staged “news” conferences with fake journalists

    outing undercover intelligence agents

    want more?

  3. Mike S. said

    Makes me wonder if Obama really is the anti-christ. Many of his Obama media mania freaks act like he’s the messiah or something!

  4. Stanley said

    Worst president in history, imo.

  5. Maz said

    (#1)…….what’s that got to do with what is on the t-shirt?

  6. Kash said

    Bush left Afghanistan before actually finding and punishing those responsible for 9/11, and yet uses 9/11 to keep people fearful and acts like he is somehow keeping us safe.

    Bush lied to the American people about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and continues to deny the truth while certain companies cash in, Iraqis suffer and American soldiers die.

    He is against expanding health care coverage, even to kids (has said he would veto expansion of SCHIP) – never mind universal health care.

    Bush has loosened regulations on companies that pollute. He has failed to spearhead any sort of energy plan that would help get us off oil.

    Bush has tried to undermine the United Nations, a democratic institution created in large measure by Presidents Eisenhower and Truman. Without even understanding what the UN does, Bush has called it “irrelevant” when it fails to fall in line with his dictates.

    Bush has refused to enter into global agreements on everything from racism and global warming to biological weapons and land mines, and then expects the world to line up behind him.

    Bush has placed friends and cronies in places of power even when they are not qualified, hence the total incompetence during Katrina. He appoints industrial lobbyists or former executives to regulatory positions and they completely fail to act as watchdogs and instead cave into corporate interests. Hence, mine safety measures are not followed: several deadly mine cave ins. Irresponsible lending practices: mortgage crisis. No regulation of health insurance companies: premiums are through the roof and they drop people once they get sick and need the insurance. No regulation or oversite of infrastructure: bridges collapse. Manipulation and politicization of the justice department, so no one can hold them accountable for all of the anAmerican, unjust things the Bush administration has done.

    He has cut funding to veterans needing health care. He was content to let Walter Reed army hospital crumble around veterans ears until the media got involved. He would have vetoed a bill to expand the GI bill, except that republicans in congress (including McCain) killed it first. And yet he claims to support the troops.

    I could go on, but I have to get back to work.

  7. John said

    Has anyone here ever seen a documentary movie called “jesus camp,reclaiming america for christ”?
    Anyone who has probably knows where I’m going with this.
    The cardboard stand-up Bush on stage. Remember?

  8. Stanley said

    That was a terrifying documentary.

  9. John said

    Oh! So you DID see it[grin]?!
    Shocking, yes?
    There’s so many things that I could say about that flick.
    The praying over the Bush stand-up on the stage…that would be seen as idolatry by those people if any other religion did it.
    I found it interesting how the group of children were encouraged to practiced their psychic powers over that woman. Can you imagine how those people would have reacted if someone like me, A Wiccan Witch, had tried such a thing? Ironic, eh?

  10. Kash said

    Many Christians have made the United States an idol for along time, but it has gotten even scarier lately. I don’t know why many seem to conflate the US with ancient Israel, as if we are some sort of chosen nation of God. Jesus came to put an end to that for Israel, so why we are trying to claim it now for the US is un-Biblical.

  11. Chris C. said

    I saw Jesus Camp as well and yes, it was terrifying. To be fair, however, most of the christians I have associated with didn’t indoctrinate their children with dogma quite that outlandish.

    Maz, check out the following link for info about Obama’s community organizing roots… http://www.thenation.com/doc/20070416/moberg

    Conservatives have tried to paint his service ignoble, unimportant, and petty as compared to the service of his opponents (McCain being a long time senator and Palin being a governor).

  12. Stanley said

    Jesus camp makes me want to strip the delegates from the entire state of North Dakota.

  13. Maz said

    I’d be interested to know WHAT KIND of Christians these were? I would find praying over a cardboard picture weird. In fact I find a lot of what is coming out of America nowadays…..weird!

  14. F. L. A. said

    Well Maz, humanity is a weird species, and America has become an accumulation of weirdness from every culture the world over.”Melting Pot” indeed[Huge sharp-toothed grin].
    What John was referring to was a scene in the movie where a cardboard full figured life-sized picture of President Bush jr. is stood upon the stage within this evangelical mass brainwashing center..er..I mean, Christian based children’s camp[sigh] and everyone is ordered to come up and touch and pray at and over this image of the president to help God influence his decisions and guide him into doing as they believe that he should as the ruler of the Christian theocracy that they want America[and then the world]to be. We who practice magick would call it “Sympathetic Magick”, and “casting spells upon a person”.To do such a thing without a persons permission, or against their wishes constitutes as “Black Magick” for us.
    I am not sure what they would call it, nor do I think that Bush would probably mind, regardless whether or not he knew of it.

  15. Maz said

    I don’t suppose there is any link to be able to see this? You tube perhaps?

  16. Kash said

    Its a full length documentary, so I don’t know if it would be on you-tube. I think I saw it on HBO.

  17. F. L. A. said

    John rented it from the video store. The box has the picture of a little caucasian girls face looking up[At God?] with tears in her eyes against a white background. I believe that the title is in light blue letters.

  18. Maz said

    You don’t know the title?

  19. F. L. A. said

    John said it within post#7.

    “jesus camp”[in big lower case letters]
    “reclaiming america for christ”[Underneath in smaller lower case letters, the title under the picture of the child’s face.]
    As seen when looking at the box on the shelf in the video store.

  20. F. L. A. said

    Perhaps there is a business from which you can order the film from, Maz.
    Whether one likes it, hates it, agrees with it, or is terrified by it, I can almost assure you that watching this movie will surly stir SOME kind of powerful emotion within you. John bought it just for the “shock factor”.

  21. Maz said

    F.L.A: I’v seen some shocking videos before about some of these weird cults with their ‘Messiah’s’ , and guru’s and the like, and you wonder how on earth people get involved with such lunacy!
    I shall check this out. Thanks.

  22. Maz said

    F.L.A: Just found the whole film on ‘Jesus camp’. Have only looked at bits, will have to watch the whole thing to make a proper assessment, but what I saw was a bit ‘heavy’, especially for young kids. Don’t ask me what I mean by ‘heavy’, but maybe OT would be another way of saying it. And we don’t need to make a fullsize cardboard cutout of people we need to pray for or I’d be making them all day long!! Goodness me, that would be a lot of cardboard!! 🙂

  23. F. L. A. said

    Some people have described the movie as more of a “shockumentary” than a documentary. There were people like that HERE in our area, once upon a time.Still might be some, somewhere.

  24. abc's said

    Go to

    http://www.quicksilverscreen.com and click on documentaries. You can watch the whole thing there.

  25. Maz said

    Abc’s: I already got it by putting ‘Jesus camp’ in google.

  26. Kash said

    There are definitely people like that where I live (rural Alabama). THey aren’t bad people, just misguided, and easily manipulated by savvy politicians who exploit their faith for votes.

  27. bushophile said

    I didn’t get to hear the show. But the conspiracy theories posted on here take the cake.

    First, the president is not all-powerful and all-knowing. He can only do so much. We do have a branch of government called Congress. Now, that is corrupt if ever there was corruption!

    Funny that Bush was blamed for Hurricane Katrina, Global warming, high gas prices, etc. Heck, he’s the reason I got stung by yellow jackets the other day 🙂

    Where is the self-examination? What about the mayor of New Orleans who never has taken responsibility for his lack of leadership? What about Obama who has caused millions of babies to be murdered in America? What about B. Clinton who proclaimed to the world by his actions that extramarital sex was not only o.k. but fashionable(even making one more popular)? Lets not forget about all the senators who signed the order to send troops over to Afganistan and Iraq, while continuing to sign legislation to continually fund the war.

    And I could go on…….

    I personally want a fair tax rate! no more government public schools! no more welfare system! no more social security!

    Teach people how to work! Teach people how to budget! Teach people personal responsibility! Something the government has yet to learn.

    Oh, and last but certainly not least…..get rid of the blood sucking leech the IRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Stanley said

    I like Ron Paul too.

  29. wes said

    Bush has tried to undermine the United Nations, a democratic institution created in large measure by Presidents Eisenhower and Truman. Without even understanding what the UN does, Bush has called it “irrelevant” when it fails to fall in line with his dictates.

    Oh yeah I love this:
    Does any one recall what UN’s stance has been concerning the second amendment of our constitution?

    How about when the UN used special forces troops to go into Bosnia and kidnap the president (because the people loved him enough to try and protect him) of Bosnia to stand trial before the Global court on charges of ethnic cleansing. And let us not forget that it was clinton who backed and possibly supported this operation.

    Let me see; If I remember My studies of history did not Great Britain do the same thing to Colonists here before we bought a war to separate ourselves from that nation?

    And the UN’s polocy concerning speaking out against perversion?

    And the UN is our best example for true global democracy. Hogwash!!!!!

  30. wes said

    “Bush has refused to enter into global agreements on everything from racism and global warming to biological weapons and land mines”

    Thank GOD!

  31. wes said

    Bush has placed friends and cronies in places of power even when they are not qualified

    Oh; and he is the only president to ever do this; Right?

  32. John said

    That doesn’t mean that such behavior should be tolerated, Wes.

  33. wes said

    “Christian based children’s camp[sigh] and everyone is ordered to come up and touch and pray at and over this image of the president to help God influence his decisions and guide him”

    Has anyone not considered 1 Tim. 2v1-3; 5v17. And I guess we most definately did not consider James 5v14-15.

  34. wes said

    I never said it should; I just wanted people to remember that the UN is not the way for Christianity.

  35. wes said

    And as far as toleration goes; That is the reason for praying for our leaders.

  36. wes said

    But for now; if you will escuse me I must get ready for church and for work tonight. I will be back in the morning.

  37. John said

    Did you ever watch the movie in question Wes?
    If so, do you really find the actions of these crazy people commendable?

  38. wes said

    No sir: I have not seen this movie; but before you start yelling “You don’t know what we are talking about!” Let me ask you two questions: When the Kids came up to touch the picture of Bush were they sternly commanded or were they asked?
    Next; what was the exact words used to bring those Kids up to the picture in question?

    You see it does make a difference. If the leaders had said something to the effect of “let us give thanks, or praise to President Bush!” then we are talking about Idolatry. But if the leader had said something like “Let’s pray for our leader asking GOD to give him guidance.” then this is nothing more than obeying the scriptures. Even touching the effigy of President Bush could be an example of the laying on of hands in fervent prayer.
    And what could be more righteous than the prayer of a child?

  39. John said

    I would say that they were brainwashed into believing that they had to. They probably could have told the children to all stone someone to death and they would have. I don’t remember the exact words, I’ll have to go and re-watch the movie and get back to you, although you may be able to learn these words on your own through different sources.
    You really should watch that movie, although I am starting to wonder if these kind of people are the kind that you would agree with.

  40. wes said

    John let me put it this way; there are very few religious leaders that I do agree with.

    If I find one that will follow scriptures in their entirety and not do what is commonly referred to as “Cherry picking” then he will get my attention. But as to agreeing with him or her; Well I should be able to follow them through the King James bible before I follow them into eternity.

  41. F. L. A. said

    Who are some of your favorites, Wes?

  42. wes said

    And now, once again friends, Duty calls; LW I will have longer tomorrow night.

  43. wes said

    Answer to post #41 then I must go.

    To be honest there are only two at the moment.

    One is with the LORD, and the other I have caused many hours of grief yet he has continued to work with me. The church I attend can boast of a total 24 in the congregation but the pastor I have known for ten years and I know that he practices the scriptures dailey.

    No; these are not famous men by the standards of man’s logic so it would do no good to give you their names; But I will give GOD the glory for these two men.

  44. John said

    You gave us your name.

  45. wes said

    Yes I did give my name but then I am not speaking of myself either.

  46. Steve said

    Bush has had to deal with a Clinton Admin that sent thousands of jobs out of the US. 9/11 was yet another thing to deal with. This economical situation could not be stopped. We have been sliding into this for several years. Bush has also had to deal with a democratic congress. Therefore, anyone that says Bush has failed policy is kidding themselves. He has not been perfect. Remember, there is only one of those.
    Anyone voting for Obama will be voting for abortion rights, giving money to more social programs like wellfare. Can we say socialism. He is a MUSLIM and not patriotic.

    The US deserves better.


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