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Is it ever a Sin to Speed? (moved to Friday, April 4)

Posted by truthtalklive on March 28, 2008

 Robby Dilmore is filling in for Stu today, discussing the question if its ever in God’s Will to speed. For more information on Robby visit www.christiancarguy.com

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11 Responses to “Is it ever a Sin to Speed? (moved to Friday, April 4)”

  1. Mike S. said

    This question reminded me of a study that I wrote several years ago. It’s a little long, but it does lead to a final point and speeding is one of the examples I referred to.

    Recently I began to reflect on the effect that salvation through Grace (The only way of salvation!) has on behavior.

    About 15 years ago I attended a business seminar on productivity in the construction industry. A good part of the program was focused on the leading indicators of successful construction projects. One of the top construction management consultants in the country performed a study of the most successful construction firms with the express intent of identifying the common denominators of their successes. This study also included less successful contractors. Of course these factors were based upon the tasks that were performed well and consistently among the thriving contractors and not so well or consistent among the less successful firms. They found that it all boiled down to the behavior of their people. This led to an in depth study of behavior and the leading influences on certain behaviors. In other words “motivation or incentives”. “Why did certain employees for one contractor perform certain tasks more consistently and better than others?”

    They referred to a scientific study that had been done on consequences and associated behaviors. The study claims that every behavior has a consequence and every consequence is categorized in three ways. They basically say that every consequence is either:
    • Positive (P) or Negative (N)
    • Immediate (I) or Future (F)
    • Certain (C) or Uncertain (U)

    There are 8 different combinations of these consequences. They found that the most influential combination is Positive, Immediate and Certain (PIC). They gave the simple example of walking into a dark room. We all have the behavior of moving our hands along the wall to flip the switch. Why do we do this and what are the consequences? Of course we want light so we can see and the consequences are almost always PIC. When we flip the switch the light comes on (Positive) and (Immediately) and mostly (Certain) unless the light bulb is burned out or the power is out. Even when the power has gone out we walk into a dark room and flip the switch out of habit because we are so used to the consequences being PIC.

    The least influential is NFU. The study claimed that is why so many people speed on the highway. The consequences are Negative, (a speeding ticket or wreck), they are always Future until you “see the pretty blue lights” as my wife said the last time I was pulled over, and it is mostly Uncertain whether or not you will get caught.

    We have some friends who have a son who completely skipped the so called “Terrible Twos”. No he waited for three to become a wonderfully challenging son. They both agree that there is some behavior that they are having a difficult time controlling. It involves him hauling off and hitting his parents, pretty hard too I may add. They have tried many disciplinary actions and none seem to get his attention more so than a spanking. Of course discipline is Negative, which is okay. Negative consequences influence against certain behaviors while Positive consequences actually encourage certain behaviors. Well in the case of this young toddler, the parents do not allow their child’s nanny to spank, and when the Mother is around she is constantly pleading to Dad for leniency on the boy’s behalf so there is quite often a delay in the consequences and they sometimes do not occur at all. Therefore the consequences of this boy’s actions are almost always NFU. Recently, when he has been caught misbehaving, he has actually asked for a spanking because he can’t stand the uncertainty.

    If you have ever read The One Minute Manager, The One Minute Father, or The One Minute Mother, all by the same author you will see that he follows this same theory regarding the importance of immediate and certain consequences, both positive and negative. Some of his advice is to “catch them (those you are trying to influence) doing something right” and praise them for it immediately and often. (PIC) Everyone thrives on reassurance and hearing that they are on the right track from their bosses, teachers, mothers or fathers. Therefore he advises “One Minute Praising”. Additionally he advises when the wrong behavior is occurring, one should implement “One Minute Reprimands” quickly and consistently. These should always be directed at the behavior, not the individual. (NIC)

    In contemplating these theories one begins to see that both Positive and Negative consequences can be very effective when implemented properly and when combined with Immediacy and Certainty. But when Future and Uncertainty are brought in to the fold, the effectiveness of the consequences begins to wane significantly, especially uncertainty. I recently began to meditate on these truths and apply them to my Bible studies and how God has changed me and my behavior over the past several years since my salvation.

    I began to see the people of the Old Testament in a different light. Most of them believed that God was this powerful and mighty God, (which is correct) who sits around waiting for them to screw up so that He could unleash His wrath upon them, (which is not correct). Many people have those same beliefs today and I used to be one of them. I began to see that from their perspective, (a self centered, I’m in control of my life perspective) that God moved every so often but they could never know when or if it would happen. Think about the Israelites in Egypt, captive slaves, then finally they were delivered from bondage, but then time began to pass and they began to wonder why they were wandering in the desert. Although God provided for them daily, they began to take it for granted and were thinking, what’s in it for me? Very few individuals in the Old Testament understood the Positive, Immediate and Certain consequences of knowing God and having a relationship with Him through faith in His promise yet to be fulfilled in Christ Jesus. Joseph knew it, Abraham came to know it, Jacob came to know it after realizing that he could not rely on his own craftiness, David knew it but fell to his own desires, Solomon knew it but began to seek satisfaction through the pleasures of the world and great wisdom and found it to be “chasing after the wind”. We are blessed to have the lessons learned by the people of the Old Testament that there is futility in life without a relationship with God.

    As I now look back at my life with the purpose to see how God influenced me throughout my years, I realize that He was not really an influence at all towards my behavior prior to my salvation. Not until I really met Him and found out who He was and how He wanted to have a relationship with me did He begin to have any bearing on my behavior. I have always believed in God and that Christ, His Son, died on the cross for us and after 3 days rose again, but there is a huge difference between believing and trusting. As I meditate further on this concept I have to wonder. If I really believed, then why did I not trust? Did I know the difference at all?

    Like Jacob I lived most of my life relying on my own craftiness, my own work ethic, my own smarts, etc. And like Jacob, God allowed me to become very successful (as society would measure success). Yet when life’s circumstances became really tough, my own smarts and craftiness could not sustain me through those times. I began to realize that I really needed God in my life and as I began to seek Him with a sincere hearts desire, He met me right where I was to fulfill that need, through Christ. Positively, Immediately, and with Certainty!! Think about it. Until I began to seek Him with a sincere heart, my attitude towards God was that of both Positive and Negative views, but they were mostly Future and Uncertain!! It’s no wonder why so many of us live our lives thinking, so what’s the purpose of all this?

    God provides the ultimate Positive, Immediate, and Certain consequence of salvation through Christ and draws us to an intimate and loving relationship which can be a constant flow of Positive, Immediate, and Certain consequences throughout our life if we are willing to turn over the controls of our lives to Him. Four years ago God set a fire in my heart for Him and has fanned those flames ever since. He has given me an unquenchable thirst for His Word and a desire to really get to know Him. As a result, I continue to learn more and more about my true self, my purpose in life, and my daily life is quite often filled with an indescribable joy and peace.

    Let’s think a little more about consequences and how I see them now. Let’s go back to the example of speeding. For my entire life I have always driven between 10 and 15 mph over the speed limit. It’s just something that I have always done. Yes, I have gotten several tickets over the years as a result! Lately, I have focused my studies, meditations and prayers on “glorifying God”. I believe that we were created to fulfill our chief purpose in life, to “Glorify God and enjoy Him forever”. To glorify God means to manifest His presence. As I was driving to work the other day I began to think about driving the speed limit and obeying the laws. I asked myself, am I glorifying God right now? I then began to realize that if I start driving the speed limit because I love God and want to manifest His presence by doing so as a loving response to what He first did for me, then I am glorifying Him!! Guess what? Consequences that used to be NFU are now PIC!! All because of the new perspective that God has given me.

    As I began to reflect on the other aspects of my life and obedience to God’s Word, I began to see the true Peace and Joy of living in a constant state of PIC. Further meditations have made me realize that if I really believe and trust God and His promises such as Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Then God totally removes the Negative and Uncertainty of the consequences!! If “all things work for good”, even the perceived bad things are now good! And if I really believe God and His promises they are ALL Certain!! Now this is the true peace and joy that God promises us through Christ!!

    Ask yourself, how do I respond to these promises? Do you really believe? Do you really trust? Have you ever trusted Christ for your salvation and new life? If so is your relationship with Him growing or is it stagnant? Why not allow His power to work through your life by seeking Him with a sincere heart? Why not live in the wonderful joy and peace of the Positive, Immediate, and Certain consequences that He has to offer right now? Why not live our lives as God intended for us? In a victorious abiding in Christ Jesus!!

  2. F. L. A. said

    For what it it worth, I believe that was very well done Mr. Sears.
    Great post.

  3. Mike S. said

    That is a great compliment coming from you F.L.A. Yours in an interesting line of thinking. I read your interesting post to Maz and must say that your worldview is fascinating. Thanks again!

  4. Jeremiah said

    “Obey the ruling authorities”. Lawlessness is sin. When in doubt of someone else’s conscience, and without dishonoring God, follow the law.

  5. F. L. A. said

    You are welcome Mr.Sears[huge sharp-toothed grin].
    It was a great post. No denying that.

  6. John said

    Yes, I agree with F. L. A. .
    2 out of 2 Pagans agree[grin] that that was a very good post.
    You have a good way with words.
    It reminds me of a sermon that I once heard about down here.
    Once, when we were going through a very harsh drought one of the local Pastors called the congregation together for a special sermon.
    They were there on a mission, to pray for rain, and lots of it!
    After everyone had gotten seated and hushed the Pastor glared around at everyone, and finally said “Now brothers and sisters, do you all know why we’re HERE?! We are HERE to pray for RAIN!” And everyone gave an “AMEN!”. “And by the grace of God, WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN! Do you all BELIEVE IT?!?” Another loud “AMEN!” and “YES!” from the congregation. Then the old Pastor squinted his eyes and said angrily “Then tell me this.How come NOBODY HERE brought an UMBRELLA???”.

    Well, I thought it was a cute story, anyway.

  7. Jack said

    Sooo when the ruling authority says “all Christians report to the train depot for relocation. I suppose there will be a long line formed before the soldiers even arrive in the morning.
    I have 17 years and close to 2 million miles on these highways and byways. All accident free. And yes I do go over the posted speed limit (when conditions are warranted). If I counted all the hours lost with my family to obey some bureaucratic rule it would be a lot of hugs and talks and missed cub scout meetings.
    If going one mile under the speed limit makes a person feel more righteous then so be it. I’ll politely move over one lane and continue home at my pace.

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  9. Jim said

    First – I do think it is a sin to speed, we are to obey the laws of the land. Yet I do speed
    However, we all sin and fall short

    The issue with speeding and the death and accident statistics are a real problem. I however do not believe that the issues are due to speed. The issues are more along the lines of lack of driver education. I am a professinal driver and instructor for BMW. The lack of understanding of what it takes to really drive a car at 55-65mph, let alone 70-80mph, is the real problem when it comes to these accidents. With what I do every day it amazes me that people make it from home to work on a daily basis regardless of their speed!!

    So in summary. Yes, in my opinion speeding is a sin so it should not be done. Also due to the lack of proper training, and vehicle understanding, speeding should not be done.

    Training is what is needed…..and prayer of course

    Have a blessed day

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