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Reconciliation Blues – Christianity in Black & White

Posted by truthtalklive on May 14, 2008

Todays guest: Ed  Gilbreath, author of “Reconciliation Blues-A Black Evangelical’s Inside View of White Christianity”. He is also editor at large for Christianity Today.

Visit www.edgilbreath.com and www.reconciliationblues.com!

Today’s Questions:

Does racism still exist in the Church?
What can Christians do to solve it?

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26 Responses to “Reconciliation Blues – Christianity in Black & White”

  1. Sharon said

    I enjoyed listening to the comments on the 5/14/08, with Edward Gilbreath. The issue of “race” is, at least in part, the result of Darwinism, though I’m sure that there were those who were bigotted prior to Darwin. Anyone who has an understanding of the Bible knows that we are all one race, the human race. I do wish that our churches were not so divided by intensity of skin pigmentation.

    What if we divided by other characteristics? “Oh, you don’t want to go to THAT church. It’s a freckle church. But there’s a big ear church just down the street that you might enjoy. Personally, I go to a one-brow mega church.”

    In Christ Jesus, Who in the flesh probably had darker skin than I,
    Esanae (Pronounced “S ‘n’ A” as in “sackcloth and ashes”)

  2. John said

    He was probably a “black” man, with dark eyes and hair, of less than modern average hight, considering that most people in those times were somewhat “shorter” than we are today.His body would have been strong.And yet, usually when I see a representation of the man he’s blond-haired,blue eyed, about a foot taller than everyone around him, and he’s not just “white”, but down right PALE.Ever seen a Jewish Middle Easterner that looked like that? For those times especially?I could never truly understand the concept of racism within humanity.I always interpreted it as 2 parts ignorance/stupidity and one part inferiority complex.
    I bet if Jesus were to come down from Heaven today, a lot of Klu Klux Klan members and white supremacists would be SORELY disappointed.
    Of course, this is mere speculation from a Pagan evolutionist…[smile].

  3. jeremiah said

    I heard talk today 5/14/08 with an emphasis on the abortion issue. Is that the only topic that steers “Christians” toward supporting the Republcan party, or is it gay marriage. Over 34,000 soldiers have been injured or killed in the attempt to conquer Iraq and establish what. There are bigger issues in America that effect a portion of America that we as Christians are not in touch with. Our job as Christians is to spread the Gospel and to live holy. Do you honestly think we are fighting in a just war.

  4. zerxil said

    Did you know there where more troop deaths during Bill’s presidency?

  5. Maz said

    John: You are right about Jesus not being fair haired and blue eyed but you would be wrong to think that he was black. Jesus was a Jew and most Jews were and are olive skinned and dark haired though there are some today who have fair hair……not forgetting also the Ethiopian Jews who are black, but Jesus did not come from the Ethiopian line of decent, He came down through the line of Judah, son of Jacob. The list of names is in the New Testement. I believe Jesus would have been fairly tall, though possibly not over 6ft.

  6. Ax17-26 said

    #3 – wrong thread to post your comment. Our military is VOLUNTEER which means it is made up of those who VOLUNTEER to join. Any person who joins the military knows there is a risk that they will go to war and possibly die on the battle field. If you think this war is unjustified, then please contact the Christians in Iraq and the Jews & Christians in Israel and ask them what they think.

    Now, to the topic at hand. Didn’t get to hear the show but I can give this site http://www.One Human race.com This topic is at the heart of the Answers in Genesis ministry.

    Racism is evil and divisive. No Christian should be racist. It is not Biblically justified. Sadly, this is mainly an American Christian thing. It is not what we see in the universal Church throughout the world. Please don’t let us be an example of the normal Christian Church.

    It is not about worship style for I have been to both “black” and “white” Churches. It is simply a matter of racism and division based on skin color. Nothing more than that. Both groups are at fault, having failed to live by the Bible and instead living by feelings & humanistic reasoning.

    And, yes, racism has been around for centuries. Yet, it was never Biblically justified nor Scientifically justified….that is until Darwin wrote his book ‘Origin of the species’. Evolution gave the Scientific community “evidence” to support their racist tendencies. It als gave those who were in the Church who had a hatred for certain skin colors a reason to preach segregation.

    And all along the book of Genesis was there and Acts 17 was there and the book of Revelation was there – all saying that there is only 1 human race physically, that from Adam.

  7. zerxil said

    3. NO BUT IT IS AT LEAST 73% OF IT. Live holy, so you mean if we see something unholy & evil going on like abortion we should ignore it? Or better yet spend everyones tax money on it. So when should it be legal to take a life? the demos are as weird as us supporting abortion & not the death penalty. I think seat belt laws should be repealed. I think instead of the death penalty we should have a foreign legion or at least send them to prison in France.

  8. F. L. A. said

    Zerxil, I don’t think that America could sweet-talk France good enough into taking in it’s evil-doers.Besides, Mexico is closer..[snicker].Or we could let them all loose on a big uninhabited island to fend for themselves, document the goings ons via hidden cameras and create a action-packed new reality show!
    And every now and then something[some drugs, a gun with only one clip of bullets,etc.] could be air-dropped to them to make things more interesting than usual.

    Of course, I’m still in favor of the death penalty though.

  9. zerxil said


  10. F. L. A. said

    ME?[huge sharp-toothed grin]
    To the best of my knowledge a Liberal can also be pro-life,Zerxil.
    Perhaps there is a test that can be taken to help determine if one is a “Liberal”, “Democrat”, “Conservative”, or “Republican”.Regardless, I don’t really follow any political affiliations anyway.

  11. Darin said

    Racial harmony is one thing I can say Jehovah’s Witnesses have. Black, white, yellow, brown, olive, red, green…they’re all welcome, equal, and friendly with one another. Well, okay maybe not green people…ya gotta draw the line somewhere.

  12. zerxil said

    DEATH is also into racial harmony…

  13. John said

    [Gasp! Huff!]Such bigotry!
    We were thinking about it,but that settles it!
    WE’LL never be Jehovah’s Witnesses!!![grin]

    That’s right, Darin, they are very welcoming.I have many of their AWAKE! and Watchtower publications and in almost all of them there are their representations of the “new” earth and it’s got everyone from all types of cultures and races together working/playing/etc.
    But of course, you also have to be a member of the religion.

    So what’s so bad about DEATH, Zerxil?
    There can’t be LIFE without it.

  14. zerxil said

    Democrat yes they can be pro-life, liberal I don’t think so… lol depends on what your definition for liberal I guess. Well, in Mississippi the democrat was more conservative than the republican.

  15. zerxil said

    Hey I figured racism, its all about the fear…

  16. zerxil said

    Theres’ nothing wrong with death. DEATH is into racial harmony. It cleans the earth from all these old people. Without it people would have difficulties eating meat, unless you like it really rare and mooing, clucking, oinking, or baaaing. mmmmmm meat! it’s good to eat!

  17. zerxil said

    Oh & we’d be as strong as GOD. The Bible says so.

  18. zerxil said

    sorry, “like them” I guess GOD was talking to Jesus.

  19. jeremiah said

    Which Jesus are you guys talking about?

  20. zerxil said

    the bible one!

  21. F. L. A. said

    That’s how I like my meat, Zerxil.

  22. zerxil said

    You can break your teeth doing that. By the way, Its not meat until its dead.

    They (humans) could become like US (God & Jesus) if they lived forever. Wow, thats a thought.

  23. F. L. A. said

    Aahhhhh, but I have very IMPRESSIVE teeth.

  24. John said

    If it’s not meat when the animal tissue alive, then what is it?

    What do you mean by using that word “US” within that context?

  25. Zerxil said

    gen 3:22 I misremembered, then misread or the king james is different or a little o both. That is why I copy & paste the whole thing. I might miss something.

    flesh and blood, when its dead it doesent bleed.

  26. Zerxil said

    By the way, some of the animals could have died before the fall, only if we ate from the tree of life (& keep eating from it) would you live forever.

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