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Special “Father’s Day” tribute!

Posted by truthtalklive on June 13, 2008

Today’s show is hosted by Stu’s father, Stuart Epperson Sr. The show is pre-recorded, so please leave all your comments here. Also be sure to leave a tribute to your father. Include his name (first name only please) and why he is so special  to you. And as always, thanks for listening to Truth Talk Live! 



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2 Responses to “Special “Father’s Day” tribute!”

  1. Dan Stuart said

    Living up to the “life standard” my Father set is like an amateur golfer aspiring to play golf as well as Tiger Woods; a wonderful but impossible dream.

    The admiration I have for my father is very difficult to express in just a few words. The example my father has set throughout his life is awe-inspiring. I gave up trying to match his character a long time ago. I can only strive to emulate him as best I can. I find pride in knowing that few others could ever hope to be the father my Dad is. Dads’ greatest attribute, loving self sacrifice, is a gift that he has polished over a lifetime and continues today.

    Dad has always put all others ahead of himself, without exception, and never once has he expected anything in return. As long as I can remember my father has always made decisions based on what was best for his family. Early in my Dads career, when I was just six or seven years old, he gave up a lucrative management position with a large grocery chain that could easily have taken him to a very prestigious and wealthy career. He realized the advancing promotions, while tempting to accept, would mean too many hours away from his home and family. Instead he took a job that required him to get up at 3.a.m. every morning, working for twelve hours delivering bread so that he could be home when his children came home from school. His job took a physical toll on his health that he continues to pay for even today. Yet, if you were to ask him, he would tell you he has no regrets; that the extra time he gained spending with his family was worth every penny.

    Every memory I have of my father, growing up, are all good. He never let his temper get out of control. He never went overboard with punishment, though I believe I gave him plenty of reason to do it. When Dad would punish me, I never felt that it was unfair or undeserved. He always found a way to do it in such a manner that I never felt unloved. Many of my fondest memories are those of his “creative” punishments. He taught me the value of honesty when I attempted to appropriate several candy bars (without paying) from my little league teams fund raising event. That memory is just one of many my father and I share with great humor , love and affection. Unfortunately he had to teach that same lesson many times as I was growing up. His patience was unending. He taught me the value of money when I carelessly spent my vacation money playing pool one night at a KOA campground, one of many wonderful memorable vacations that Dad took with us.

    Dad made sure that I grew and experienced the world in unforgettable and wonderful ways. He taught me how to appreciate the majesty of Gods creation and in it, find peace and rest. Vacations were the greatest. Hiking and Fishing with Dad, just he and I, backpacking alone in the remote mountains of the High Serrias, taught me that the simplest things in life can bring the greatest joy.

    Many of the lessons I learned from my father were simply by the steadfast example he set every day. I learned how to respect others, how to keep my temper in check, how to listen. I learned loyalty. I learned to gain the respect of others through hard work and sacrifice. I wish I could say that I have mastered those lessons as my father has. (I’m sure he would say he has not; and that he is still learning). In truth, I have made some terrible mistakes in my life and have felt great shame as a result, when I realized I could never live up to my father’s example. At first I was very angry that I had couldn’t keep up with him, but over the years I have learned to appreciate what a wonderful mentor God has given me. To this day, when I’m faced with difficult “life” decisions, either personal or professional, my first thought is, what would Dad do? I’m glad the bar was set high, rather then low, regardless of my ability to reach it.

    Most significantly, I learned the importance of faith. Overtime I realized the example my father set is a result of his unwavering dedication to God. While he may not have been financially successful or have had a prestigious job, he has been rewarded with an inner peace that few men have. It is evident every time I speak with him. That type of peace can only come from one source. I also think that it is a rare gift that God only gives to his most faithful followers. He has earned every bit of it. My father shared his faith with me in a way that , in my most despairing moments, I can reflect upon both his and Gods love, and know that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am safe, secure, and loved, regardless of my faults, even when I feel don’t deserve it.

    If you were to assess my fathers life by the amount of material wealth he has amassed, the prominent and powerful friends he had collected or the prestigious positions he has held in his career, (or for that matter, his golfing game () ).. Dad would be somewhere in that group of millions of other middleclass hard working guys like me. But if you measure a man by the full and richness of his heart, the number of people he has so positively effected throughout his life and the respect he has earned from so many friends, and all of his family (as possibly the number of golf balls he has lost in water hazards ()), he would rank in the elite, top one percent.

    The pride I have for my father really can’t be put into words. You would have to experience it first hand. I was fortunate to have done just that. I would find it truthfully hard to believe that there were more then just a very small handful of men on this earth today that would come close to my father for the title of “World Championship Dad”

    My Dad is the “Tiger Woods” of Dads.

    With all my greatest respect, love and admiration to my father,

    Dan Stuart

  2. John and Company said

    From my tribe to yours, Happy Fathers Day everybody!

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