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Posted by truthtalklive on July 18, 2008

On todays show Stu bring back all the topics from the whole week and we here at Truth Talk Live call it “FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY”! Feel free to call back in and discuss these topics all over again the nationwide toll-free number is 1-866-34-truth (87884). Listen Live at 5 (est) either online at www.wtru.com or on your favorite local christian station or on Sirius Sattlite radio channel 161. As always thanks for listening!

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9 Responses to “FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY!!!!!!!”

  1. Alex said

    Isn’t an atheist someone who says “I don’t believe in a God” as opposed to “There is no God.”

    There is a difference.

    Atheists tend to be reasonable people. I think most (not all) would say that they don’t know everything, therefor they can not know that God doesn’t exist. (This is different from Agnosticism, because an agnostic would say that they don’t have enough evidence to make a decision)

  2. Alex said

    On an unrelated note, does bible literalism apply to the Firmament? I mean… ‘cmon…

  3. Alex said

    On another unrelated note, I’m surprised no one visits these forums at 11:45 at night…

    I’m talking over.

    You hear…see.. that Truth Talk Live listeners, your forums belong to me now.

  4. F. L. A. said

    Ooooooooo, so? Should we be worried about that Alex?

  5. Maz said

    I do visit these forums late at night, but I live in another part of the world!

  6. F. L. A. said

    And some of us are actually out of the house having fun, too.

  7. Alex said

    I just think you’re wrong. I would be out of the house, but I worked all day, and really just wanted to sit down for a while.

  8. Alex said

    So, Satan…

    You guys actually believe in him right? As like a super evil…thing.

    Is he a person, or is he different than a person, or is he like the evil version of God?

    Just think about how crazy you sound when you reply.

  9. Maz said

    Alex: You should find out these things before asking a question and then making yourself look ignorant about what the Bible says. Have you ever read the Bible?
    The devil, Satan, is a fallen Archangel. He was Lucifer the anointed cherub, one of the highest beings in Heaven before pride took hold of him and he tried to usurp God! What a fool! An angelic created being tried to throw God off His throne! Well, God threw him out of heaven. Read about it in Isaiah 14 v 12-15. Jesus also speaks of seeing Satan fall from heaven, because He was there in the beginning. Luke 10 v 18.
    So, no, he is not an evil version of God.

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