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“Best of Truth Talk Live” Christian T-Shirts

Posted by truthtalklive on June 6, 2008

Today’s show is Pre-Recorded but, please feel free to leave us your comments on the show. Also tell us if you think it’s a good idea or bad and please explain. AS always Thanks for Listening to TRUTH TALK LIVE!

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3 Responses to ““Best of Truth Talk Live” Christian T-Shirts”

  1. Peter Dumoulin said

    The only shirt that I wear with any advertisement is a shirt I bought in Anaheim CA. On the back of the shirt is a picture of Jesus’ back with the blood lines of the whip. The caption reads
    “To know the real meaning of Love, you have to read between the lines.”

  2. Tracy said

    Love the tshirt idea.

    I am from NC. We have recently passed the “Education lottery”. I am against the lottery BUT we have a game called “Pick 3” where you basically pick 3 numbers and “hope” to win. I have a great idea for a tshirt. “Pick 3-Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Winner every time.”

    It is strange this comes up. I came up with this idea several months ago.

  3. funny shirt man said

    I have a shirt that has a cartoonish frog on the front that says:
    “where are you going when you croak?” đŸ™‚

    TTL shirt idea#1–around town, I see the newspaper machines that say: “get it weekly”; we all can imagine what the world says and thinks about that statement. How bout’ a TTL shirt that says: “get it daily”, we know that man cannot live on bread alone, but by every word that comes from God–PTL that we have such provision and power in the seas of life.

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