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Does Obama’s pastor speak for the black church?

Posted by truthtalklive on April 28, 2008

Stu interviews Bishop Harry Jackson, discussing the topic of Rev. Jeremiah White and if he speaks for the black church. For more info on Bishop Jackson visit www.thetruthinblackandwhite.com

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28 Responses to “Does Obama’s pastor speak for the black church?”

  1. Edith from Durham said

    I called today hoping to get on air, but unfortunately, time ran out for the program, and I thought that waiting 18 min 07 sec was long enough to try voice my opinion and concerns. However, I was so moved by what I was hearing on one of my favorite radio programs, I decided to post my comments online.

    1. I was most disturbed and disheartened to hear you use the phase “the Black church”. Whether this was a phrase you have heard others use or whether you really were talking about a small segment of The Body of Christ, using this phrase is in poor taste! Nowhere in The Word of GOD does he distinguish HIS BODY by the “color” of one’s skin, and neither should we. And, since you say that you attempt to govern every aspect of your life by The Word of GOD, how can you discriminate by using the phrase “the Black church”? Is not this type of language discriminatory and separatist? Truly, The Body of Christ is “colored” because JESUS died for ALL skin-colors and tones. There is no such thing as “The Black Church”! WE ARE THE BLOOD-SACRIFICED CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD!

    2. Exactly who is running for the Office of President of the United States? I have never heard that Pastor Wright is! I am most surprised that you are using your blessing to discredit someone who’s name is not even on the ballot! The only thing that we as voters, as GOD’s children, can judge those who are running for this office is by the programs/laws/policies that they have voted for, have supported, or do support…NOT by who their former pastor is or who their mentor is. For that matter why is not the media looking at what the pastors of Clinton and McCain have said from their pulpits! (Hmmmm…do these pastors even exist?!?!?!) As a Christian ministry I would think that you should separate yourself from secular media and really focus on the “actions that speak louder than words”…these candidates voting records. This, I believe, is a better record of accountability than who their associates are!

    Stu, I really like your program, but today I had heard enough. As you mentioned in your last stance, what we need to focus on…and inform other Christians of…is what these politicians have supported in the past…and try the spirit by the Word of GOD! This is where the true meaning of the men and woman lie…not in some incomplete and most misleading sound bite!!!

  2. MissCrinkle said

    I think we need to look at our own idols before we vote. The Gospel should come before everything. That means what sex I am and the color of my skin does not come first!!!

    I was quite disappointed with the arguments I heard for Obama on Truth Talk Live today. It was, “Don’t base Obama’s views on Pastor Wright’s!” Then, when Stu pointed out that they shared views that are anti-Christian, it was, “So? We are all sinners! Don’t judge Obama!” That’s only a fraction of the nonsensical arguments for Obama I heard today.

    But let’s forget that. Tell me: Why are you voting for Obama? Please be precise.

  3. JUlie said

    Rev Wright is the one who is bring up race by preaching hate for others. He continues to say the black church I have been a Baptist all my 47 years and I have never heard a word of hate come out in any church that I have attended. The pulpit is not the place to air hostilaty towards anyone. I feel the Rev Wright is promoting a hate war. Jesus is the only way and the day he comes back we all will have to answer for our sins that have not been covered by his blood. And those who have mislead people to hell I pity them. They will be an abomination unto the Lord.

  4. Alvin said

    Hi Stu,

    I was driving a was cut off during our air time. I did not hear everything you said but I do hope you continue this subject again. Please be sure to clarify that Dr. Wright said the black church. I do hope you will have Bishop Jackson back on the program and other ministers of different races to expose the truth about how the word is presented to other races.
    I’m (somewhat) glad that all this happened to expose where the body of Christ stands (in America). We are to judge based on righteous judgement. When we fail to do so we get lead away from the truth.

  5. Tripp said

    A little off-topic, but thought you’d find this interesting. Celeste and Loren are Missionaries in Africa and can shed some firsthand light on one of our Presidential candidates.

    “Thanks for sending out an alert about Obama. We are living and working in Kenya for almost twelve years now and know his family (tribe) well. They are the ones who were behind the recent Presidential election chaos here. Thousands of people have been displaced by election violence (over 350,000) and I don’t know the last count of the dead. Obama, under “friends of Obama” gave almost a million dollars to the opposition campaign who just happened to be his cousin, Raila Odi nga, who is a socialist trained in East Germany . He has been trying to bring Kenya down for years and the last president threw him in prison for trying to subvert this country! December 27th elections brought cries from ODM (Odinga Camp) of rigged election. Obama and Raila speak daily. As we watch Obama rise in th e US we are sure that whatever happens, he will use the same tactic, crying rigged election if he doesn’t win, and possibly cause a race war in America. What we would like you to know is what the American press has been keeping a dirty little secret. Obama IS a muslim and he IS a racist and this is a fullfilllment of the 9-11 threat that was just the beginning. Jihad is the only true muslim way. We have been working with them for 20 years this July! He is not an American as we know it. Please encourage your friends and associates not to be taken in by those that are promoting him. It is world wide jihad. All our friends in Europe are very disturbed by the muslim infiltration into their countries.

    By the way, his true name is Barak Hussein Muhammed Obama. Won’t that sound sweet to our enemies as they swear him in on the Koran!?”

  6. Brad said


    With all due respect, you’re wrong. It is WRIGHT, among others, who likes to use the term “the black church.” And whether we wish to bury our head in the sand or not, there are “black” churches in America today. It is what it is. Just b/c the term “the black church” is used, doesn’t make it derrogatory.

  7. Stu, I ran across your program and I can’t stop listening. Thank you for bringing up Obama being a muslim. Are muslims even considered to be “Black”??
    I think a big reason everyone is sooo excited about him becoming president is because he will be the first “black” president. Whoppy-Doooo, Come on people and come to your senses. Who cares if the next president is purple. What matters are his beliefs and what he is going to do for America, NOT HIS COLOR!!

    As my sunday school teacher put it “I am not praying for a certain president to make the election, but I am praying for God’s will to be done in this election.” The end is drawing closer and some things must come to pass. I don’t want Obama to win this election and I am very scared that he is b/c AMERICA is so BLIND.

    I am still a youth, 21 yrs old, and I am disgusted when I look around at other youth my age and the sin that is in the schools. It is sickening and it will get worse. What happened to prayer in school? Now the hate crime talk and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech is being used to support it; if he was alive, he would be appalled at the fact that his speech was being used to support this non- sense. This so called Christian nation is talking about taking “IN GOD WE TRUST” off of the american dollar. We have lost our roots AMERICA. As christians,
    We no only need to pray for our leaders, but we need to do our part by voting.

  8. Chris C. said

    What do you mean prayer has been taken out of public schools?

    You can still ask the blessing over your lunch. You can still assemble in after-school groups and pray. You can do it in class if you want, so long as you don’t talk out loud and disturb others.

    But because schools are a government institution, the schools themselves cannot engage in religious behavior (such as prayers before class, or on the field before a game). I know you Christians think you are horribly persecuted for all this, but really, its just fair treatment. No one is taking away your right to have your own religious beliefs. You just cant expect everyone else to agree and go along with those beliefs en masse.

  9. Chris C. said

    What do you mean prayer has been taken out of public schools?

    You can still ask the blessing over your lunch. You can still assemble in after-school groups and pray. You can do it in class if you want, so long as you don’t talk out loud and disturb others.

    But because schools are a government institution, the schools themselves cannot engage in religious behavior (such as prayers before class, or on the field before a game). I know you Christians think you are horribly persecuted for all this, but really, its just fair treatment. No one is taking away your right to have your own religious beliefs. You just cant expect everyone else to agree and go along with those beliefs en masse.

  10. Fred said

    You can say that again.

  11. Chris C. said

    haha, fred. Sorry for the double post. My comp at work was being slow and I clicked twice…

  12. John said

    Down here around these parts[does that not sound country[smile]]students will gather and pray around the schools flag pole, almost as if the flags pole is used as a beacon up to Heaven….or something.My point is that there will always be prayer in schools as long as there’s something for worried students to pray over.
    For example, in the morning “Please God don’t let us have an algebra test today.”, later……”Please God let me pass this algebra test!”, and later still…..”Please God don’t let my parents find out that I failed the algebra test!!”.See what I mean? And yes, I absolutely HATE math[grin].

  13. John said

    Perhaps “Obama’s pastor” is the wrong thing to call him now.Did any of you hear Obama’s speech today in regards to that man? He seems to be trying hard to disassociate himself from the man.

  14. Tripp said

    yeah, his “spiritual mentor of 20 years” is now all of a sudden a man he wants nothing to do with…..what a load of crap

  15. Edith from Durham said

    1. It amazes me that because I am sick and tired of the media focusing on the non-issues…which are the media-driven-perceptions that the prevailing issue is the association between Obama and Wright…that I “am voting for Obama”. I don’t believe I mentioned for whom I am voting. However, since I was psuedo-asked, I am voting for the person who has supported / is supporting those matters/policies/concerns that are important to me and who does so through Biblically-sound decisions/policies.

    2. I do acknowledge that American society still separates the Body of Christ as a “colored” church (white folks go here, black folks go there, red folk go over yonder, etc.). However, my point and concern is that using a phrase like “the black church” perpetuates divison (regardless of who uses it), which is what our enemy wants…steal, kill and destroy. We must remember what Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “For as the body is one and has many members, but all the members of that one body, being many, are one body, so also is Christ.” There is only one church and that is the Church of Christ (not the denomination). (smiles)

  16. Tripp said

    Edith – do you believe that a Muslim should have to denounce his or her faith in order to join Rev. Wright’s Church of Christ? If you say yes, then you should know that at Rev. Wright’s church they do not require a Muslim to convert and become a Christian in order to join his church. It would have been good if you could have listened to this particular broadcast of Truth Talk Live. This fact has been proven. Rev. Wright is cancer on the face of Christianity….and sorry, you people can be in denial all you want, but make no mistake about it…..Obama is a Muslim.

  17. Chris C. said

    First of all, other than wild conjecture based on his childhood and middle name, what evidence do you have that Obama is a follower of Islam.

    Second, why does it matter if he is? He’s obviously not like that small minority of jihadists and radicals we see plastered on our TV screens.

  18. Tripp said

    what proof do you have that he’s not? outside of his word…..he’s a politican, right? so his word is always honest, right? come on, gimme a break

  19. Chris C. said

    I don’t have to offer any evidence. You’re the one saying he’s a Muslim. And since he’s never said that, and no one around him has, and he has never been a part of the islamic faith as an adult…if you’re claiming he is a muslim I just want to see what you are basing that claim on.

    Something more concrete than flag-pins, hands over hearts, and middle names.

  20. Tripp said

    chris – have you done any research on the man’s family at all? do you know anything about islam and what it means to leave that faith and what can happen to you? have you looked into his relatives and what’s going on in kenya? listen, i don’t have to offer you proof either….like i said, time will tell

  21. using the "race" card said


    Acts 17:26 – I don’t guess “rev” Wright has ever read that verse.

    Sadly, there are many so-called “black” congregations that do indeed feel like “rev” wright voices. Especially in the south. Most are demoncrat, most are union supporters, most are true to their “kind of people” ie black folk.

    But, really is that any different than the “white” churches in the south? Most are republican, most are true to their “kind of people” ie white folk.

    Neither is Biblical nor shows forth the love of Christ – they shall know you are My disciples by your love one for another.


  22. some guy said

    Chris C wrote: No one is taking away your right to have your own religious beliefs. You just cant expect everyone else to agree and go along with those beliefs en masse.

    Chris–you speak with reason; however, what is your opinion about the availability of creation science in the public classroom? Your quote above demonstrates the current fiasco of religion in the classroom–Darwinian Evolution. It is rediculous how the public system is so ardent in their beliefs about a faith that has no scientific credence whatsoever. Moreover, it [the public school], seems bent on mandating that everyone comply no ifs, ands or buts! Where is the open-mindedness? Oh, where oh where can it be found. Hypocrites are’nt only found in churches, they find great refuge in the halls of “academia” and “higher learning” 🙂

  23. John said

    “It is rediculous how the public system is so ardent in their beliefs about a faith that has no scientific credence whatsoever.”-Some Guy

    What do you mean, no scientific credence?
    If your an advocate of the “Creation Sciences” then what kind of creation science theories do you find favor with[oh please let it be something that involves aliens from another planet!Oh pleaseOh pleaseOh please![grin]]?

  24. some guy said

    First of all let’s start with the fact that no transitional testimony has ever surfaced regarding the theory of Darwin’s wish that macro evolution can explain the origin of species outside of the Genesis account.

    Next, creation science, IMO, does not begin with a theory but a principle of keen observation. I would invite you to research the anthropic principle and ask yourself–seriously–is this chance or design. The data is remarkable. Even aliens would agree 🙂

    Darwin’s theory that time/energy is the cultivator of order and perfection cannot be measured; therefore, it is not even a theory but a worldview. Some have even suggested that it is a religion. Any ideas of the opening hymn @ this church? My vote is “we are family” by kool and the gang–I think?

    Get real with the facts that evolution is faith–blind.

  25. John said

    We have come a very long way since the time of Charles Darwin and his theories though, Some Guy.I was half joking about the aliens because I figured that you might be the type of man that didn’t even believe in the possibility of aliens actually being able to exist.Ever.
    And yet you would have us examine the Anthropic Principle, that involves the belief of multiple universes[!].MULTIPLE UNIVERSES! I like were this is going, but I don’t think that it would help you very much with this type of a debate.Unless you want to theorize about aliens some more…[smile].There are a few different ideas that carry the title of “Anthropic Principle”.Which one in particular do you hold to? To help me study up on it so we can better understand one another. By the way, just so you know, I do actually hold to a form of creationistic view, but it’s a version that you may completely disagree with.
    You know, we really should be on that other “Was Darwin right or wrong?” site [listed under Christianity] to discuss this sort of thing.Have you read through it?
    Meet me there? I shall get back with you in the future.

  26. Fred said

    “doubt may be uncomfortable but certainty is absurd” -Voltaire(paraphrasing)

    Some Guy, are you certain that the science textbooks of every fully accredited institute of higher learning in the world are wrong?

  27. zerxil said

    “Paul Davies has discussed fine-tuning at length, and in his book The Goldilocks Enigma (2006) he summarizes the current state of the debate in detail. He concludes by enumerating the alternative responses:

    * A – The absurd universe – It just happens to be that way.
    * B – The unique universe – There is a deep underlying unity in physics which necessitates the universe being this way. Some ‘Theory of Everything’ will explain why the various features of the Universe must have exactly the values that we see.
    * C – The multi-verse – Multiple Universes exist which have all possible combinations of characteristics, and we naturally find ourselves within the one that supports our existence.
    * D – Intelligent Design – An intelligent Creator designed the Universe specifically to support complexity and the emergence of Intelligence.
    * E – The life principle – There is an underlying principle that constrains the universe to evolve towards life and mind.
    * F – The self-explaining universe – A closed explanatory or causal loop: ‘perhaps only universes with a capacity for consciousness can exist’.
    * G – The fake universe – We are living in a virtual reality simulation.

    Omitted here is Lee Smolin’s model of cosmological natural selection, also known as fecund universes, which proposes that universes have “offspring” which are more plentiful if they happen to have features common to our universe. Also see Gardner (2005).[29]”


    Lol, I was listening to a Christian station and the guy they were interviewing said “Trust his only forgotten son”. He said it so clearly, and the conversation stopped for a good minute.

  28. F. L. A. said

    I like universe *C the best.

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