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“Christian Higher Education” An oxymoron? or a Reality

Posted by truthtalklive on September 4, 2008

On todays show Stu interviews guest Chip Pollard, President of John Brown University. For more information tune in today at 5pm(EST) or visit www.jbu.edu. As always thanks for listening!!!


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4 Responses to ““Christian Higher Education” An oxymoron? or a Reality”

  1. Robert said

    Families can begin their search for a Christian college at http://www.cccu.com or http://www.naccap.com.

    Colleges and universities that are members of the Consortium of Christian Colleges and Universities CCCU are the real thing. Most private universities are church related, but the majority of the church related schools are not Christian colleges. Look for a college that is a CCCU member. These schools are strong academic institutions that have Christ at the center of the education.

  2. Robert said

    Both web sites are dot org, not dot com.


  3. Stanley said

    If all Christian Universities are like Liberty, then I have no faith in them. (no pun intended)

    Would you consider a BYU or Wake Forest a Christian school?

  4. Robert said

    Liberty University is, in my opinion, at the far right of the conservative spectrum. If you were to ask a senior LU administrator how the institution is “different” from other Christian colleges I expect you’ll hear of many distinctions. Bob Jones University and North Greenville University might also fit into my designation as a strongly conservative university.

    Although Wake is Baptist affiliated I do not consider it to be a Christian university. Christian schools publically profess to place Christ at the center of their mission.

    A specific distinction of a Christian College or University is the requirement of faculty to “sign” a statement of faith professing Jesus Christ to be the son of God and that they are “born again” believers. I do not believe Wake requires a statement of faith from its faculty. I am certain however that there are many (perhaps a majority) Christian faculty, administrators and students at Wake.

    The opening sentence of the BYU admissions home page states, “The mission of Brigham Young University is to assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life.” In a review of the BYU website I find no reference to the university being a Christian institution.

    Here’s another tip in helping to locate a Christian University: if you have to search (more than 3 or 4 clicks from the home page) a school’s website to
    discover their religious affiliation and how that affiliation affects the teaching and learning environment on campus, the school, in my opinion, does not pass the “smell test” of a Christian university.

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