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More Christians, More Aids: Why?

Posted by truthtalklive on April 24, 2008

Today’s guest is Rob Smith of the Agathos Foundation. He adopts aids orpans in Africa & raises them in the Lord. For more information on his ministry visit www.agathosfoundation.org

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8 Responses to “More Christians, More Aids: Why?”

  1. stu said

    please be sure to log on to Rob’s site—his ministry is helping the helpless, and you can get involved. In fact, your Church may want to sponsor a vilage of aids orphans. thanks, stu

  2. Chris C. said

    What I find ironic is that a large portion of Christendom opposes the very things that help to control the spread of aids: contraceptives and comprehensive sex education.

  3. Fred said

    The question at the top can be answered: because Christians are no more likely to behave themselves than anyone else.

  4. Erin K. said

    The evangelizing is good, but this shows that emphasis needs to be on the training up of disciples…I’m afraid that the “stop, drop and save em approach” does little more than make us feel better.

  5. Abigail said

    Wow! I completely agree with Rob. So often I encounter Christians who want to pick and choose which parts of the Bible that best fit their life. Often ignoring scriptures that make them feel uncomfortable or challenged. I see a severe disconnect between the Gospel and the “Christians” understanding of the Gospel. Unfortunately, I have come to realize that there is so much misinterpretation of God’s Word, and absolute laziness regarding Spiritual growth. It’s obvious that the world is in a moral decline, and Christians are far from being exempt from this fact. There is little, if any, accountability or discipleship, and I am alarmed by the fact that we are growing up Gospel illiterate Christians – whether in the United States or around the world. How will non-believers know how to follow Christ if Christians don’t know how to follow Him?

  6. Mike S. said

    Abigail, I call it Buffet Bible. Which leads to White Bread Word.

    After they process the natural God made wheat product, by bleaching it and removing all of the nutrional value it has, then they (mankind) try to add back vitamins and minerals that have also been processed (man altered) to the point that our bodies can’t absorb them, you end up with “enriched bleached wheat flour” that makes a bread that has absolutely no nutrional value whatsoever, but hey it sure is sweet and fluffy. And none of those annoying wheat kernels and nuggets to convict us!!

    God’s Word is being treated the same!! Think about it. God said, not to alter the foods He created, and also said not to alter His Word. See what happens when we do? A lesson is there somewhere…

  7. F. L. A. said

    That’s why John owns 17 different Bibles instead of just one.There are too many “flavors”.
    I can’t help but wonder that if the spread of A.I.D.S. was somehow not related to sexual activity more time,effort, and money would go into establishing a cure for this disease.John has met too many people who had the cold irrational view that A.I.D.S. was a divine punishment from God to help rid the Earth of homosexual men and needle-using drug addicts.

  8. John said

    Yes, it’s true.Shameful, is it not?

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