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Politics & The Church – Part II

Posted by truthtalklive on August 13, 2008

Should a church host a political debate? Pastor Rick Warren has invited Barak Obama and John McCain to his mega-church. Today in part two of Politics & The Church, Stu welcomes radio talkshow host and author Kevin McCullough www.kevinmccullough.townhall.com also visit http://www.bmxradionow.com/ &http://townhall.com/columnists/GreggJackson/2008/08/07/15_questions_rick_warren_should_ask_obama_and_mccain who says “no way”. What do you say?


8 Responses to “Politics & The Church – Part II”

  1. Let me make this as clear as I possibly can. Rick Warren has strayed into the kind of false teaching that believers are warned about all over the New Testament.

    I don’t trust him. And I expect him to turn this into something that will favor Barak Obama.

  2. Jim Walker said

    If Rick did the event somewhere else OK. But A shepherd dose not let a wolf into his Sheepfold, John CH10. I ask my self how is Christ Glorified, the part of the show I heard never pointed out how Rick was going to do that.

  3. Jim said

    In the past I’ve defended Rick Warren when I thought he was unfairly attacked or when someone misrepresented his books or teachings, but I’ve stopped defending Warren.

    As I see it, having a political debate in a church building isn’t necessarily wrong. What’s wrong is providing a platform for politicians and at the same time, tossing the politicians softballs. What’s worse is stating upfront that questions about abortion and homosexuality will not be asked as both issues are very important to born-again Christians.

    Jesus hung around sinners and clarified his actions by saying it’s not the healthy that need a doctor but the sick and as Christians we are ambassadors for Christ. That is, as ambassadors we represent the Great Physician. I believe it’s a mistake to hold a political debate in a church building and not represent the Great Physician in front of the sick.

    What I mean is, as an ambassador for Christ and the Great Physician, Rick Warren should not provide a platform enabling the sick. Instead, Rick Warren should treat politicians enabling sin as Jesus treated the woman caught in adultery. Jesus didn’t condemn the woman but told her to leave her life of sin. Perhaps Rick Warren would be a better ambassador by sticking closer to the example Jesus gave us himself.

  4. David said

    I don’t know much about Rick Warren, so, whereas a lot of comments were made on the radio concerning him, I wish to focus on the broader issue.

    In principle I see no problem with having a political debate in a church setting. Church members are voting citizens like any other group, with our specific concerns and issues.

    My concern is that Stu kept equating issues that should concern Christians with political positions of the candidates or parties. A problem like poverty should indeed grab the attention and move the hearts of Christians to action, but it is not the role of government. Taking care of the poor is the responsibility of the church. For Christians to try to create a goverment solution to this problem is an abdication of our responsibility as the church. It also expands the government to do something that was not intended by its founders and for which it is not well suited. The only responsibility that government should have is to not have programs or laws that encourage the breakdown of the family. This would not only address the poverty issue, but would address other social issues like violent crime, abortion, and sexually transmitted diseases.

    It is appropriate for government/political leaders to be held accountable on the issue of abortion, because our laws are inconsistent. We have laws against murder, assault and battery, etc. but somehow make an exception when it comes to the life of the unborn. This is not only a moral issue, but a legal one and requires a legal solution.

    I’m not sure if there is a previous agreement for this specific debate that the candidates would not be asked and challenged on their position on abortion, as was discussed on the radio, but if so, it would be like a candidate being invited to a NAACP debate and only agreeing if the subject of civil rights is not mentioned.

    I believe also, that the questions should pertain to issues relevant to the role of government. I see little, if any, value in discussing their positions on doctrinal issues. While they may be helpful in discerning the understanding of the Crhistian faith, the audience should remember that it is not attempting to hire a pastor, but hire a government leader.

  5. Ben Maulis said

    From the scriptures, Elijah invited the likes of Jezebel to a debate. In the end, 450 prophets of Baal were slain (quite likely also the 400 prophets of the groves). Is Rick Warren going to do that if they lose?

  6. Jim said

    I didn’t catch the Obama/Warren and McCain/Warren question and answer session but I did hear some good news about the session.

    Apparently Warren did ask both candidates when life began. McCain said life began at conception and Obama said the answer to that question was above his pay grade. If this is a true reflection of question and respective answer, then as I see it, McCain answered correctly and Obama played the coward by refusing to take a stand on the issue.

    Also, apparently Warren asked both candidates about their definition of marriage. Obama said he defines marriage between a man and a woman. From what I understand, Obama also wants to abolish DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). If this is true then Obama is being inconsistent.

    McCain also said he defines marriage between a man and a woman but wants to leave it up to the states. Personally, because of what we see in Massachusetts and California in regards to homosexual marriage, we need a federal definition of marriage.

    If what I’ve heard is true, all in all, I don’t have the same concerns I had (stated above) with Warren hosting this event.

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  8. Tripp said

    Great article here:


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