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Are Christians Waiting too Long to Get Married?

Posted by truthtalklive on June 11, 2008

Today our guest is Rob Smith with Agathos Foundation. For more information please go to www.agathosfoundation.org. And as always Thanks for Listening! 

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9 Responses to “Are Christians Waiting too Long to Get Married?”

  1. Pat said

    I’m intrigued by this concept – esp. as the mom of an 18-year-old son. But I have 2 questions – HOW young are we talking? And…what do you think of arranged marriages or something similar…which were practiced in the time of Jesus?

  2. Joy said

    Guys “burn” early and stupidly. If we followed Rob’s advice guys would be getting married at 15 to the very wrong person.

    Which is worse: having sex outside of marriage when as you get a bit older or divorcing the person you married when too young? Sex has a rediculous stigma in the Christian community. Yah, its sin but is it really worse than breaking that vow you made to your spouse and to God?

    It seems to me that those are the most likely out comes: Get married young to the first person your nether regions yearn after and then fairly quickly get a divorce or wait on the right person and dabble a bit on the side.

    The real problem is, of course, our sin nature. That we’re not really any diffrent from the culture. If we ARE going to sin one way or the other, and most of us will, it’s pretty much a toss up to which option is better.

  3. Jeff said

    I think Rob is being too liberal! (haha) The true Biblical model is arranged marriages. This will take dating, courtship, awkward school dances, etc. out of the mix. This way has worked for millennia and still works in areas of the world.

    We have arranged this with other families for our 5 and 9 y.o. boys. Stu, with 4 girls, you should consider it!!!

  4. Maz said

    Arranged marriages work sometimes, but what happens, especially when arranged marriages are law in certain countries, when two young people really fall in love but to someone other than the person they were arranged to marry? This has ended in women being murdered because they dared to go against what their religious parents had arranged.
    As a mother of two sons, one who now has two children by two different women out of wedlock, and the other still waiting patiently for the right girl to come along! The former is not saved, the latter is. Both are in their 30’s!

  5. Darin said

    The typical view of the world today and sadly of most professed christians is that the idea of abstinance until marriage is unreasonable and unrealistic. But that’s what the bible clearly commands. Why do so many think that’s such an unrealistic goal? It seems that almost everyone including professed christians sleep together and oftentimes even live together before deciding to get married. Sad. Even more sad is the fact that christian churches turn a blind eye to their many members that are willfully committing this fornication.

    one CANNOT be a genuine christian if he/she is practicing fornication.

  6. Maz said

    Darin: I totally agree. What is missing from many of these people is holiness in their lives.
    We don’t hear much about that today, but aren’t we supposed to be separate from the world?
    Not coming out altogether like some, but atleast different in the way we live. And marriage is Gods place for two people to come together intimately. One man for one woman.

  7. Trey said

    Good evening,
    I was reading the comments above and wanted to send in a comment on this matter. I would like to remind that no sin is worse than other sin; whether it be premarital sex or murder- sin is still unaccepted to our holy, righteous, pure, God. Thank God for Christ that died on the cross for my sins! Oh how he keeps me cleansed in the blood. Being a single 29 year old I see many many mistakes in my life as well as many other Christians lives. Guys we are simply putting our priorities aside of Gods. The problem starts at the home and how the parents raise their children. Coming out of a broken home my desire was to get a job; prosper myself to get out of the situation. With the divorce rates as they are this is going for alot of folks. It used to be spend time with family that would look after one another and care for one another, parents taking time with their children. It’s found few now. I got the opportunity to experience this while my grandmother was living. Looking back only for a moment to address this-If I could have changed something–I would have stopped to smell the roses. Not rushed to acheive nothing because God is to direct our paths and not of man. I would have quit my working 30-38hrs/wk to get a car to leave out. But if given the opportinity God could have changed my parents to prevent this desire. I would have gone to ball games, had friends over, gone to Church gatherings, done more enjoyable things instead of being narrow minded not stopping to lose focus on getting out. Now I’m 28 and extremely causous due to many show front Christians and slow to meet, and currently picking up where I easily could have been 10 years ago. Folks, its a snowball effect and it’s time some,not all stop–stop thinking about what I want-stop thinking what I need–and start showing compassion for others and realize what I do today-how can it effect the future, not only mine; but to those around me. I felt lead to write this. God Bless you all. Matt 5-13

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