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MLK Jr. & Jeremiah Wright Jr.

Posted by truthtalklive on March 31, 2008

Same Message? Different Era?

Today’s guest is Mason Weaver, He is a black pastor and Christian Activist. For more info on him visit www.masonweaver.com.
Today’s show is availiable on podcast as well following the show around 6:30 pm EST, go to www.wtru.com for more

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4 Responses to “MLK Jr. & Jeremiah Wright Jr.”

  1. BT said

    What a bizarre show. The best part was Stu pretending to revere Martin Luther King. Check your history, Stu. MLK was not a right wing republican.

  2. E A Timm said

    Dear Stu,

    President Ronald Reagan called Martin Luther King a communist and said he was not going to give him a holiday. A black woman informant with the FBI (as covered in the New American) said that if they (US Gov’t) ever give MLK a holiday then they might as well fly the Communist red flag over the US Capitol. That’s why the FBI files on King are still sealed. In 1958, a book written by a black author, Manning Johnson, who was head of the black Communist Party USA, defected and wrote how communists infiltrated black churches. He gave detailed accounts. Just note how MLK’s words do not add up to what America got. He preached peace but gave us violence with his marches. He preached not to judge a person by his skin color but we got is judgement by skin color:Afirmative action. A call in mom called it segregation because the white is now put behind the minority in education and job opportunity. I can give you stories from personal accounts. At SES Leroy Lamar spoke of Black Liberation Theology having its roots in communism and Farakahn teachings about the whites.

  3. Fred said

    I might stop listening.

    The last time I posted (politely, but critically) about one of his ventures the post was deleted by the moderator.

    Truth Talk Live?

  4. Lisa said


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