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Should Missions Change the Culture?

Posted by truthtalklive on April 8, 2008

Todays guests: Harry and Bea Ward, missionaries to Togo, West Africa www.abwe.org . Check out their video here: http://www.abwe.org/serve/fields/togo.asp

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6 Responses to “Should Missions Change the Culture?”

  1. stu said

    when you go to the second link be sure to watch the brief video with Aunt Bea
    Pretty cool!

  2. Beth Chretien said

    Thanks Stu for the great show today! I grew up in Togo as an ABWE MK and my parents are still there (the Dickinsons). I wanted to say hi to the Wards. I’ve never met them but I recognized their names right away.

    I was 6 yrs old when we arrived there and 14 when we left. I too young to understand the issues at the time, so I’m finding it really interesting.

  3. Bobby said

    I had a boss that went on a two week “missionary tour” to South America. When he got back he had this harrowing tail about the plane having problems during the landing but “God watched over them and brought them back safely”. I asked him further about the “missionary tour” and basically they went over and assembled a jungle gym / swing set / play thingy for the kids at a local orphanage. Wow, two weeks for that? Oh, they also toured and went to some nice beaches…had a great “VACATION”. LOL What a crock…all tax free of course.

  4. F. L. A. said

    Well Bobby, some people, well, a lot of people are lousy like that,and hopefully they suffer for it in some way, but a good many aren’t.Ever watch that movie “End of the Spear”?

  5. stu said

    Unfortunately, Bobby, this happens more than it should—-sounds like a great show topic—-you’ve got me brewing!
    would love to hear more specific instances of this, so we can speak to it directly.

  6. Stephanie said

    My husband and I visited Togo last summer and saw some of the work that Harry and Bea are doing. I’d like to mention that they also need help with their deaf children. I got to teach a couple of their deaf kids a little bit in just the few weeks we were there, but they need someone full time to teach the kids and their parents sign language.
    Fortunately, ASL and French sign are very similar. ASL originated from French sign, so it’s really neat how the two different sign lanugages can communicate so well.

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