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Are the Hebrew scriptures sufficient for Salvation?

Posted by truthtalklive on April 30, 2008

Today’s guest is Hebrew Scholar Dr. Karl Coke, who is discussing the importance of the Hebrew Scriptures in today’s time. For more information on him visit www.karlcoke.com

The Show is now available online at www.wtru.com

Also click here for a link to the previous show we did with Dr. Coke in February.

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27 Responses to “Are the Hebrew scriptures sufficient for Salvation?”

  1. jAsOn said

    I believe that the Old testament scriptures are equally inspired, thus equally profitable. But, as for the question asked, “Are the Old Testament scriptures sufficient for salvation?”, well, if you are asking if they were sufficient for those who had only those scriptures, then the answer is yes. But in this age, after the full revelation of God’s word, I think we would all say that we would not be presenting the gospel if we did not mention the name of Jesus and His passion and resurrection, thus in that way, the Old Testament revelation (types and shadows of Jesus and His passion) is insufficient to save. As soon as we say anything about the specific knowledge of the gospel which was only revealed in the New testament in the life of Jesus the Christ, we then affirm that we must have the New Testament revelation to present the gospel.

    I affirm that the same gospel was preached to Abraham as us; more light is not different light.

  2. Jeff42 said


    Thanks for that post. I agree with you. Listening to the the show yesterday, I began to think that the message was that the New Testament is nice to have but not necessary. The Old Testament is sufficient for what God designed it to do, but it is also incomplete without the New Testament revelation. Both are inspired, and both are profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, … (2 Tim. 3:16, 17).

  3. Mike S. said

    I heard the show as well and did not come away thinking that at all. I agree that God “OBVIOUSLY” intended for us to have both. My favorite book of the Bible is Hebrews which is a masterpiece that connects the two beautifully.

  4. ADB said

    Good points that I agree with wholeheartedly. I’ve heard it expressed this way, “the New Testament is in the Old concealed, the Old Testament in the New is Revealed.” In other words so much of the New Testament gives fuller meaning to what was present in the Old- i.e. Passover, atonement, Isaiah’s “suffering servant” passage, and on and on. I think we do often forget that the only scriptures the NT writers had was our OT. The apostles in Acts used the OT to point folks to Christ, and Hebrews and Revelation just drip with OT allusions. In original context, Paul’s reference to all scripture being “God-breathed” etc. refers strictly to the OT, though we as Christians believe that by extension that injunction would apply to New Testament writings. If the intent of the guest was to say that the N.T. is nice to have but not necessary I, with Jeff, would strongly disagree.

    Best Wishes

  5. F. L. A. said

    Happy National Day Of Prayer everybody[huge sharp-toothed grin]!

  6. jAsOn said

    National day of prayer…a confusion of the two kingdoms for sure.

  7. Angie said

    Our salvation today is believing the finished work of the cross. It was not in the old testament. It was in the old testament in veiled language but they were not meant to understand it. Even in the new testament, He told the 12 apostles what was going to happen to him at the cross but they understood none of these things. He hid it from them. You cannot be saved TODAY in the age of grace without Paul’s epistles. He is the only one that got his message of grace from the risen Lord from glory.

  8. F. L. A. said

    I was just trying to be polite JAsOn.

  9. jAsOn said

    no, no, FLA…i wasn’t offended! But it is a confusion that Christians have made today.


    The OT saints who did not believe that God was going to send a messiah/redeemer were not saved.

  10. Mike S. said

    Then they weren’t “saints” then.

  11. jAsOn said

    oops…you’re right mike 🙂

    OT persons

  12. John said

    I thought that saints were only found within the denomination of Catholicism?

  13. ADB said

    In the NT the term “saints” is used to refer to believers at large, as in the phrase “I Paul, to the saints that are at Rome, Galatia, Corinth, etc.” The Catholic Church uses the term to refer to those who have reportedly performed miracles died as martyrs and been particularly important. Someone with more familiarity with the Roman Catholic Church could be more precise about what qualifies one to be a “saint” in their church. As a protestant, I think they misuse the term for what it’s worth.

  14. John said

    Thankyou, ADB.

  15. Alex said

    For those who listened to this episode, I hope you know that the tyraid on secular humanism was just plain wrong. Secular humanism isn’t about sex, especially with children or out of wedlock. Its about loving your fellow man and making decisions based on the well being of your neighbor. If you want pedophilia, look inside your own faith. For example: mormons, catholics, etc.

    Also, if secular humanists really DO think you should have immoral sex with minors, wouldn’t you hear about it?

  16. John said

    Define “minor”.
    Seems to change about every 100 years.

  17. O.T. 2 N.T. said

    Didn’t hear the program but interesting question and comments.

    Genesis 3:15 gives us the first glimpse of El Ohim’s plan of redemption – a plan that is hidden within types and images throughout the Hebrew Scriptures; the sacrifice’s, the Law, the Covenant, etc.

    So, are the Hebrew Scriptures sufficient for salvation? Only if it is a Hebrew Bible containing the 66 books of the complete Word of God.

    It is only in the New Testament Scriptures, especially the epistles of Paul the apostle that we see the O.T. plan fulfilled and redemption proclaimed through the Lamb that was slain Jesus Christ our Lord.

    As has been stated, there would be no N.T. without the O.T., yet there would be no Gospel or Salvation as we Christian’s understand it without the N.T., especially the epistles of Paul and the book of Hebrews.

  18. Alex said

    Isn’t saying Jews are going to hell like damning your father?

  19. jAsOn said

    Well Alex, anyone who denies Jesus Christ as the ultimate sacrifice for their sins will go to Hell. I haven’t actually heard anyone here say that anyway.

  20. jAsOn said

    Whoever does believe on the Lord Jesus and repent of their sins (Jew or gentile) will be saved.

  21. John said

    I wonder if I will get to meet cavemen in Hell.

  22. Anonymous said

    “Heaven for the climate; hell for the company.” – Samuel Clemens

    If the OT is sufficient for salvation, that could explain why for nearly two thousand years the NT Gospel message has been ignored by the Jewish people in the world.

  23. Anonymous said


  24. jAsOn said


    Sarcasm noted 🙂

    In the first century, the OT was the canon of documents the apostles used to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was their proper (and inspired in the case of the words recorded as the NT) interpretation that incorporated the new and special revelation of the Christ come in the flesh to usher in the Kingdom of God as the fulfillment of the entirety of the OT scriptures. So, in that since, the OT scriptures were sufficient for their salvation, and the information that God had seen fit to reveal progressively through time has always been sufficient for the era in which it was given. As soon as we refer to the NT information we have been given, then we prove that the OT scriptures (mysterious types and shadows of the coming Messiah) alone, without any reference to their fulfillment in Jesus the Christ who has come, would be INsufficient for salvation in our era.

  25. sosimpleacavemancandoit said


    Depends on if those cavemen were unbelievers like yourself.

    Lot was a caveman, yet according the Old and New testaments, he was righteous, thereby he is in heaven.

    Ben Ladin is a caveman, yet unless he repents unto Jehovah God and puts his faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ, he will be in hell upon his last breath.

  26. F. L. A. said

    I’m sure that John was referring to the type of “cavemen” that young-earth Creationist Christians wouldn’t believe in, Sosimpleacavemancandoit.

  27. John said

    Yep. Of course that may depend on your idea of what exactly an “unbeliever” is.
    After all, I may just qualify as a heretic[smile].
    I was making a little joke anyway.I do not expect to ever enter Christian Heaven or Hell anyway, unless for some weird reason I should change in the distant future,or the Christian God turns out to be VERY different from the way that most “true believers” make him out to be.Time will tell all.

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