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The Power Team, Another Christian “Gimic” or the Real Thing?

Posted by truthtalklive on May 2, 2008

Robby Dilmore is filling in for Stu today in the truth booth and he sits down with The Power Team! For more information on them visit www.thepowerteam.com

To listen to the show online visit www.wtru.com

NC listeners check them out tonight at Calvary Chapel of The Triad! visit www.reachthetriad.com for more info.

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6 Responses to “The Power Team, Another Christian “Gimic” or the Real Thing?”

  1. easy-believism said

    I saw them up close and personal when they came to a church in our town.

    Their presentation of the gospel is very shallow. It is a gospel of self esteem and “do better with Christ” purpose driven watered down evangelism.

    When the unbiblical altar call was given, it was “grab a friend and bring them down to the front. They need Jesus..” etc. etc.

    Everyone was told to close their eyes and repeat a mumbo-jumbo prayer of “salvation” and then the guy said “now you’re saved. Go tell someone.”

    Wow, if only Phillip, or Paul, or Apolos or John had used the power team-type evangelism. Surely there would have been more converts then.

    The power-team – I give them 2 thumbs up for physical strength. I give them 2 thumbs down for spiritual strength and Biblical evangelism.

  2. Deb from PA said

    I called in today. I have not seen their presentation. I do agree we often lack discipline. And if you are undisciplined in one area, you likely are with walking out your faith, care for your body, finances, etc. I lead the PILLARS 5th & 6th grade discipleship group of girls based on Ps 144:12. Purity, Integrity, Loyalty, Lovingkindness, Accountability, Respect, Service. I’d appreciate any scripture, tools, ideas or curriculum ideas the Power Team could share with me. My email is given in the unpublished link above.

  3. saidthePrayer said

    Why does the Church support shallow presentations of the gospel?

    You can even get a glimpse of this every closing of a Calvary chapel of the triad service. “Close your eyes and repeat after me. Now if you said that prayer, even if you don’t feel a change, God heard that and you are now a Christian.”

    Both Greg Laurie and David MacGee use it. It is not Biblical and was started by a man Mr. Finney.

    It is false assurance and very very shallow.

  4. John Foust said

    Is the Power Team losing strength? My web site explains many aspects of the Power Team story.

  5. Edward Hornsby said

    I found this site while doing research on the Power Team.

    I attended Oral Roberts University in the late 1980’s and graduated from there in 1992 with a Science Education Degree. While there, I worked with various outside ministries and Christian music groups that performed crusades and concerts in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and seen many come to the saving knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ as the result of such gatherings. While to some, such groups, such as the Power Team, and the various contemporary Christian music singers and bands may not seem to more “estute Christians” as a strong means of “true evangelism,” I differ that such evangelism has probably saved more souls for Christ than more cynical and critical, even more shallow people that call themselves Christians, and who look to pull the speck from other’s eyes while they themselves still have a plank in their own.

    Whatever happened to Christian love? Whatever happened to the simplicity of the Gospel of Christ? You think that they water down the Gospel, but in reality, they are seed planters of the Gospel. Just as scripture says, “some plant, others cultivate, then comes the harvest.” They harvest some souls, but are more seed planters, using weights, brick-busting, bat-breaking, and hand-cuff snapping as “soul bait” to be “fishers of men.” Sure, it is simple, maybe too much for your “spiritual palet.” Yet, it reaches thousands with the grace, love, and salvation of the Living God in Christ Jesus.

    I am not a theologian. I am a Christian who teaches science in a public school in Ohio. While I cannot openly share the Gospel in my classroom, God still opens doors for me to share with some students, and even have discussions on Creationism and Intelligent Design when the topics of evolutionary theory come up. It’s sad that the only way that I can even discuss such issues in my classroom is when a student (who has more 1st Ammendment rights than I do) asks me a question, and has the right to have a truthful answer. The Power Team, often invited to schools like mine, can come in upon request, and share their simplified version of the Gospel, and invite students to a local church for a crusade, and share more than I can with my students.

    Please take this to heart. Before you criticize these men for “watering down” the Gospel, be advised that they can reach many for Christ. Even Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, both often criticized and mocked by “Christians” themselves, have done more to share the Gospel than the “theologian in a seminary” that has never left the walls of their library or office, or even a pulpit of their own church, to help millions of souls be saved in the name of Jesus. Christianity does not need any more critics. It needs people pointing others in the same direction… Christ.

  6. Hey Edward,

    Thanks for the post. Great Stuff! You probably don’t know, but we’ve moved to http://www.truthtalklive.com. This site is still up for referencing, but we’re not using it to communicate.


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