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Is Your Work Cursed or Blessed?

Posted by truthtalklive on March 24, 2008

Todays guest host is David Warf sitting in for Stu. He is interviewing Brian Ray of Crossroads Career Network, for more information visit www.CrossroadsCareer.org.

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3 Responses to “Is Your Work Cursed or Blessed?”

  1. John said

    Very blessed.
    Well,a lot more blessed than cursed, at any rate[smile].

  2. I retired from Sears in 2002 because of health reasons, but I can truthfully say that my job was a
    blessing. In fact I enjoyed my job and co-workers so much I felt like I owed them money. No I didn’t
    earn a lot of money, but you can’t buy good friends and such a wonderful atmosphere. My question:
    If you pay people a high salary, does that guarantee good, hardworking employees? I believe hard working
    people is ingrained in that preson regardless how much he or she earns. postal workers earn a good salary
    yet we hear how some dump the mail!!!! There are those who make a lot less yet they do a better job.
    please explain.

  3. John said

    A good upbringing combined with pride of ones work later in life?

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