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How can men connect to Faith?

Posted by truthtalklive on July 25, 2008

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2 Responses to “How can men connect to Faith?”

  1. P.K. havinitmyway said

    Men connect to faith? Depends on which faith, or faith in whom/what we are speaking of?

    Any organization that is in fellowship with Promise Keepers, I’m very skeptical of.

    Many, many apologetic ministries have done exposes on Promise Keepers.

    I, as a man, don’t want to be connected to faith. I want to be, and am thanful that I am, connected to Christ Jesus.

    We don’t need “men’s groups” we need godly men in the pulpits and in the homes. Our churches are being overrun wth feminism. Women pastors and “elders”. If in churches that don’t ordain women to preach, it is mainly women that attend and get involved.

    Could it be that the majority of churches are teaching a watered down gospel and unbliblical “feel good” messages based on “self help”?

    When we lump Roman Catholicism and Christianity in the same mold that says alot. P.K. even goes as far as to include Mormonism as “Christian”.

  2. Alex said

    I think men can connect on very deep levels. Mentally, emotionally, sexually… I mean mentally. Guy love is an important part to our society. I mean, if a guy can’t openly love another guy, and share their thoughts, feelings and juices… then what are we with our lives? No homo.

    Mormons aren’t Christian, they’re crazy… er.

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