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Supporting our troops

Posted by truthtalklive on March 27, 2008

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How do we prevent another Vietnam?

Todays guest is Phil Downer of The Discipleship Network of America (www.downer.org)

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4 Responses to “Supporting our troops”

  1. Ben Maulis said

    I don’t mean to be irreverant to the past, but Vietnam is more like America today than it has ever been. The US is “winning” that war, just a lot later than was hoped. Communism is weak in Vietnam, and Materialism is stronger than ever. Many Vietnamese would like to just come to the US, but those who can’t want to live like Americans: with cell phones, internet access, HDTV DVD home theatre, and a gas-guzzling SUV. They want to eat like Americans, and they want to have leisure like Americans… and it is not Communism they’re looking to in order to provide that “utopia.”

    Materialism is a great corrupter of idealogy, and Islam is not immune — just look at Dubai. So the question is, are you trying to prevent “another Vietnam” in Iraq, or in the church?

  2. Jack said

    The ideologue then was the same as today in that there are people that believe they can create Heaven on earth thru the force of their will.
    Materialism is another way of saying creature comforts. Cell phones have added to my life, the verdict is still out on the internet, and HDTV wow have you ever seen so many zits on so many faces?
    I was a kid when Vietnam was going so I only have a limited perspective. As I try to put myself into the shoes of those in power at the time. It does seem the same, they didn’t know how far communism would spread. And since it was anti God and anti freedom the two things this country stood for they only had one choose to fight back. Same holds true today.
    We have the same backstabbers the anti God that lived here and protested our fight are the same today.

  3. Fred said

    It’s too late to prevent another Vietnam. Great job, W!

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