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Thousands Coming To Christ At Harvest Crusades!

Posted by truthtalklive on August 16, 2008

Thousands Touched by Greg Laurie’s Message on Life, Death and Heaven

By Kenneth Chan
Christian Post Correspondent
Sat, Aug. 16 2008 08:58 AM ED

 ANAHEIM, Calif. – An estimated 29,000 people were present for the opening night of the 19th annual Southern California Harvest Crusade in Anaheim, Calif., including some 2,750 people who made their first-time commitments or rededicated their lives to Christ.
Kicking off this year’s three-night evangelistic event were musical artists including the Katinas, Leeland, and first-time Harvest performer Randy Travis. And despite the recent death of his 33-year-old son, pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie took to the stage to deliver the keynote sermon, proclaiming with boldness his persistent faith in the ever-present God and the place in Heaven that has been assured to those who believe.

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5 Responses to “Thousands Coming To Christ At Harvest Crusades!”

  1. Tripp said

    Awesome! Here’s another update I found:


  2. altarcallblasphemy said

    Do we really believe that all those professions made at these “crusades” are real and sincere?

    The Billy Graham crusades had for every 1,000 professions, less than 100 to be incorporated into an evangelical church.

    Greg Laurie follows Mr. Grahams same program. A shallow presentation of the gospel followed by a 10-20 “altar call” at which point the attendee is led through a rote sinners prayer word for word. At this time the one who said the prayer is assured that they are now a child of God because of their “faith” expressed through the prayer.

    Yet, for some reason I can’t find Greg’s approach nor Billy’s approach to the gospel proclaimation used in the book of Acts. Why is that? Could it be that the altar call and sinners prayer didn’t start until Charles Finney in the late 1800’s-early 1900’s? Could it be that the modern church has turned the gospel message into a sales pitch that ends in a professon of faith instead of a new creation in Christ Jesus?

  3. Maz said

    Didn’t Paul say ”By all means save some.” I don’t agree with a lot of styles of evangelism that is used today, but people need Jesus and if even some get saved in these crusades it’s better than none.
    I would like to ask you a question Altarcall., how do you witness and get people to come to Jesus? How many people have got saved through your evangelism?

  4. Tripp said

    Hey Altarcallblasphemy – How many people do you speak to about Christ per day? How many have you led to Christ? Until you can place yourself on the same planet as Billy Graham or Greg Laurie how about shutting your trap?

    Thank you.

  5. Maz said

    Altarcallblasphemy: Have you thot up an answer to mine and Tripps questions yet? It’s been 5 days since I asked. People out there need Jesus….we all need to get out there and evangelise whatever way we can to win souls for Christ.

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