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Should Christians vote for Barack Obama?

Posted by truthtalklive on August 7, 2008

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29 Responses to “Should Christians vote for Barack Obama?”

  1. Ivy said

    First of all, this question is absolutely ridiculous and Stu, you should be ashamed of yourself for even presenting this topic!

    I am a Christ, saved by the blood of Christ – and I will vote for Barack. Now, don’t get me wrong, I worship NO MAN! That includes anyone who states he is a Republican or a Democrat! But I am deeply against what McCain stands for because of my own personal convictions.

    Jesus calls us to be in this world, not of it. That being the case, we should not live our lives out advocating one political position over another. You should vote according to who makes you feel comfortable and the policies with which you agree. Render unto Caesar what is Caesars!

    You can not tell me that, as a Christian, you agree with someone like McCain that called Christian leaders intolerant tyrants (or some such thing). I mean, please! We don’t know whether he is any more/less a Christian than Barack. And we are not voting for a SPIRITUAL LEADER, we are voting for a president. So tell me – what does our Christianity have to do with whether or not we choose to vote for Obama?

  2. Ivy said

    Oops – I meant I am a Christian.

  3. Brad said

    Ivy – can you tell me that, as a Christian, you wholeheartedly support Obama’s positon on abortion, partial birth or otherwise?

  4. Tim said

    I agree with Ivy. This is a ridiculous question.

    Christians have just as little reason to vote for McCain as they do Obama.

    Although I do not plan on voting for either, I encourage Ivy to vote with her convictions! Way to go!

  5. F. L. A. said

    A little girl asked “Grannie, do all fairy tales begin with the words “once upon a time..”? And Grannie smiled and said “Why no! In fact there are a whole branch of’im that begin “If elected I promise…”

    Whether you like him or not you may as well resign yourselves to the very real possibility that Barack Obama will most likely be your next President.
    The youth shall endure.

  6. Tripp said

    Personally, I really don’t think the people who REALLY decide who the next president will be are going to let a black man into the white house. Those people being the Rockefellers, the Bilderbergs, etc.

    I wouldn’t put money on Barack getting elected, if it were me.

  7. Maz said

    I’v just found some interesting info about Obama and what he believes on http://www.Creationontheweb.org for anyone who is interested.

  8. Maz said

    Ofcourse you’ll have to key in his name to get the info from the right place.

  9. Tim said


    Is abortion really the only issue you can bring up against Obama? It seems like every Christian brings that up as an issue. What has any President REALLY done ever to help end abortion? The one good thing I can think of is the partial birth abortion ban. And I’m speaking from Reagan until now.

    Forget Presidents. What have YOU done to help stop abortions? Have you ever helped out at a crisis pregnancy center? Have you helped with stopping poverty in America. I don’t mean to assume things, so maybe you have. But I feel that most Christians think that we can just elect the guy who is against abortion and that will change things. It won’t. It hasn’t.

    Working at a crisis pregnancy center, we offered support for women in a desperate situation. By giving women a gift for their child, like a stroller or a playpen, those objects made the unborn child more human, more real, and something less foreign and daunting.

    Don’t get me wrong, abortion is an issue. I believe abortion to be murder. But its not the only political issue a Christian can be concerned with. What about the reasons for having an abortion? I don’t think anyone looks at abortion a good thing. People do it because they are in a desperate situation. Maybe they can’t afford to take care of a child. The parent is not justified and is still wrong to have an abortion, but we (ESPECIALLY as Christians) have to seek to understand.

    I’m not voting for Obama, so I don’t want to sound like I support him. He’s too close to socialism for me. There are many policies I disagree with him on, abortion one of them.

    I’m just sick of abortion and homosexuality being the only two issues Christians seem to care about. We should care about abortion, but I just don’t think we should expect our leaders to be making the changes. We can change laws all we want, but if we don’t change the heart it means nothing.

    So if we vote for a candidate based solely on whether they are for or against abortion, we are doing a great disservice to ourselves and this nation.

  10. bookert said

    I’ve said it before – Stu and his boys are republicans first and Christians second. Belief is fundamental to both, and belief always seems tied to authority. Christians in general and the Christian Right especially (Dobson, D. James, etc. and their flocks) are drawn to authority and control. Oh, they talk the talk – “the truth shall set you free”, but the idea of genuine freedom – their own or the freedom of others – is disgusting to them.

    Re McCain v Obama – why is no one pointing out the obvious – that Obama is a family man, devoted to his wife, and that McCain traded in his wife for a younger, prettier one? And what about McCain’s youthful dalliances? Do they not say something about this republican’s character, or lack of it? Or is wife-swapping okay with Christians now?

    Re abortion – without abortion the Republican party would lose it’s lower middle class/middle class base, leaving only the fat cats, who would handle an abortion ban the same way they handled prohibition in the 30s (the rich drank their way right through prohibition – similarly, the rich would fly their daughters to remote locales, or secret a private practitioner to their estates to perform the deed) forever talking the talk – and talk is cheap – but leaving little more than crumbs to the working class. I’m not wishing this on you middle class republicans, but I AM warning you – when you use something as personally gut-wrenching as abortion to build your own political capital, you’re tempting the Almighty.

  11. Jonah said

    NO!! I will NOT vote for Obama Mohammed Hussein Obama!! I do not endorse people who ridicule Christians and their Holy Scriptures as Mr. Hussein Obama did in a speech when he derided Leviticus and the Sermon on the Mount…and then ended by smirking and saying “Some of you people aren’t reading your Bible!”.
    ‘You people’. ‘YOU PEOPLE?!’ What other politician would get away with saying that? We follow a charismatic person like Hussein Obama because he gives us a case of the feel goods’s.
    I question whether is a naturalized citizen and therefore legal to be President. I question whether he hates white people as MANY statements in HIS books lead me to beleive. His allegiance to the values of his father, who left him to lead a bastardized existence, mystifies me. I question whether his wife has a black militant bias against whites as statements in her own college writings indicate. (Writings that had a HOLD put on them until the election was due to be over! Freedom of Information Act, anyone?) I question whether our country will magically be transformed into a socialist state due to our terminal case of being fashionable.
    What percentage of Christians feel that this obviously non-Christian man represents them adequately to serve as their president? Will the Detroit population continue to have militant Muslims operating as a continuing criminal enterprise in their city as they plan the resumption of the deaths of infidels like us?
    Will a minority of militant Islamics go to war with us in our own country because we Christians, by their statement and yardstick, are polytheistic Infidels?? (That trinity thing that some of YOU PEOPLE are not reading.)
    There are blacks I would vote for. He will never be one. Mr. Hussein Obama has shown time and time again that he despises many values that I consider part of the fabric of American history and faith.
    As far as the statement of our risen Lord and Messiah, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesars!” let me be plain. Jesus was answering smarmy little semantics-playing, picayune Pharisees. They were playing word and logic games and He gave them something to chew on besides Him. Decades later, were you there in the Roman Coliseum with any of the Caesars as the Christians (fathers, brothers, uncles, ‘you peoples’) were put out with vicious animals and killed? Were you one of the ones that needed a case of feel good…to the extent that Christians being ripped apart by large carnivores was too quick so they started using several small toothy animals to do a less efficient, and more tortuous job on people who needed to obviously render their bowels and bodily tissues to Caesar.
    Do unborn children need to render their lives to Caesar??
    If my children’s parents both died, would you, as Caesar’s emissary, support two openly gay people raising my children in their home…whether or not their raising was paid for with tax monies garnered/’rendered’ from mostly non-gay Christians?
    Same scenario but the couple is militantly black. My children have to endure being shown what losers they are because they do not have an appropriate amount of mellinen in their skin to be justified in their thoughts. That most of the world is Muslim, but an America that was obviously founded on Christian faith and ethics is not fashionable anymore?? Is that Caesar’s due?
    Why did Mr. Hussein Obama paint over the American flag on the tail fin of the plane he flew to Germany in, replacing that ‘racist’? image with his own symbol, whatever that symbol means…
    Here we go headlong into the prophecies of Daniel and Ezekiel and Jesus and the Revelation of John. Ready or not Obama is one person that will take a horrible situation and make it seem like we had it oh so good today.
    Boycott and deride Oprah, CNN and the rest of Obama’s money machine. The things his people do will not stand up to intelligent investigation. People would rather have someone who gives them gooseflesh. That is our addiction and our sheep-like blindness. None of Obama’s fans are going to be there to pull us out of the coliseum he will drive us to.
    Liberals are quick to shoot the P.C. gun, but Christianity is not P.C.! Also, Obama is NOT NOT NOT P.C.! He is a hate monger who happens to be extremely well-dressed, well-spoken and well-backed. He, like many of our law-makers, is a lawyer first…which is to say that he uses words and turns truth into Silly Putty for a living. He disparages people who disagree with what his ‘vision’ is, even when his ‘vision’ changes month to month, even when his ‘vision’ is obviously illegal by present standards.
    I’ll bet he is thinking, ‘Not for long’.
    If and when we vote in this heathen, we will deserve the punishment for our ignorance…but our children will not. Pray without ceasing.

  12. Barney said

    Sounds like somebody listened to the whole Rush Limbaugh show.

  13. Penny said

    As I listened to the show and now have read most of the comments above, I only have one thing to say. Several weeks ago I attended a women’s conference in Atlanta, GA. Pricilla Shirer, Kay Arthur and Beth Moore hosted. I really don’t remember which of these extraordinary women made the following comment, but it really has impact when trying to decide issues of today’s world and how they affect us as Christians. And I quote: “Being a Christian is not knowing the difference between right and wrong, it is knowing the difference between right and ALMOST right.” Remember this as you listen to those who use the Bible to further their causes. Just because they “quote” the Bible, does not mean that they are right!

  14. John said

    He doesn’t approve of heathens.
    I guess I won’t be able to count on his vote if I ever decide to run for president, huh[depressed Siiiiigh].

    MEEE running for president. Can you even imagine?!?[crowds roaring with laughter]

  15. Should a Christain vote for??? Obama, McCain, Romney, Edwards, Clinton, Hucabee, Paul, Guiliani, etc.???? I think we missed our best chance in Alan Keys! Does two wrongs make a right? What does, “voting for the less of two evils” even mean? You are still voting for “evil” just a “less evil”. That’s something to brag about! “Not voting, is a vote for so and so”! But voting for someone that is corrupt is voting for “evil” I just won’t vote. I am not voting to “keep out” Obama or Clinton! I am not voting for the person that beleives closer to what I beleive! I just want someone that will protect the country, my rights and my freedom of religion. We are far fast having an up and up, conservative Christian President anyway! Vote the way Jesus would vote OR did He? Would Jesus vote for abortionist? Would Jesus vote for same-sex marriage! Things That make you go UHG! Know the Truth, Live the Truth and Tell the Truth. http://www.patrickgosnell.com (Check it out) Go Stu!

  16. Tim said


    Do you understand figures of speech? Satire? Because the same speech I heard where Obama “derided” Leviticus and the Sermon on the Mount was not at all ridiculing of the Scripture, but of IGNORANT CHRISTIANS. I didn’t agree with some of his arguments, but he was in NO WAY trying to ridicule Scripture.

    I can’t believe we get worked up so much over this. Did you get just as worked up over John Kerry, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Dukakis, etc. etc. etc.? I’m willing to bet you did.

    I’m so thankful God transcends party lines. I’m thankful he transcends nation lines. He transcends conservative and liberal. He’s so far above it all.

    I hope one day we will realize (myself included, seeing that I’m wasting my time writing all of this) that God could care less about the time we spent commenting on radio shows, blogging about this and that, screaming about people who we disagreed with, but all He cares about is His love we are commanded to reflect. Christ is concerned about the heart. I’m not sure how concerned He is about western civilization. I’m not sure how concerned He is about our comfort.

    Because Christ is my Lord, I fear nothing. I’m not afraid of Obama. I’m not afraid I’m not afraid of the “socialist” state that people say this nation will become. God is above it all! What do we have to fear? What is there to get all worked up about?

  17. Deacon said

    I have noticed that the obvious Obama supporters automatically assume the others are voting for McCain

  18. Tripp said

    Watch this and decide:

  19. smart one said


  20. Ivy said

    Deacon, I think Obama supporters (and anyone else for that matter) assume that anyone paying attention to this election is going to VOTE – regardless of for whom…

    Anyway. I guess now that I’ve had some time to read comments and really think about it, Stu’s question is a good one. As Christians, we should be evaluating our behavior in this world. When Obama first announced his candidacy, I was the first one to give him the ‘stink-eye’. But I must admit, a couple of those speeches of his got to me. Oh, and I really do not like McCain. At all.

    Abortion and same-sex marriage are key issues for me (I am completely against partial birth abortions, though I take a neutral stance on early-term abortion. I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman and should be handled by the states. I thoroughly disagree that marriage should be legislated from the Hill). Other key issues for me are equality in the criminal justice system, real foreign diplomacy – as opposed to bating Americans into supporting an invalid war, and a better more effectively run economy. However, I don’t think that as Christians, we are required to be pseudo-legislators (render unto Caesar – right?). So, we render our votes, unless we actually are legislators.

    You vote with your new man’s heart. I will vote with mine. Whomever lands in the White House ultimately is not up to me, you, or the Rockefeller clan. It’s up to God.

  21. stop the hate said

    ALOT of christains seem to be very critical and ready to sqash any one voting for obama. God said love your neighbor as your self.

    vote for who you want. don’t say if you vote for this or that person you are not a christian. God has givin us brains to choose.

  22. Phil said

    If you are a Christian and you vote for Obama you should be a shamed of yourself. God has given us a brain, so use it. You can see clearly that Obama’s views are not bibical. God has called us to live according to His word, so how can you vote for anyone who’s views are not the same as God’s word. In that case don’t vote for Obama or Mcain. That’s fine. But don’t just vote for the most popular guy who says he’s a Christian. Cause the fruit he’s producing doesn’t come from the bible I read. He’s a sweet talker, and like the bible says: wondering ears will hear him and say, oh he’s the one. Before even praying about it. Oh, by the way if you have to pray about voting for Obama, you might want to get your Spirit checked. Cause it might not be working right.

  23. Tricia said

    That is very true!
    Right on with that, I agree.

    I’m not voting for Obama or Mcain.

    I didn’t have to pray about voting for Obama. Because where he stands on his moral issues were not according to the bible. And yes that is a bibical reason not to vote for him. I don’t believe God would want is to vote for a person who is for all the things Obama supports. Come on Saints use your Spirit not your brain. Your Spirit is of God but your brain is of the flesh. We walk according to the spirit and we should vote according to the spirit of God that’s on the inside of us.

  24. Pastor said

    I do love Obama as my neighbor.

    But i’m not gonna vote for him.

    You should read the bible sometime and see if God approves of us voting for someone who supports gay’s, killing unborn babies, and doesn’t stand up for marriage between a man and a women. And for all those who say why do we always bring up those facts! Because they are not of God, that’s why. If those reasons aren’t enough then somethings wrong with you brother and sister. God destroyed a city for some of those same reasons. And maybe a President can’t stop the killing of unborn babies, but he shouldn’t support it.
    Call it like it is. Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, trying to get the Christians votes by claiming to be one. FACT: Obama is quoted for saying that as the President of the United States his religious beliefs would not have an affect on any of his desicions. What! So why even be a Christian if you’re not going to follow God’s commands. Every decision we make should be according to God’s word. President or not.

  25. Phil said

    To the person who said: “we are doing ourselves and our nation a disservice by voting for a president soley on the fact that he supports abortion or not.”

    Abortion is murder!
    I will not support or vote for any person running for president if they believe in abortion.
    I believe as Christians that is a big deal, I believe as humans is should be a big deal. And to God it is a big deal.
    Let’s just keep killing thousands of unborn babies everyday and look the other direction and pretent it’s not really happening isn’t that what Jesus would do. NO!
    Let’s quit supporting those who are not standing up against it.
    And to all the comments that say it’s no big deal.
    What if your daughter’s boyfriend told her to get an abortion and you found out later that your grandbaby was sucked out of your daughter womb with it’s heart beating and thrown into a trash can! Would it be a big deal then!
    Early, partial, whatever it’s murder and God says it’s wrong.

  26. Maz said

    Christians in America should be voting (or not) according to the leading of the Holy Spirit, not on what they hear about the person whether it be good or bad. It helps to know something about them, but at the end of the day, God is the one who knows who is best for America, pray for guidance and vote according to Gods will.

    I must say I don’t feel right about Obama….and McCain isn’t ideal either, but not being in America I don’t have to make that decision. May God bless you all with spiritual insight!

  27. Tricia said

    To Ivy

    What does our Christianity have to do with if we vote for Obama or not?
    Christianity is not just a word we throw around like nothing.
    Obama calls himself a Christian but doesn’t believe like one. How can you stand for the things he does and say that God is ok with that. I don’t think so. The word of God tells us: They praise me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.
    The Bible also says that we are not to be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.
    Hey, Obama don’t be ashamed of God and His word, stand up against same sex marriage & abortion as a Christian and maybe you’ll get God’s vote cause that’s the only one that really matters.
    You say, we are not voting for a spiritual leader but a President. Don’t we need a leader, a president who is spiritual? I think that would do America some good. It seems that God is only needed to some to gain some votes.

  28. Pastor said

    To everyone

    If a leader president or not believes against what the Bible says, ask the Holy Spirit for direction. But God’s word is clear so don’t expect a surprise answer.
    We are to vote for a Godly person to lead us, if there’s not a Godly person running don’t vote. Let God make the decision. But stay pure and holy as God’s word tells us too.

  29. Pastor said

    If a leader president or not believes against what the Bible says, ask the Holy Spirit for direction. But God’s word is clear so don’t expect a surprise answer.
    We are to vote for a Godly person to lead us, if there’s not a Godly person running don’t vote. Let God make the decision. But stay pure and holy as God’s word tells us too.

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