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How to Reach People Trapped in Polygamy

Posted by truthtalklive on April 21, 2008

Today Stu interviews Doris Hanson, a victim of polygamy. She is the director of Shield and Refuge Ministries based out of Utah. They are discussing that very issue and how to minister to other victims such as what happened recently in Texas. For more information visit www.shieldandrefuge.org

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One Response to “How to Reach People Trapped in Polygamy”

  1. marriedto1 said


    What do Christian missionaries tell those muslim men who convert to Christ?

    Leave all your wives but your first one.


    Stay married to the ones you have but do not marry any others.


    Scripture allows for multiple wives, even though God’s plan is for one man + one woman for life so we won’t say anything about polygamy.

    This would even apply to those inside the mormon cults. What say ye Christian evangelists and missionaries?

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