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Is it a sin for Christians not to vote in a primary?

Posted by truthtalklive on May 5, 2008

Today’s guest Steve Noble of Called 2 Action says yes! You can find more information on him at www.called2action.org

For the second half of the show we have Bishop Burton of Raleigh NC. He contends that “how you vote” could be sinful, do you agree? His website is www.zinachristiancenter.org

For NC voters, here is a link to a voters guide. http://ncfamily.org/voterguide2008/

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7 Responses to “Is it a sin for Christians not to vote in a primary?”

  1. Eric V said

    It seems to me that Juan is too concerned with earthly things, the here and now. Yes gas prices and food prices are high, but voting for Obama because he is black is wrong. Juan says he agrees with Obama on some issues, but he does the same thing Obama does and dodges the issues with talk about what others haven’t done. Neiher one Obama or Juan gives good evidence as why Obama is the correct choice. As for teaching sex ed in 3rd grade NO WAY, that is an issue that needs to be dealt with in the HOME!!

    Personally I’m not satisfied with McCain but at least he shares many positive family values.

  2. Anonymous said

    The Bishop wins the debate on points. This man is informed. The pro-Obama candidate could not support any of his positions with reasoned logic and factual data. The Bishop is right on target with the abortion issue. It amazes me that blacks have supported the Democrat party which supports planned parenthood, whose founder was Margaret Sanger, a devout believer in Eugenics. The aim of the eugenics movement was to illiminate the racially inferior races via abortion and birth control. They actually supported serilization.

    Recently, a prolife advocate called a Planned Parenthood clinic to make a donation that would specifically go to aborting black babies. He specifically said he wanted the money to go to abortions of black children. The Planned Parenthood person reassured him that his donation would be used as he requested. The conversation was taped and has made waves but only in the prolife movement. The media has chosen to ignore the story.

    The Democrat Party’s platform consists of:
    1. Maintaining the status quo on Social Security although the system is headed for insolvency. Statistically black men never receive benefits since the life expectancy of an American of African descent is just over 65.

    2. The Democrat party opposes vouchers so that children trapped in rotten schools will have the same opportunities to attend private schools. Most of the children that suffer in these horrible schools are minorities.

    3. The Social Welfare state has done more to destroy the Black family than 300 years of slavery and 100 years of Jim Crow.

    4. There was a time in US history when Blacks were guaranteed a job, healthcare, lodging and food on the table. IT was called slavery.

    5. The inflation we are currently experiencing is the result of a government that is out of control. People need to read up on the causes of inflation. The ones that suffer the most are the poor and middleclass. They will get wiped out. The US is no longer a capitalist nation. We are more socialistic than capitalistic.

    May I suggest that my fellow American citizens, all of them read some brilliant Black authors like Mason Weaver, who wrote “It OK to Leave the Plantation.” He calls the Democrat party the new master.

    Thomas Soule publishes periodically as does Walter E. William, and Shelby Steale.

    May I also suggest my brothers and sisters in Christ become knowledgable about American History. There are many traditional beliefs that are complete distortions of reality. The truth shall set you free.

  3. Matt said

    It was very encouraging to finally hear an African American man preach the truth about Barrak Obama. The whole idea of identity politics (voting for someone because they look like you in race or color) has infested the “black church”. Juan’s justification for his choice where flimsy and only showed that he (like many young people) get caught up by a charismatic speaker (regardless of their stances on issues) and vote emotionally rather than rationally. The Bishop made a very good point by making a comparison between Barrak Obama and Hitler in regards to the persuasive power of a good public speaker.

    Barrak Obama is openly pro abortion, pro gay marriage, against the private ownership if firearms, for the teaching of sex education to very young students, for bigger government and higher taxes as well as many other positions that are blatantly anti-Christian. I don’t know how any Christian who is truly walking with the Lord can honestly say he would be the best president.

    The position that a Christian believes in the separation of Church and state is a façade. People need to know their history.
    1. That’s not in the constitution.
    2. That was brought about to prevent politics from corrupting the Church as it had done in England, not prevent the Church from having influence in politics.

  4. Mike said

    I’m the Anonymous in the previos post. Forgot to fill out the form.

    As for high gas prices, that is the result of Peak Oil. Peak oil was a theory developed by a geologist named Hubbard in 1948. He predicted that US oil production would peak in 1970 and global production would peak in the first decade of the new century. He nailed US production and seems he was right on world production.

    The energy crisis that is upon us not political it is geological. The Giant oil fields that gave us all that cheap light crude are peaking. Bergan was discovered in 1938, Garwhar in 1948, and Canterell in 1978. All three have peaked. OF the 65 oil producing nations 54 have peaked.

    There are 5000 oil wells in the world, but we get 47% from the top 120. The top 14 produce 20%. These giants are aging at a time when world population has exploded to 6.6 billion people.

    When I was born in 1947, there were under 3 billion people on the planet. Most of those people lived in primitive communities. Today there are 2.5 billion in China and India alone and those nations are industrializing at a phenomenal rate.

    Bottom line is Pastor Juan expect Obama or anyone else to “fix” the oil problem by taxing the oil companies, forget it. Such actions will only give us massive shortages. Windfall profit taxes produced that very result in the 1970s with gas lines and rationing in some cases.

    The bottomline is: The social welfare state has destroyed the black community (black authors Mason Weaver, Thomas Soule, Shelby Steale, and Walter E. Williams have said so) and now they have the destroyed the US economy.

    We are witnessing the decline of an Empire, thanks to the legislation of the last decade of which both Democrats and Republicans played a role. Remember that when food prices continue to soar, energy not only goes to the moon (check out natural gas and home heating oil) but actually becomes scarce, and the economy sinks into a Greater Depression.

    We have done to ourselves, afterall we elect the folks that make the laws. We have violated God’s laws in so many ways. Our economic system / monetary system goes contrary to what God would have us do. We are about to reap the rewards of that foolishness.

    My prayer is that this nation returns to God.

  5. jAsOn said

    I guess the simple answer to the specific question asked in this post would be, no.

  6. Leanne said

    Mike –
    Thank you for your very informative reply.

  7. oyun said


    […]Is it a sin for Christians not to vote in a primary? « Welcome to TruthTalkLive.com![…]…

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