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The Battle of Their Lives Part 2

Posted by truthtalklive on July 10, 2008

Today’s guests: Paul & Allison Frase. Paul is a former NFL player but he’s never faced a more formidable opponent than what his family is up against now. Their son Joshua is battling a rare skeletal disorder. More information at www.joshuafrase.org. Paul, Allison, and Joshua Frase will be live in our studios.


Your prayers are appreciated and if you’d like to help further contact:
Angel Mission Service, Inc
601 Riverside Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32204
(904) 854-8149     

Left Stu Epperson Jr. (Host), Beside Stu Paul Frase, In Front Joshua Frase, Beside Paul is Wilson (Stu’s nephew) beside Wilson is Amadeo, Beside Amadeo is Christian Car Guy Robby Dilmore, & last but not least is Joshua Powell (the producer) Thanks for listening!

To listen to the Podcast visit www.wtru.com


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