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The Truth about the Secret!

Posted by truthtalklive on August 19, 2008

On today’s show Stu interviews James Walker. For more information visit www.watchman.org. As always thanks for listening!

After the Show visit the podcast at www.wtru.com


Mr. Walker will be at Coloinal Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC this Sunday to speak on this vary subject so go and check him out live!

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One Response to “The Truth about the Secret!”

  1. MattF said

    Of course, “The Secret” is patently ridiculous on its face. If the “Law of Attraction” has any validity and we can truly alter reality just by wishing it so, what happens if someone wishes that the “Law of Attraction” would no longer work?

    It’s also tremendously callous. It pretends to demonstrate that people find themselves in the circumstances they do because they have “attracted” those circumstances. This would mean that billions all over the planet have secretly desired that they would be desperately ill, or unimaginably poor, or oppressed by terrible leaders, or starving.

    In addition to all the spiritual offenses — which seem too numerous to name — it betrays a staggering and prevalent scientific ignorance. If we can be convinced by stringing enough technical-sounding words together that an idea is somehow scientific, it only shows how poorly we really understand systematic attempts to understand our world.

    Let me take a whack at it. (Oprah, are you listening?) The science of stratigraphy is well-known and well-understood, and allows us to understand certain things about the past. Using a new discipline I call “quantum stratigraphy”, I can use the reasoning of the scientific community in reverse and predict the future.

    Did that make sense to you? No? It doesn’t matter; every few years, I’ll publish a new book using the same words in slightly different order and rake in more money than I know what to do with. Maybe I can finally pay off those student loans.

    If you don’t think that using words that sound technical makes an argument scientific, of course, I can’t ask anything from you. If you think that this does sound scientific, though, send me your money right away so that I can write a book and make a movie; you’ll be amazed. 😉

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