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Will Africa Become a Muslim Continent?

Posted by truthtalklive on May 21, 2008

Todays guest host, Gary Demar www.americanvison.org welcomes missionary to Africa Peter Hammond www.frontline.org.za

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9 Responses to “Will Africa Become a Muslim Continent?”

  1. 5pointa said

    Is this a commercial for reformed/Calvinistic theology?

    I hate to disagree but the evangelical group that I am associated with does indeed go forward making disciples and desiring to see all nations changed by the power of the gospel.

    Groups like New Tribes Missions and Good Seed .com

    Paul Bramson, a dispensationalist from the “plymouth brethren” is reaching millions of Islamic Africans in Africa through radio, books, and personal discipleship.

    Calvinists do not have a monopoly on missions. It is a false assumption to say that dispensationalists do not want to see nations changed.

  2. Bill in NC said

    Peter Hammond was a defender of the racist apartheid government that controlled South Africa.

  3. 5pointa said

    Well, this particular show just ruffled my feathers.

    Just as there is hyperCalvinists, there are also hyperDispensationalists. These guys(Gary & Peter) seem to not distinguish between historic dispensationalism and neo/hyper dispnesationalism.

    Yes, we believe Christ is returning soon. But that in no way precludes us from preaching the gospel and changing nations. We do not hope the world waxes worse in some twisted way of hastening the coming of Christ.

    Dispensationalism has not been the downfall of Christianity in America. I’d say it was the infiltration of evolutionary world-views. In that regard both dispensationalists and reformed adherents dropped the ball!

    It is a shame that the topic was “Will Africa become a muslim continent?” and all it was was a commercial promoting Calvinism 😦

    Then Mr Hammond had the nerve to say that the fall of the church in England, Germany etc. was because Christians were fighting amongst themselves. Lets see….one whole hour of condemning dispensationalists and glorifying Calvinism.

    There were major errors promoted tonight and many straw-men built.

    Yet, can one be a Christian without being a Calvinist or Arminianist or Pelagianist? Can one be a Christian without being a reformed adherent or a dispensationalist?

    This show had nothing to do with mission work in Africa. It had everything to do with promoting an agenda of reformed and calvinistic tradition.

  4. John said

    Very cute Zerxil[grin].

  5. CarGuy37 said

    I missed the first half of the show. But given the content discussed, had I been asked to guess the show’s title, I probably would have gone with: “How Calvinists Changed the World.”

    I found Dr. Hammond’s historical perspective quite interesting. I wish I had access to resources from a Christian perspective as to how God’s sovereign hand was working through history. Unfortunately I got the revised public school version. ;(

    As for the “agenda”, I feel as though I have a unique perspective. I’m a Calvinist currently worshiping in a dispensational baptist church. I love my brothers and sisters and am so encouraged by their love and devotion to God. And in points were we disagree, I’m reminded of Eph 4:3, striving to preserve the unity of the saints.

    I do notice (limited in scope in my own microcosm) some of the trickle down effects of their theology. They (we?) are extremely excited and motivated to send out missionaries to the ends of the earth to make disciples. However locally, they (we?) seem to struggle with personal evangelism and local soul winning. Again, this is one church in one city, but I think I see a “thread” of correlation.

    And as for me being a Calvinist (as opposed to Arminian), I like what Jonathan Edwards said in “The Freedom of the Will”: “I should not take it at all amiss, to be called a Calvinist, for distinction’s sake: though I utterly disclaim a dependence on Calvin, or believing the doctrines which I hold, because he believed and taught them; and cannot
    justly be charged with believing in everything just as he taught…”.

    Sometimes I feel as though people incorrectly categorize Calvinists as those who, in some perverted capacity, worship Calvin himself. I feel like he’s merely the poster-child for Christian orthodoxy that has existed back to Augustine, to Paul, to Adam. Ps 3:8, “Salvation belongs to the Lord.”

  6. 5pointa said

    Seems that truthtalklive is bent toward Calvinism anyway.

    John MacArthur is a Calvinist, but also a dispensationalist.

    Does a Calvinist automatically have to be a post-millenial reformed adherent?

    Since it is obvious that the “Bible Answer man” and Gary Demar have an agenda of promoting Calvinism and Reformed theology, Stu, why not have a main proponent of Dispensationalism on and give them an hour to promote Dispensationalism?

    I’m sure someone from With Christ .org would be willing to speak on this issue. Since John Darby is the so-called “father” of dispensationalism, you can also contact one of the plymouth brethren assemblies.

  7. ADB said

    Maybe there are some terms that need to be clarified. It seems to me that a “Calvinist” is one whose beliefs are similar to Calvin in most respects. What is happening is that people who believe in double predestination are calling themselves Calvinists even if their other beliefs aren’t Calvinist. A Baptist who is dispensationalist certainly is not a Calvinist by any stretch of the imagination because they would disagree strongly with Calvin on baptism, the Lord’s Supper, sacraments themselves calling them ordinances, eschatology, overall hermeneutical approach, among other things. There’s nothing wrong with being both predestinarian and Baptist, but such a person should not be correctly be thought of as Calvinist. Not everyone who believes in double predestination is a Calvinist- just ask Martin Luther who could agree with Calvin on nearly every point except meaning of the Eucharist.

    Best Wishes

  8. 5pointa said

    What is the t.u.l.i.p. adherents interpretation of “into all the world”? Is that “into all the elect”? How does the t.u.l.i.p. adherent interpret 1 John 2:2? Especially in light of the “great commission”.

    What about “all who are weary and heavy laden..come unto Me”? or even “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be ye saved”.

    What is the point in a t.u.l.i.p. adherent proclaiming the gospel to the whole world when in t.u.l.i.p. adherent reality, it is only the elect who can believe.

    Seems to me that the gospel preached by t.u.l.i.p. adherents is not really the “good glad news that makes a man leap for joy” but a proclamation of damnation to the God-chosen hellbound and twisted presentation of the gospel to the God-chosen heavenbound, yet only if they perservere to the end.

    In other words, the hellbound are hellbound by election. The saved are hellbound if they do not continue to perservere in the law.

    Now, how is t.u.l.i.p. better or more Biblical than Armenianism?

  9. 5pointa said

    Is God the author of sin?
    What is the “Calvinist” answer?

    What does it mean when it says “Esau have I hated”?

    Does every reference to salvation in the Scriptures mean “spiritual” salvation?

    Last question: Where are all the Calvinists at? Gary, Hank, Jason, anybody?

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