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Which Presidential Candidate makes you feel safe?

Posted by truthtalklive on September 11, 2008

On today’s show we have a special tribute to the 9/11/01 victims and their families! Today marks the seven year aniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centers. We ask you, “Which candidate would prevent another 9/11?” We also ask you to please pray for the victims and their families. May we “NEVER FORGET!” If you have forgotten, take a look at these horrifying pictures! May God Bless America. As always thanks for listening, and we look foward to your comments!

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54 Responses to “Which Presidential Candidate makes you feel safe?”

  1. Leonard L said

    There is no way Barack can keep America safe in an international war dealing with terrorist radicals ! ! !

    He has never even run a local PTA meeting or coached a little league ball team.

    How could a senator from a land locked state deal with international terrorism?

  2. Chris said

    I say Barack Obama and I’ll tell you why I think so. The reason we’re not as safe as we could be is because of people in office that refuse to talk with other countries to recieve help and advice. We have turned the majority of the world against us and we need someone who will communicate with the world so we can start to make the world a safer place TOGETHER.

    On another note, I have only listened to Stu for 2 days and I have been extremely saddened with the way the show is being run off of quasi truths. Let me explain.

    Yesterday, the part I heard was Stu going on and on about how Obama is for partial birth abortion, etc. He has stated over and over again that he is NOT for partial birth abortion. The way the game was played is he was actually for the bill that was against that type of abortion. When it moved on to the next level, some Republicans had put so many different things in to the bill (as politicians do to get what they want…by piggy backing stuff on to bills they know will pass) that he refused to vote for the bill. It’s called standing up for principles. He knew it would go through, but was standing up against additions that undermine our law making.

    As far as today, Stu pretty much attacked the young woman that was for Obama keeping us safe. the topic somehow turned to Bush and she was told by Stu that Bush was told by the international community and all advisors to go after Saddam and Iraq. Then he asked if he should have gone against what EVERYONE was saying and not do it after all. Stu, you’re fundamentally wrong on so many things you talk about it’s unbelievable. He wasn’t told to go after Saddam and Iraq, he was told to go after Osama BinLaden and Al’quada. They were known NOT to be in Iraq and the world spoke out against us attacking them. They told us to wait on the UN to see if there were weapons of mass destruction. The world told us “3 more weeks” for the UN to go through the process.

    I guarantee you…had we gotten UN backing, we wouldn’t have the world against us now. No one wants us to get hurt, but I promise you that other countries aren’t looking out for us like they used to. We need someone that will heal our image and take our country in to a more positive direction, and that my friend, is Barack Obama.

    Hopefully this will get posted, but for some reason I’m thinking that some of it will be taken off. It’s just sad that the show is approached as wanting both sides of the story and “we’re not for any particular candidate” when it’s very clear that if you disagree with Stu and go against McCain, you’re going to be attacked.

  3. John said

    It’s good to hear from you again, Chris.

  4. Barney said

    I predict Stu aspires to political office, and that within the next few election cycles will run for public office.

    Does he care to comment?

    Will you feel safe with Stu representing you?

  5. Stanley said

    I feel considerably less safe now than I did before the Iraq war. We’ve made some really evil people really mad at us.

  6. Stanley said

    As far security goes, I’d feel most safe with an anti-war candidate who isn’t going to meddle with the affairs of other countries.

  7. Duncan Chapman said

    Well surprise, surprise… right on que today TruthTalkLive trots out the dreaded “fear card”, (using Bush’s old tactics to try and scare the bejesus out of us) in its – and especially its host’s – never ending mission to elect Mr. McCain as President. The host then asked for “objective” callers to come on the show, while all the while being the most UN-objective, ultra pro Republican person on the airwaves this side of Rush L. He then proceeded to insult us all by trying to defend Pres. Bush’s invasion of Iraq; asking, “so why did so many Democrats vote for the war too, huh, huh…?”; are you kidding me Stu?! Because they were all lied to like the rest of us, that’s why!! Bush was given intelligence BEFORE 9/11 that could have prevented the attacks (see 9/11 Commission)! Of course you tried to blame it on Clinton. I’m also being told he was then a great leader after the tragedy? I guess the next thing someone will try to convince me of is that Rudy G. was our savior that day; please spare me. The only thing more absurd on the show today was the guy who STILL thinks Obama is a Muslim! Sure buddy… I guess you think he’s RELATED to Osama bin Laden too… Osama…Obama… there’s got to be a connection there somewhere, right? Oh… and then you nice folks have the nerve to post the picture above which shows the moment in time that terrible day that hundreds of American lives were snuffed out (ah-la the video at the Republican convention), and for no other reason than to gain a more violent and emotional reaction that leads your listener/readers toward electing an “old soldier” that will blow the bad guys to kingdom come. “Johnny, get your gun!” Like your moderator has told me before, they own it, so they can say and do what they want; it’s just comical that you think the educated, intelligent, and fully informed folk out there in radio-land fall for this stuff. I guess you’re counting on those people being in the minority on election day. No apology coming from here Mr. Moderator; just telling it like it is, like it or not. Well, my Obama magnets came today, so I guess I’ll go put them proudly on my cars. Peace! P.S. I agree with EVERYTHING Chris said in his post, because good people (and most of you are), it’s the TRUTH, like it or not!!

  8. Ah, our friend, Mr. Chapman.

    Good sir – It’s a free country. Stu can say, think and believe whatever he wants and you’re welcome to do the same. You certainly did so here.

    This forum is for debating….not complaining.

    It’s like a television. If you don’t like what you’re watching…change the channel.

    (not Stu)

  9. Chris said


    I know you weren’t responding to my post, but I’ll let you know why it’s not just about “changing the channel”. I feel like Stu is misleading people. I’m not saying he can’t have an opinion about who would be President, but as Christians we need to be careful to tell the entire, unbiased, truth. Now, I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he was misinformed by someone else, however, I also feel like if you’re going to be on the radio passing things off as truth, you should be a little more careful on making sure that it is indeed truth. Just my two cents 🙂
    – Chris

  10. Stanley said

    I don’t expect Stu is intentionally trying to mislead people. Whats more likely is that he is mislead himself.

  11. Duncan Chapman said

    It’s me, it’s me, it’s…
    I guess I just wish that Stu would come out and say up front where he’s standing on a particular issue (as if anyone who’s listened to him at least once didn’t know), and not try to make his listeners believe he’s an unbiased host. (If you’ll re-read Chris’s post above you’ll see he basically says the same thing.) Oh, I get it… it’s a “fishing” tactic to get us lefties to call in so he can bash them and make the majority of his right-wing listeners feel better about their beliefs and applaud wildly. Sort of like the Romans throwing Christians to the lions type thing I guess. Grrrrrrr….

    Back to the actual subject matter… Obama will make us safer because he’ll take the most Christ-like approach to dealing with our enemies. So far, the Old Testament approach of an “eye for an eye” that Bush has taken (and McCain would too), has done just the opposite.

  12. H W M said

    John McCain’s life experiences, coupled with his foreign affairs experience makes him the most qualified to keep us safe from terrorist.

  13. Stanley said

    Just because he was a POW doesn’t make him a foreign relations expert.

  14. Stanley said

    He has never even run a local PTA meeting or coached a little league ball team.
    How could a senator from a land locked state deal with international terrorism?

    Please tell me you’re being sarcastic Leonard.

  15. H W M said

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. McCain’s time spent as a POW does not make him a foreign affairs expert. I was not trying to make that point but that it was beneficial in building character. Strong character, as a leader, is essential in making the difficult decisions in the dangerous world we live in.

  16. Maz said

    Speaking from the other side of the Atlantic….I agree with HWM #12.

    And I heard that Obama is in favour of infanticide….meaning, the right to terminate a baby AFTER it is born. Maybe someone else can comment on whether this is true or not. (I’v lost my source of info).

  17. Again….it’s a free country and we are all entitled to our own opinions.

    We’re also entitled to the right to express them.

    Stu’s email address is readily available on here if you’re not interested in calling in.

    (not Stu)

  18. Stanley said

    That is propaganda Maz, and isn’t remotely true. He voted against a bill that outlawed it, but because there was inappropriate wording or there was something attached to it, not because he wants to kill babies. Who ever started the rumor is a liar and doesn’t seem to mind if it gets his candidate elected.

  19. Barney said

    “I was not trying to make that point but that it was beneficial in building character. Strong character, as a leader, is essential in making the difficult decisions in the dangerous world we live in.” – H W M

    So, how do you reconcile this profile of hischaracter with the fact that McCain broke his wedding vows (a promise before God), dumped his crippled wife who lovingly stood up for him all those years he was a POW, and ran off with a rich floozy?

  20. Stanley said

    Hes a politician, they do stuff like that all the time.

  21. abc's said


    He’s a human being. We do that stuff all the time.

  22. Barney said

    Just trying to point out the hypocrisy of right wingers touting their candidates’ superior character.

  23. H W M said

    Review McCain’s Saddleback interview, it address his thought toward his first marriage.

  24. Barney said

    He said his first marriage was a moral “failure”. That doesn’t let him off the hook does it? He bailed out when the going got tough and you want to tell us his character is superior?

    No sale, pal.

    McCain didn’t do what was right, he did what was right for John McCain. The easy out.

  25. F. L. A. said

    Unless I am mistaken I believe that he publicly apologized for his past behavior Barney.

  26. Mike S. said

    Yes F.L.A. And THAT, I believe is a truer test of character. Unlike Obama who will never admit to being wrong… just make excuses. Like he did for voting against protecting babies that survive an abortion. Excuses. I think a life is more important than some added wording to a bill. Thankfully, the majority of the senate thought so too.

  27. Barney said

    Well, that would be OK if he was running for Brother-in-Law.

    The hypocrisy of the right wing family values party is transparent.

  28. Mike S. said

    As opposed to the in your face, do it in the White House with the intern liberal values? It just depends on your definition of “IS” I guess huh?

  29. Barney said

    Oh yeah, Clinton is why we need to vote for McCain!


  30. Mike S. said

    Not saying that. Just reponding to your “values” statement with a little of the same from your liberal camp.

  31. Kasha said

    Go to factcheck.org for the whole story on Obama and the partial birth abortion bill. It is neither as bad as the right wingers say or as good as the left wingers say. He is committed to allowing a woman to choose, so he opposed language in the bill that he thought would open the door to extending bans on abortion. Many pro choice senators were not as worried as he was about it, so whether he was right or wrong in his concerns is up for debate. He is against partial birth abortion and voted for the federal bill when it met his standards. But yes, he is pro-choice, and does not waffle about that. Therefore by many of your standards he absolutely unfit for President. Fine. Some of us have decided voting for a pro life candidate that is anti-welfare, anti-education, anti-health care, pro corporate and pro war is too many compromises and are voting democratic anyway. Stu obviously thinks that all christians should dislike OBama as much as he does and that any christian voting for Obama is not really a christian. I disagree.

  32. Tripp said

    Like somebody’s marriage or former marriage is a reason to not vote for them. What a stupid remark.

    JFK, LBJ…what a couple of democrats that had shameful marriages….and JFK is like a hero to you liberals.

    Who is more qualified? That is what matters. The answer to me is as clear as can be.

    It can only be McCain.

  33. Maz said

    Whoever gets in will be a fallible man with a human nature…..just like us all? (Altho I was faithful to my husband all 20 years of our married life even though he wasn’t).
    And God knows who it is!

  34. Maz said

    If Billy Graham had ever run for the Presidency…do you think he would have had a chance of getting in? 🙂

  35. Mike S. said

    Maz, so sorry you went through that kind of pain. I know you are being washed in the healing grace and mercy of Christ though!

  36. abc's said

    What matters is their vision for the future, and what they intend to do to make America stronger and to protect the welfare of its citizens without ruining our relationships with the rest of the world.

  37. Maz said

    Mike: You don’t know the half! I’d never marry again.

  38. Mike S. said

    Good criteria Abc. I’ll stick with the two pit bulls rather than the puppy golden retriever who rolls on his back when you walk up to him and the cranky old jack russell! 🙂

  39. Stephen Guidetti said

    Chuck Baldwin, Constitutional Party. He was endorsed by Ron Paul. He is a Christian, so all you Christians probly hate him. He will get the US out of Iraq. He will Save the young lives of our solders not worried about saving face, like we did in Viet Nam. Remember how we left Viet Nam. I do, our Embasiy had to be evacuated from the rooftop. Remember I was there. Such a waste of lifes. Such a big price we paid in Viet Nam for what we gave it back to Communists in the end. Now the same thing in Iraq. We invaded a country for no reason, because Iraq had nothing to do with 911 and the is straight from Bushes own mouth, I heard him say that on the NEWs. The United States has shown the rest of the world how to act and now that Russa has done exactly the same thing as the United States and we are telling them to stop.

  40. Kash said

    Mike S,
    I think of Obama more like a border collie. But Jack Russell for Biden is spot-on! (smile)

  41. Stanley said

    I don’t cheat on any one.

  42. abc's said


    “Some of us have decided voting for a pro life candidate that is anti-welfare, anti-education, anti-health care, pro corporate and pro war is too many compromises and are voting democratic anyway.”

    Now that’s what I call a reason! Kudos.

  43. Barney said

    Tripp seems to think that it is OK to cheat as long as you are a Republican. He talks like he is all for divorce and infidelity as measuring sticks for a candidate’s character.

    So much for family values. That was last election cycle.

  44. Tripp said

    Barney – We have another possible Cold War on our hands with Russia.

    Do you really think someone’s personal life means a flip?

    I agree that he may not have had the best track record when it comes to marriage. 53% of the population don’t. Geez, dude.

    He’s more qualified. End of story.

  45. Stanley said

    We’re not having another cold war.

  46. Kash said

    If McCain is president, we’ll be LUCKY if the war with Russia is cold.

  47. Tripp said

    Let’s just agree to disagree and go on about our merry way. We’re not going to be able to convince one another that one of us is right. I’m done.

  48. Barney said

    We’ve been dismissed.

    Aye-aye, Mr. Tripp, sir!

  49. Stanley said

    Ron Paul for President… still

  50. F. L. A. said

    Do you actually think that Ron Paul has ANY good chance at all?
    I have doubts.

  51. Stanley said

    No. Never did. I just think hes right.

  52. F. L. A. said

    How about someone who does have a good chance?
    Or shall you vote for the man who seems LESS likely to win, just to ensure that the man you dislike even more will have one less vote?

  53. Steve said


  54. Tripp said

    Nobody has endorsed Obama. They buy ads!

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