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Should Black Americans Vote For Obama Because He’s Black?

Posted by truthtalklive on April 3, 2008

Stu’s basketball buddies say yes. What do you say?  Links:

“Obama’s Abortion Extremism”


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11 Responses to “Should Black Americans Vote For Obama Because He’s Black?”

  1. Angela said

    As a Christian, how are we suppose to vote this year? All of the candidates are for abortion. How can I live with myself knowing that I voted for somebody to kill babies?

  2. Eunice said

    The government is not the answer. We don’t suppose to put our trust in man or government but our trust should be in God. We have to vote for someone that is closer to our biblical views. Because righteousness exalts a nation, sin is a reproach to any people.

  3. Eunice said

    I’m Christian first of all, a follower of Jesus Christ. I’m also black which means nothing when it comes to my biblical world view.

  4. John said

    Vote for the man because he’s BLACK?!? Just because he’s black?
    Are you kidding? This is akin to choosing a leader because of their eye color.
    Since when did something like thiiis EVER matter to an intelligent voter? To anyone who is worth a darn?
    Or do you mean something else when you use the word “Black”?

  5. Lisa said

    I’ve been listening to this talk show for awhile and i don’t think we have any canidates
    that are followers of christ. People has taken
    the word CHRISTIAN to a whole new level meaning
    that anybody can be one when this is not true.

    There is a standard of living when you’re in the body of christ. if christ is against something we have to be against it to. This is
    why i don’t get all the uproar about Barrack.
    To me its very obivious what he stands for.

    To me this is what people don’t understand, the
    true gospel is not being preached from many
    of the pulpits and this is why so many are lost
    and of course people are not reading and studing their bibles. (my people are lost for a
    lack of knowledge) and another thing is to be
    a pastor/elder teacher you must be called. this is a calling from God. I believe that
    some are calling their ownself. Lets remember
    that there is a way that seems right to man,
    but leads to destruction. Also matthew 7:13
    narrow is the gate. My hope is that the Lord
    Jesus will come back before election time and
    I won’t have to worry about it. but in the
    mean time lets pray for all the canidates that
    they will come into the knowledge of Gods holy
    word. for we know that this is his will.

  6. Lisa said

    O yea one more thing and opinion is just and
    opinion nothing more or nothing less. lets
    stop acting like it is an absolute when there
    is only one absolute (Gods Word)

  7. Bernadette said

    Hello, I guess my questionn is why are you on a “Christian radio” talking about Obama and not about all the candiates – or maybe shouldn’t talk about any of them especially if you are trying to judge from a Christian point of view – How do the the others candiates different from Obama? They all claim to be Christians so why are you talking about Obama only? I personally don’t know who really should be president but I see everyone putting down Obama – I want to know what makes him any different than the other two? And why is your Christian Show trying to put people against him – what about the other candiates if you are going to talk from a christian stand point? How do we know that any of the candiates are for Christian values. The whole politcal stuff is not setup based on no Christian values – and candiates say whatever – and media show whatever that will get attention. I am just shock that you guys (Christians) are talking about folks voting for Obama? Which can look a little wrong since he is the only black. I am trying to figure out what is going on? Again I personelly don’t care for political issues and don’t know the answer of who needs to be in office and I don’t keep up with the media on the Presidential Runnings so maybe there is something I need to know. Advise. Thank You and God Bless.

  8. Chris C. said

    Plenty of people will vote for him because he is black. Just like plenty of people will vote for Hillary becase she is a woman and just like plenty of people will vote for John McCain because he is a white man. Racism, sexism, and (more than anything) shallow thinking are still rampant in our country. Unfortunatly much of the voting public will decide their vote based on something which has no effect on a person’s ability to be president.

    If by, “because he’s black” you mean “because he represents the black agenda” then thats a more valid question. And it also raises the question of “what is the black agenda?” Equal pay for all races? Removal of barries in place because of race? The end of white, male dominance in this country? Shouldn’t those goals be on all our agendas?

  9. F. L. A. said

    One could only hope so.

  10. John said

    absolutley i think not blacks should vote for him cuz hes black but every1 else should vote for him cuz hes black

  11. F. L. A. said

    Post#10 did not come from my friend John the Witch, just so that everyone knows.
    The spelling alone should be a tip-off.

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