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Should we FLUSH the “CHURCH SIGN” or FLUSH the koran?

Posted by truthtalklive on August 15, 2008

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On today’s show we take a look back to a few years ago. The question we ask you is “Should we FLUSH the “CHURCH SIGN” or FLUSH the koran?” As always thanks for listening!

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6 Responses to “Should we FLUSH the “CHURCH SIGN” or FLUSH the koran?”

  1. John said

    Koran begins with an uppercase K.

  2. Maz said

    Or a ‘Q’?

  3. Jerry Scott said

    Just have to say that I’m a road warrior and try to listen to FamilyNet radio via Sirrius SAT radio as much as possible including your show. BUT I had to turn you off with the responses I was hearing concerning the show with the pastor who had the sign about flushing the Koran. Let me also say that I am a conservative evangelical christian but what I heard was an atrocity!! And to compare what this pastor did to what Elijah accomplished by the word of God only added insult to injury!! Elijah’s actions were confirmed by God with fire coming down from heaven and Elijah did not have any fear concerning the outcome of the contest. If God was in this pastor’s actions where was God’s response. Where was the confirmation?? NO, God wasn’t in it so the pastor took the sign down, apologized and then feared for the lives of the missionaries in the field because of his Un-Ordained actions. Pretty LAME. If God was in this action the sign should have stayed UP, NO apologies would have been necessary and if Jihad was declared on the missionaries so be it. They wouldn’t need to fear for God would protect them and the Islamists could never have touched or harmed them. Now that would have been a contest to behold and God would prevail!! But again NO, this was just some lazy way to create controversy and pander to public emotions. It was just plain negative and he was too lazy to think of a more positive spin if that’s the message he wanted to portray. His sign didn’t lift up the Word of God, didn’t even mention it, there was no virtue, righteousness or any type of redemptive power in that message. Christ wasn’t glorified at all. Isn’t that what the church and the physical property of the church is all about?? His apologies were SO lame I had to turn the show off before I puked. Lastly, I guess you can tell I got pretty worked up about this, how would Chrisitans like it if the Muslims started putting up signs like that, in this land of free speech, concerning the Bible?? Oh, I guess they would be screaming about more “persecution” by the world. Well, we don’t have to act like the world, we have the One True God and He doesn’t need this kind of publicity!!

  4. Tripp said

    I have to agree with Jerry. Christians do not need this kind of sensationalism on their Christian radio stations. You’re taking the debate between Christians and Muslims and making it seem very childish and immature. I wonder what God really thinks of the tone and message of this particular TTL show?

  5. ADB said

    Ditto, this only makes the church look silly. You need to find more serious and edifying topics.

    The curmudgeonly pastor 🙂

  6. Maz said


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