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Why Do We Expect SO Little From Our Teens?

Posted by truthtalklive on April 2, 2008

Join the REBELUTION www.theRebelution.com one of the most trafficked Christian teen websites on the Internet with more than 16 million hits since August 2006. Rebelution was created by Alex and Brett Harris, authors of the new book “Do Hard Things – A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations” (Multnomah Books) www.dohardthings.com . Today’s Guest host Robby Dilmore. Find out more about Robby at www.christiancarguy.com

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One Response to “Why Do We Expect SO Little From Our Teens?”

  1. Michelle said

    I’m thrilled to hear these young men. We have allways said rebellion is just like any sin it is optional. We have eight children three in college and they are doing well our oldest have made a commitment to stay pure with his fiance even though they are away at college. People say wow I say in the Christian community they should be the rule not the exception. Praise God for young kids are doing this. ANd these are all young educated normal Kids

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